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Call Blocker Free Blacklist

By NQ Mobile Security (NYSE:NQ)

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Call Blocker Free - Blacklist

Call Blocker Free – Blacklist

Call Blocker Free Blacklist


– Multiple Blocking modes at your choice

– Blacklist: You can add unwanted numbers to blacklist.

– Whitelist: Add important phone numbers to your whitelist so they can always reach you.

Prevent possible phone scams.

►Additional features
Three options to deal with prevented calls
Notifications after blocking

►Call Reminder
Call Reminder helps you identity unknown number, providers an easy and free way to say goodbye to spam calls!
With the world’s largest phone number database, shows true caller info instead of unknown numbers, you can use it wherever you are!


Lightweight and easy to use


Download Call Blocker Free Blacklist App:-

Download Call Blocker Free Blacklist App (1 MB )

User Reviews


App User

Can’t live without it, best ever

Waseem Iqbal

Great I got rid of spam and irritating sms and calls…… ! Great application.


App User

Thnx for this excellent software.. Saved me many times… Thnx again .. God bless you

Tabby Wilson

Great Love the way it does what it says.

App User

Excellent I found it a perfect it gives us full securty against unknown calls really i am too much excited my all vories are end. I suggest to download it.


Diamond way

Supppb Amezing


Andrea Tembo

It’s lovely


Karen Packnett Ensley

Very helpful! Awesome!


App User

Awesome This is the best app out there for call, sms blocking and keeping safe your contacts.


App User

Love it, so powerful! Love it, so powerful!


App User

Recomended for u all Recomended for u all


App User

Love it I actually bought a call blocker and afterwards found this one so to say the one I paid for I dnt use at all ! Compared to this that one might as well be.trash this is great !!


Don Ghetto

Great! Great Call & SMS blocker application! 10 Stars!


Don Aspromonte

Works for me every day Just plain works with no problems.


Vondell Trappio

Excellent I love it!!!!

App User

ultimate i like it…

Heru Ammen

What I truly appreciate about this app is its ability to simply hang up on blocked numbers. Other call block apps I’ve used defaults the call to voicemail. If I block a call, I’m certainly not interested in hearing your message. Kudos to the developer for a common sense approach to call blocking.

App User

Recomended for u all Recomended for u all


App User

amazing you can rely for this apps…


App User

200 stars I meet this girl she turned out to be crazy.. calling and texting none stop.. black listed that nutcase… Bang problem solved

Tammy Laduron

Easy to use works well


App User

Love it! Sweet how the blocking and privacy are rolled together!


App User

just download, you will love it just download, you will love it


Kellie Burk

Love the app! It works great and easy to use.


Anika Tasnim Fatima

A Superb! Please enable marking msg option in private space


App User

Best app Good app…vry happy….best app tpo block junk calls


shakil zaman

It works to avoid disturbing calls Its really good…its effective for all. And I think its aswameeeee….


App User

Best in its class If you are looking for a call blocking app, this is definitely the right choice. Its additional features makes it even more special. Works perfectly. Very nice app.

App User

Giri Awsome app will b netter if i can recorded a mesg befre droppin cl

App User

Just fantastic,esp. private space Just fantastic,esp. private space


Randy Gsrcia

Cool Wonderful app


Yvonne Martinez

Excellent Love it!! It does iliminate unwanted calls & text messages…


Steven Cohen

Great blocker Use before will use again the best!


Nestor Wright

Great Works very well with my Nexus 6. Very happy!!!! Update: Blocked or Unknown used to be blocked, today it started showing… What happened? Did something change? What am I doing wrong? How do I stop Unknown or Blocked call from ringing my phone?

Rebecca Crawford

Awesome! This app works really welll and doesn’t automatically turn my ringer off like the last call blocker app I had.


Great app Just what i wanted. Excellent


mandy guzman

Great It really the best call block app i ever downloaded and i downloaded a good bit of them


App User

Just fantastic,esp. private space Just fantastic,esp. private space


App User

Awesome Does this work on wifi

App User

Superb app You have a unlimited black list for call and dont have to dnd your phone.

Zahid Afan

Nice Application Really good

App User

I love it It works well with my infuse so far only problem. I had is the amount they are charging per month.


Vaibhav Gurav

Good Good app download every person

App User

Awesome This call blocker is great. Easy to use and has never failed me.

App User

Henry trocches Is koo and work perfect

Thelma Gray

It does what it says it will.


Harshali Patil

It’s the best blockin’ app..atleast it doesn’t require net connectivity


App User

Great app! It would be even better if calls go directly to voice mail and not even pick up, so sensitive activities on phone don’t get interrupted

Darina Johnson

Its a very good app i would recommend this

App User

private space is so wooow. Like it most private space is so wooow. Like it most

Hector Reyes

Great app This app does its job very well


App User

Best app ever, complete protect my privacy Best app ever, complete protect my privacy

Randy Nevins

It is good at blocking unwanted calls and texts.

App User

great apps if u want to block phone no,u can block that no. Great apps


Leila Turner

Great He got two # so now got to block that one

SUDHI Divakar

Excellent Excellent application


App User

Call Blocker is by far one of the most useful apps Call Blocker is by far one of the most useful apps out there.


Ashlee Clark

Great Its the i don’t have to be bother with unwanted calls or text messages



Worth subscribing to! I am happily paying a yearly subscription ($13) for this app. Totally worth it.

App User

Great Works awesome blocked my manager and have had peace.

Parikshit Baugh

Great and well thought Very nice app, does exactly what a call blocker should do.


Rupam dey

Need to search long from contacts!!! This app is working as of now properly….only one thing….When I tried to add some contact into blacklist it patch me through my contact list and I have to scroll up or down to find the contact details….I did not found any place to do a search option by putting the name… I think that will make it more user friendly…else it works


Harsh Vardhan Tiwari

Good Perfect app for call blocking


Carolyn Bacon

Awesome I got a new phone with a new number OMG the person who had this number before me had major problems with Bill collectors with this app I am able to block them all

App User

Great Does what it’s suppose to do. Very reliable


Shehan Muranga

The BEST SMS & CALL FILTER APP EVER!! I tried Avast anti-virus app’s SMS & CALL FILTER….but when i install avast,i got my phone very slow.Avast protection very good.but my phone got i uninstall it.but this app is very avast.well done!! This is da best app 4 to FILTER UR SMS & CALLS ☆☆☆☆☆ 🙂 (Y)

App User

Great App Thanks Metro PCS for the suggestion


Kristen N. Armstrong

Love this!!! People keep bothering me, I’m DONE!!!!


App User

finally I didnt get any unknown calls. finally I didnt get any unknown calls.

Ajit Rai

Great!!! It does what it says – got rid of all those time wasting calls and gave me my life back. Thanks!

Joan Young

Absolutely fantastic app. Just what I was looking for. Call blocker takes care of my pesky spam calls and sms which is good for me as less stress not having to physically hang up on these douches. 10/10


Timothy Jones

Great Great app. Does exactly what its suppose to. Bill collectors be gone

Carol Beasley

Great Does exactly what it says it will do. Easy to understand. Just all around great application!

Judith Ashley

Unwanted Calls 25 calls a day from marketers. Unbelievable! THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY SANITY!

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