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Calculator – unit converter

By ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.


App Category:- Productivity

Calculator – unit converter


Calculator is now available for all Android devices running version 4.1 and above!
Make easy calculations with ASUS Calculator. This app has simple yet intuitive interface that lets you calculate fast, smooth, and easy. It provides all kinds of features that meet your calculating needs and demands.

Key features
* Unit converter
Conversion of Length, area, weight, volume, speed

* Basic or root operators
+, -, ×, ÷

* Swipe left/right to switch views
Swipe left for standard mode, swipe right for other operators

* Standard mode/Scientific mode
Tilt to switch between standard mode and scientific mode

* Other operators
Like %, √, !, π, e,log,ln

* Trigonometric functions in degree or radians
sin,cos,tan, in DEG or RAD

* Easy edit operations
Such as cut, copy, or paste of results in any editing app

* History display
Easy to see your previous calculations via History display

* Floating calculator
Floating Calculator app for quick calculations

* Auto-adjustment of the font size
Fit more digits on the display

* Thousand separators
Helps you count the numbers easily

* Allows a combination of operators in one expression
e.g. √(125÷5) + sin(30×3)

* Easy edit of the inputs using a cursor
Like add, delete, or change a number/operator


Download Calculator – unit converter App Apk:-

Download Calculator – unit converter App Apk ( 5.1 MB )

User Reviews

Jit Majumdar
WOW lots of functions like a scientific calculator.

Alexis Merrill
What’s not to like! It’s a calculator… it calculates. I can find all the buttons. Great!

Steven Thorpe
Perfect! ….oh yeah; I might as well give some insight based on my review on the use of this app….. but I’m a man of few words so here it goes…. loved it. Perfect!

Lyndi Ross
Great Calculator! Very easy to use, good interface, nice layout. Definitely a good app.

I ove it ❤ It is great, comfortable and nice locking

harsh kadecha
Super app It is so amazing application….i want to tell u that u also have to add temp conversation in calculator…….

Super Z
Help full Its good its helpful I like it helps me on math

Sangamesh Mahajan
Super….. Super application thank u assus

Tananop Utairangsi
My favour app of all. It is useful, handicap, easy to use and always need for me. I don’t need to download any other calculator app. This is all in one.

Roger Siao
Very good Calculator is calculator, nothing much of any improvement, then and now

Chris Smith
Really enjoying it Thanks for this useful app.

Junerick Borreta
Easy to use Maybe make it like a scientific calculator… Much better and very useful.

Ernesto Javier
Nice and easy to use Anytime anywhere nice to use well done another option to use

arthi sobi
Great app and love it after the latest update!!! Conversion rates are helpful. Keep improving!!!

App User
Very clean, user friendly app, with all the info you need at your fingertips, good job guys!

Shehzad Irani
So much better than the crappy Google app Does the job well. Great design. Some customisable options would be great..

Vishakh Nair
Appreciated I had use no of apps of calculator but this app woohh fabulous

Loshini Priyaa
The unit converter update is extremely handy

Excellent Thank you for your great service

kishor kadu
Thanks for adding unit converter Now no need to download any unit convertor app thanks assus team

syed abraar
Great New update is awesome make even more awesome

Le Long
Usefule Effective and easy to use, especially like the number interface.

Satyajit Singh
Marvellous Awesome calci and everytime you come with new innovative updates. Unique and best (Y)

Ayfi Hessian
Good one.. I love that it switch to a scientific on rotation..

Sanjay Panchal
Lovely app All function including converter and scientific calculator in on app

Shubhankar Borade
Nice The concept of floating calculator is nice but please add option of floating calculator in menu instead of in setting bz every time we have go in setting and then enable it

Chad Pemberton
Awesome app I love this app, it is so easy and simple, I use this on all of my jobs. I can do it right there in their house with the homeowner.

Vahid Davtalab
The best app for calculator ASUS is the best I love my phone ASUS and all app ASUS

Agus Yogaswara
Great calculator Easy, complete & nice app…well done

bunna tang
perfect app without ads love this app. all in one calculation tool in simple design and easy to use without annoying ads.

Shashanka Mishra
Very good calculator It provides scientific calculator as well as basics all unit conversion in one app.

Really helpful even for Science and Engineering students

Mufeed Mufi
Super Introduction of unit converter is super. There is no need of zenui family tools

Eugene Marchukov
Good calculator 100-5%=95 and 1:3*3=1 test passed ok)

ChandU moger
First time I review about calculator it’s amazing. Thanks ASUS

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