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Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker
by Vlad Lee

App Category:- Communication

“Calls Blacklist” is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers.

If you are tired of annoying calls or messages: telemarketing, spam and robocalls, then “Calls Blacklist” is your solution. It is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful call blocker.

✔️ Block calls and SMS using blacklist.
✔️ Block unknown numbers.
✔️ Block private/hidden numbers.
✔️ Block a range of numbers using the “Begins with” option.
✔️ Block SMS from alphanumeric numbers.
✔️ Block all numbers.
✔️ Block all calls while audio chat or VoIP call is established.
✔️ Use “Whitelist” to prevent block of certain people.

✔️ Icon in the status bar can be turned off.
✔️ Get notifications of blocking or turn them off.
✔️ “Schedule”: specify time to block calls or messages.
✔️ “Log” of blocking.

✔️ Save/load blacklist.
✔️ Turn on/off blacklist.
✔️ Robust call blocker and SMS blocker.

Calls Blacklist - Call Blocker

Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker



Download Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker App :-


Download Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker App


User Reviews :-


Robert Wilkerson
This app is exactly what you need if you’re trying to block a range of numbers like +1717214? That will take the rest of the numbers out automatically. Or, +171721? will take out any numbers calling you that even start with those digits. Changing phone numbers, no longer an issus.Telemarketers are history with this loaded on your phone! Simple to use and effective too! Block a single number or, a range of numbers. It’s YOUR call.

App User
It’s an interesting app cuz it serves its purpose perfectly, think I like it. But if it could be made in a way that when you block a contact and that person tries calling you it should not ring even once as it does on that person’s phone. Due to that people who are aware of such app will quickly know u blocked them and will rush to contact you via other numbers. I would have given five stars if not of that.

Britt A
I love that this app works AS expected and maybe even better. I did try MANY with no luck but this app allows me to block any and all private/blocked or just flat out people u may not have saved as a contact…. That part can be helpful too. I love it!

App User
Love the app! If you truly want a caller blacklist app that WORKS this is the one to get. If you block a number that number will never ring again your phone will notify you how many times it blocked it, you can even block txt’s it’s very easy to use also 😀. Don’t download any other app except this one!

Shannon Stevens
In SMS my contacts names are not present, only the phone numbers. I’ve had problems with people trying to call and can’t get through. However I AM happy & relieved that I am able to block SMS. My ex wouldn’t stop texting me & I had no way to block his nonsense until I was introduced to Blacklist. So I am grateful for that.

Steve Dallara
Works like a champ. I’ve tried at least 4 other blocking apps. They initially worked, but after updates/spam callers developing work arounds, all ended up falling short. This app features independent blocking of SMS numbers, easy selection of “blacklist” & “whitelist” numbers to block/allow the correct callers, among others. I’m keeping my fingers crossed with this app being able to keep pace with the onslaught of robo-callers.

Samuel Falvo II
Does what it says on the tin. However, you have to curate your own block list. I was expecting to tap into a community maintained list. That said, fairly easy to use, and it’s a rather simple matter to add new numbers to blacklist. It is annoying though, as robocalls have an insanely huge pool of numbers to call with.

Pete Armstrong
Great, once you have it set up properly. For a few weeks the app was only working sporadically, letting more than 50% of calls that were supposed to be blocked through. Finally it offered through a dialog box to make itself my default phone app. Since then it’s been working perfectly. I’m not sure whether the default phone app feature is new, but it seems like it should be mandatory before you use the app. I never saw a reference to it in the settings, when I was having trouble getting the app to block calls reliably.

KK Willis
So far so good. Blocks all unwanted calls I don’t know that I have a call until I check the blocked symbol so all unwanted calls never get through wish they had something in it that tells you where the call is coming from and top report it as spam or telemarketing or something

Patrick Clarke
This is the best call blocker I ever heard or use and I’m not using the full version this thing is amazing it don’t even make a sound when It’s working. When I check my phone then I see what it did for me. From almost about 10 Annoying callers per day to (0) Zero. I am about to upgrade soon thank to Blacklist.

Roldan Ramirez
Great app, it really works! I was worried because I couldn’t set the app as my default calling app for specific reasons and it still works flawlessly. It blocks several calls a day. I was getting too many spam/scam calls from a specific area code and it works like magic. You need this app if you get annoying calls especially from certain problem area codes.

App User
Really block annoying calls and sms from call log 😊, but why can’t I send messages.. Once i made this app my default it makes sms disabled 😕 if you can fix it, you’ll be 5 stars.

