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Master concepts by solving fun, challenging problems. We’ll help you learn real math and science through conceptual quizzes that are both entertaining and educational. With free Problems of the Week, you can solve and discuss fascinating problems with members around the world. If you enjoy these problems, then it’s time to subscribe. Once you do, you’ll have access to courses with hundreds of guided exercises on everything from logical reasoning to artificial neural networks.


Brilliant android app

Brilliant android app


Brilliant is designed for:

Student enrichment: Feed your hunger to learn
Recreational learning for adults: Hundreds of interesting topics to choose from
Professional development: Keep your problem solving on the cutting edge

All you need to do is download the app and sign up. Then settle into a weekly habit of oddly addictive, bite-sized learning.

Download Brilliant from Play Store :-


Download Brilliant From PlayStore

User Reviews :-


This is definitely helping me jump back into the world of being a life long learner. I had been a bit lazy with my individual study but the app chooses entertaining and increasingly difficult puzzles to get the brain working again.

-A decent app but there are enough similar apps out there that the monthly fee for unlocking all the content doesnt seem justified at all. Especially for a casual player like myself. I might consider a one time purchase but until then…

-this is an extraordinary app i came here through pbs space time but the thing is it needs some work such as. its interface is slow and very old styled……its wiki pages loads very slow ……..its statistical data is not so good to watch and their should be a level of ques that we can select ……how hard or easy 😍😍😍☺☺

-The Brilliant product as a whole is very effective. It makes learning fun with the use of clever puzzles. This very user-friendly app allows me to learn on the go. If you want to improve your math or science skill, get a subscription for Brilliant. I promise it will be well worth the price.

-It is amazing in the sense of combining combining both learning application at once…I am a 9th grade student who enjoys physics alot and this app just expanded my knowledge and understanding exponentially… Thank you very much I enjoy it alot.

-It is very good but you should have finished high school to do all the subjects without being stuck. Else you will find that the lessons do logical jumps, skipping knowledge needed to understand them.

-I haven’t really use the app that often but I’m willing to learn even more about our world that we live in today. thanks to those who worked on this app and hopefully you can make other features learning about evolution or biology

-Great content, but it becomes hard to retain what you learn and it doesn’t quite teach you how to do everything on its own. I would recommend premium if you want something to keep you sharp and learn new cool concepts.

-So many different parts of maths computer including advance level that is really good and the explaination of the problems and their solution is really make it easy to learn .

-Brilliant! Finally someone has offered fun interactive learning with a thoughtfully executed design and platform. Built with the end user in mind. Built with care.

-This has to be the best app created ever. Learning has never been more effective than this. Highly recommended

-Just me on my toes, but also knocks me down a few notches too. Thanks

-Needs to set better borders on the courses, because I often get lost and confused.

-I like the morning puzzles, they are incredible to start the day and stop being sleepy as you wake up!

-It’s a great educational and mind-expanding app with puzzles that are relevant in the real world and that are always different covering many fields of knowledge

-A really interesting app. I really enjoy knowledge and learning so i actually consider unlocking the full thing.Well made

-Interesting concept and problems here with good explorations. Although steep monthly price tag to the average person.

-Brilliant is not trying to dump a bunch of information and make you memorize it, rather it helps you develop intuition about subjects you’re learning.

-Awesome for solving mathematics. They have interesting set of problems in the collection.

-👍TRULY this is a very good app for build a creative mind.the task given in this app are very appropriate. I LIKE THIS APP.👌

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