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Call Blocker

By AndroidRock

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Call Blocker App

Call Blocker App

Call Blocker


Call Blocker can reject unwanted calls automatically. If you have been annoyed by spam calls from salesman, or if you want to reject calls from anyone, you can just add the number to blacklist and let Call Blocker do the job. This app is light-weighted and stable, cost very little memory and CPU resources.


1. Blacklist, add numbers to blacklist to block
2. Whitelist, add numbers that don’t need to block to whitelist

3. Record logs of rejected numbers
4. Block modes:

*Block Blacklist
*Allow whitelist(Block calls that is not in whitelist)
*Block unknown(Block calls that is not in contacts)
*Block all calls

5. It’s FREE!

Download Call Blocker App:-

Download Call Blocker App ( 3 MB )

User Reviews

App User
Its awesome

Thang Vuong
Blocks app This is the best app I ever used

Ahad Raza
It’s gud app gud work…. Love it…

Shane Lee
Great app This call blocker app works very well. Simple settings which I like.

Thank goodness I found this!

Aida Sheki Sheki
Nice app Bravo nzurii saana

Adriaan Cox
Fantastic I had a problem with someone who is calling me al the day and I don’t know who is was. I downloaded this App and the problem is solved.

Chris Salter
Super & Easy to use

App user
Awesome app it eliminates unwanted callers

Josie Ring
Perfect for my family

Film world
I love this app great setting and system too

Roshan Athulathmudali
Just what I wanted My new Samsung phone does not have the busy feature that show the caller that my phone is in use. Call blocker does this for me. No worries no unwanted crap. Just Great!

Keith Kolb
Cool app. Easy to use and effective.

kellisiha drakes
Thank goodness for this app no more unwanted calls

wrestling highlites
Very usefull gret app

Colin Bates
Good app, simple and works well

Ray Watson
Excellent It works better than national do not call list!

Dana Ask
Love it No more calls you don’t want to get.

m kane
Just wish i didnt see them call at all

App user
NYC and useful application

Mike Schrembs
Great app, does what it’s supposed to

Javy Javier
Simple, effective and easy to use.

Ketan Chaudhari
Nice apps but more to improve for future , that is spam call blocker etc

Madhuri kamble
Easy to use Its very easy to use.Loving it

Archiebald Pierce
Works great! Thanks for putting this together. It’s simple to use and works.

Clifford Wallace
Call. Blocker I. Like. It. & it’s. Helped Me. To Know. Who Is. Calling. So. I. Can. Block. It. From. Calling. Me

Brandon Gray
Works perfectly Doesn’t lag my phone at all. I really like this app.

Jed Bandala
simply the best blocker! simple but very reliable & effective

Logesh. Pathy
It helps n for bad moments Thanku for tis app

Del Cathell
Works great to stop telemarketers when the do not call list won’t work.

Joseph Hertz
Mkt. calls now history thanks to call blocker app.

A Google user
Helped me push some idiots outta da way

Gary Grimes
Great job blocking calls not in my contacts but unfortunately doesn’t prevent them from leaving nuisance voice messages

Albert Bogle
Phone blocker Great app. Seamlessly blocks unwanted calls.

John Signorino
I was tired of annoying calls. They just generated new numbers so black listing didn’t help. So I put my phone to only answer people in my contacts but it didn’t work. Tried other apps that failed. THIS one works! Easy to use, too.

Millie M
Call blocker I like the idea that it blocks the call but I wish there was a way to not be informed of that call every time it came in at the top of my screen

Chris Hatton
Nana Chris Like the app. Just wish it had a way to know who is calling. Maybe a way to reverse search. Do like the app I can block those people I do not want to speak to in any way.

Rebecca Shaw
So far, so good! I don’t know what good the DoNotCall list for cell numbers is anymore, but all the robo numbers I’m receiving are going on this call blocker and it’s doing its job! Yey!

R. Mitch Jensen
Best of its type. Tried quite a few, but this one takes the 🎂

It works It might do a half of ring and then block call. Overall it works as advertised.

Lauren Brookes
This is extremely useful. Given how many companies sell your details ,so you end up with ridiculous about of sales calls.

Alicia Heavrin
Freakin AWESOME! Even blocks texts and super simple to use!

pedro garcia
Job well done At last i am not disturbed anymore of unwanted callers

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