Mike Bates
Works great! Enter the number into blacklist and you don’t even know they called until you see the. notification. I was a little worried about adds, but they are not an issue. The only time you see them is when you check the call log. No big deal. Loving it!

Jack Merchant
Does what it says….some of the lower scores are not fair in this regard. I use it to only let my contacts ring through. All others are silenced. Yes it will allow a robocall to leave a message, but that doesn’t happen often. I wish the text block could handle MMS but I’m also using the app for free.

David Burdsal
This app does not work. Period. This app does not block the calls from the numbers on my blacklist even though I used “from call log” to add those numbers to the blacklist. Sent many detailed messages to the developer and have never received any response from them. Google Pixel 2 / Verizon Wireless.

karen buford
WORKS GREAT! I got this app because I was getting lots of annoying calls. Once I input the area code of the robot calls they stopped ringing my phone all hours of the day. Any calls I want to receive, go on the white list from my contacts.

Amy Patrick
Does what I need it to, which is block certain numbers from calling numerous times a day. Annoying sales calls and such, stops them in there tracks. My phone may vibrate or ring once and it stops it cold. Love it!

Ben Xie
Does exactly what I need it to do. Calls from numbers that aren’t in my contacts don’t even ring. I tried other apps but they had quirks – they would ring once, or had to run in the background. This app is perfect for me

App User
I have problem with one wrong number. He used some app and called as international numbers.. All re variety numbers. So its irritated me. So I search app for block calls starting with particular numbers. So I got this app. Its really lovely. It have option numbers begin with blocking. Now I blocked that guy.. M thank u..

Sara J. Marasigan
I would have given this app a rating of 5, but the app actually needs to be turned on again before serving its purpose. Like in the morning, after a night of not using my phone, unwanted calls are not blocked unless i reopen the app.. Apart from that, i love this app.

Heather Hoe
Excellent app. Stops annoying calls before they ring so you are not rushing to grab your phone for no reason. You select your annoying numbers from your call log. If another pops up, you block that one too.

Truck Mitchell
It doesn’t have a tick when send a text to show it’s been delivered. Also the settings are tad confusing for me. As phone too which I didn’t need I have tried a few other apps but this isn’t as good.

Dee S
This app is great! I was constantly receiving annoying telemarketing calls and couldn’t block them because of my phone’s software. The only option I had was to create a spam list but calls were still not being blocked. I downloaded this app and immediately I was able to stop unwanted calls.

TJ Mellis
AWESOME GREAT APP !!! This app gets the job done every time, all the time. Allows you to add multiple combinations and variants of blocking, such as … Number begins with.. I was being plagued by bot calls. This app ended it. 5 STARS ALL THE WAY. GREAT JOB DEVELOPERS.

George Miller
So far this is the best Call and SMS blocker with easy to set filters. Now blocked all the sales spammers it allows me to only communicate with my contact list and those added. Try this you will want the pro version

I had to try this app out for a while, since I’ve never had a call blocking app before and heard they can have undesirable side effects. But this one is great! I’ve never missed a call that I wanted with it running, but it’s blocked plenty of spam calls. I’ve now put it on my husband’s phone too. Wow, life is so peaceful now! I plan to buy the ad-free version.

Kathlyn Li
Finally an app that can block private number. I tried so many other apps who said they could do the job but fail. This one works

Scott McFate
App does catch the calls you specify (the phone doesn’t ring) – but it doesn’t actually block them. It sends them to your voice-mail instead – you still have to deal with them eventually (or let your voice mail fill up).

Chris Delany
So far I am very happy. My only suggestion would be an option to add ALL numbers from ur contact list to the blacklist with 1 “select all” button instead of having to add them all 1 at a time. It blocks all calls not on my contact list (so much for robo callers renting 10 new numbers each day f/phone company)! I finally can sleep w/out getting awaken by those damn robo callers every day! I got the upgrade to no ads for 99 cents.

Great to have an app that simply forwards all calls to voicemail that are not on contact list. Out of town calls can leave a message and at that point you control your phone again. When it rings you know it’s someone you know. A+

Michael Asmus
I’ve tried several of similar apps and this works great for my needs. Unwanted calls don’t even make a single ring and the app and ads don’t popup on in coming call. I’m looking forward to buying the ad free version but like I mentioned, don’t really need to if it’s not available to buy

Joel W.
To many spam calls. I can get 10 a day. Phone only will handle 100, which fill up in about 3 weeks. This app is easy to use and works very well. Without the extra garbage you get with most apps. Than you

App User
It does what I need it to do. Block the calls and sms. No problems so far and I’ve had it on my phones for a long time..more than 2 years. I had tried others apps but did not work effectively as this one.💯💯💯

App User
So far this app does exactly what I need which is blocking annoying spam calls via blocking numbers not in my phone book. No more annoying spam! Why doesn’t Android have this feature baked in?

