New Android App “Calculator Plus” Download Apk, Complete Review, Users Review, Latest Version, App by Picsgram

Calculator Plus
by Picsgram

Calculator Plus let your phone be a professional calculator with BASIC, SCIENTIFIC and EQUATION SOLVER Mode.


Calculator Plus android app

Calculator Plus android app

📌Calculator Features
✔ Scientific Mode: All-in-one calculator(sin, cos, tan and so on).
✔ Equation Solver Mode: Simply calculate your math problems.
✔ Float Window: Supports float window for multitasking scenes.
✔ Memory Keys: Supports memory keys(mc, m+, m-, mr) option.


Download Calculator Plus from Play Store :-

Install Calculator Plus ( 20.3 MB)


User Reviews :-


Just installed but so far so good

-It’s very very useful to everyone

-Helped with my daughters 7th grade math

-I like the old school look.

-Good …simple apk..gk ruwet optionys..yg pling penting gk ada iklan bosssss keep on

-The app is very good and very helpful for me…. Continue this great work 😇

-Vyasvastu idea: office work good and great

-This is a nice and a formal calculator

-The calculater is so good

-I love this one

-This is good

-Very helpfully

-Lots of functions. Like it so far!

-It’s great but I wish they would add a fraction bar for my sister

-Made me want to go back to school.

-Help with homework sometimes

-Very nice. Will definitely be useful

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