App User
It did shut out the robo calls. Unfortunately, no matter which settings I chose, which configuration I tried, it blocked all of my calls – even my husband’s and my home phone. It may be a quirk of my phone, because it seems to have worked for others. I wish it had worked for me. I guess I’ll just continue to get calls all day about my 20 year old car’s extended warranty about to run out…

Donald Trumpet
I voluntarily came here to rate this app. Because after a week of installing it, i find it very helpful. To avoid scammers and bs calls. It saved me a lot of times. Ive tried different apps for blocking, but this one works like a magic. Thanks, please keep it up guys.

Alex Block
Does exactly what I was looking for, and does it well. I have it set to refuse calls from anyone not already in my contacts list or calling from my local area code. Telemarketing calls are now not reaching me at all. Thank you!

App User
I was tired of numbers calling me some 6 times a day, daily, and this app stops the phone from ringing. I dont like the fact that an icon tells me that I have a list ofblocked calls but it could be useful to ther users. Would recommend. Thanks for this app!!!

Belott F
Does EXACTLY what I need it to do. Sends calls straight to voicemail. Not 1 single ring b4 doing that. Now I really don’t have to be bothered by unwanted calls.👍👍👍

Korey Hite
Oh my gosh it actually works. Simple and effective. The free version works fine but I’m going to pay for Pro because the developer deserves it. Hiya didn’t work for me. I have a Pixel 2 and it’s July 3, 2018.

william Hanagan
I’ve had this ad for 5 days. SO FAR I’m happy. It has block the dozen or so spam calls I’ve been receiving daily from Africa and Eastern Europe. Will review again at a later date.

banana hands
Pretty damn awesome to say the least! I’ve had four different phones & made sure I have had this app on each one. Even made sure to have my wife and daughters download it as well, being that it works so well for when it comes to avoiding the situation of dealing with unwanted people repeatedly calling over & over

Henry Pastro
Annoyed to people who keeps calling me unreasonably at all even in midnight and in the middle of my work even when I’m using my phone. I have my phone fully charged then when I take my break, my battery is low because of missed calls. Downloaded this app and blocked those numbers and now, I AM FREEEEE! So much happy to this app. Great job to the logs so I would know if the numbers that I blocked still calling me. Thumbs up.

Glenn Wolf
Recently switched over after a different call blocking app updated and stopped working as intended. I’m very pleased with this app, it blocks all unwanted numbers AND those numbers not in your contacts. Very good app overall.

Jonathon Cowley-Thom
Didn’t work at all. I’m receiving malicious automated calls every 20 seconds. Added the numbers to the block list and they were still able to come through. This app does none of what it claims to do.

App User
It’s a brilliant app. I am so relieved that now I can block all the unwanted calls without even having to see them or blocking when the phone rings!!! This app does it automatically!! I was considering changing my number but this app saved me!!! I really love it!! A small request from the developers is that instead of complete blacklist, if they could add a functionality to block only spam calls, it would be a real boon!!

App User
Simple yet effective call blocker. I wanted everyone who isn’t in my contacts to get sent right to voicemail and it works great. Any legit person or company will leave a message, bye bye telemarketers!

App User
A really great app. Does what it claims. Very neat and intuitive GUI. One of the best call and SMS blocking apps. It has snared all those pesky unwanted calls and SMS. Highly recommended to block all those spam and robocallers. Look no further. Kudos to the developer team.

Sonny Davis
Health Insurance telemarketer did get through to voicemail but other calls were blocked and phone didn’t ring. Lots to like about this app. I re-installed to give more time.

App User
Great app, blocks restricted and private number calls, can block calls from recently received calls. Perfect!! Update July 2018: Blocks robo calls, even if the last 4 digits keep changing. Super effective and useful app!

Kim Beeler
Does exactly what I needed… I only get calls from my contacts. The only problem I have encountered is while I’m on a call & a blacklisted number calls it hangs up on my ongoing call.

Nerdcore Gorn
I can’t block an area code unless i give you permission to read my contacts and send SMSs?! Shameful permissions overreach.

Geeta Tirghoda
The app is not working in background. Numbers added to the list are not blocked after some period of time app does not work and asking to make it default app for calling to work properly. Seems fishy n hunger of data collection. Please read privacy policy before msking it as ur default app.

Paul Mendoza
Works great! Changes over the sms default to theirs however but you can toggle that off if you would rather not block sms and use your supplied with phone sms app. Wotking on Samsung Note 5 with no problems.

Blair Varga
Does what it’s supposed to. The callers even stop trying after they get the “this customer is unavailable… please try again later” message 5 or 10 times. Great!

Troy Huckaby
I use the setting that blocks everybody that is not in the contacts. Works perfect. It doesn’t even bug you when it blocks a call. You have to çheck the log now and then to make sure you didn’t miss a call you want.Iforget I have it, cause it does it’s job and doesn’t bug me. The ads are not annoying either.

Midhat Abbas
I Was fed up n badly disturbed of unwanted calls.. Thanks to this app which has given me great relief by blocking such calls.

App User
Only had app two days. I went to receiving calls only from contact list. Can’t believe how irritated I was getting from the junk calls. Stopped them completely. So far so good. Will be looking to see what else I can do with tihs app for screening purposes.

App User
This app is good as far as blocking calls but I still get notified that a blocked person just called even though the call doesn’t go thru. I also still get messages on my voicemail that I don’t want if the person is blocked they should be blocked from everything not just calls.

marie oneill
Really like this app for calls, don’t even know it’s working. Can’t get it to let go of my texts though. Changed my mind on them but it won’t release access.

Matthew Lee
Love this app, probably my favorite app. Wanted something that would stop anyone I didn’t want calling me without interrupting what I’m doing. This works perfectly for that, only people I whitelist can get through to me otherwise it gives me a log with who has called so I can decide if I choose to call them back

Derek Snyder
Does not block calls that DO NOT appear in contact list. If this feature does exist it’s hard to locate and not intuitive.

Michael McGivern
Worked great until May 9 – stopped blocking all calls and is no longer workin g. UPDATE – problem correct, but must make it the default calling app. Seems to be fine. Still using orignial dialer.

Ray Remillard
Effective at what it does. But what it misses is the problem. I don’t think there is audio notifications. That’s a big minus. I keep missing important calls that are not in my contacts because it goes straight to voicemail and I have no audio notification.

App User
Was so tired of Spam/Scam Calls. Tried lots of Call Blockers – This is the one that Works. The BEST Call Blocker I have found (I tried LOTS).

Wiley Sanders
For this app to work right on a Google phone running 8.1.0, you need to disable the Caller ID and Spam setting in the phone app. Until I figured this out the app worked very erratically. Now it works the way I want: blocks all calls except numbers in my contacts.

Carol Tuttle
The best call blocker I have ever used! Sends all annoying spam calls to voicemail, then sends a silent notification to your phone.

Aditya Aneja
Works as advertised. Blocked off a bunch of scam calls coming from overseas based on the country code. Thanks again

App User
I love this app it’s brilliant. I used to be inundated with cold calls, not anymore. The only calls I get now are from people I want to talk to. Very easy to get up & running… Great!

Ch H
Easy to set up and allows me to block any number coming from a specific area code. I started getting so many political calls on my cell phone that this app was necessary.

Clifford Terry
Great app and the only 1 I found that worked with my device so far. Has the ability to block anyone not on your contacts list and can even block sms from them as well (saving you from scammers and telemarketers). Would be better if you had an option to have the app pickup and hang up on blocked calls to prevent filling my inbox with spam but still a great app and highly recommended. I even plan on getting the full version when I get some extra cash.

App User
This app brings me so much peace. I love not getting messages and calls from toxic people. I don’t even know they called unless they leave a message which I’m not answering anyway lol.

Az Am
Works amazimg, tried all but this app block calls without u even knowing like other apps block but it wakeup ther phone or it will ring but this app just block it without wake in the screen. Good job

It works a lot better than true caller & hiya. True caller wants too many permissions & hiya rings, even when you have spam callers blocked. Continue to update & improve…

phillip kurilchik
Finding this app was HUGE. Encountered a “neighbor” spoof call problem that generated between 3 to 10 calls per day. Spoof calls use technology that generate calls from an unknown origin base number under guise of listed local numbers by sequencing up through the many 3 digit exchanges. This app uses a feature called “contains” within your own Blacklist that allows me to stay ahead of the generated sequenced spoof calls. Finally got relief and now I control the calls.

App User
Installed this app after being involved in an accident and recieving multiple calls daily from ambulance chacers. You have to add the numbers as they come but does the job. Also allows you to block private numbers

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