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Brightest Flashlight Free
by GoldenShores Technologies, LLC

App Category:- Tools

Brightest Flashlight App – Free of Charge

* Turns on all available lights on the device
* Camera Flash LED at Maximum
* Screen at Bright Maximum
* Keyboard Backlight at Maximum
* Soft Keys Backlight at Maximum
* Notification LED at Maximum
* Automatic Timer Exits Application after 2 Minutes
* Audio Effects on Start and Stop
* Unobtrusive Ads
* Please contact the support email for reporting bugs or problems so we can fix them as quickly as possible
* Best Flashlight App for dark conditions, natural LED color provides great contrast


Brightest Flashlight Free

Brightest Flashlight Free


Recently Tested Flashlight Configurations:

Motorola DroidX Flashlight
Samsung Galaxy S Flashlight
Motorola Droid2 Flashlight
Samsung Fascinate Flashlight
Samsung Epic 4G Flashlight
Motorola Droid Flashlight
Motorola Defy Flashlight
T-Mobile G2 Flashlight
LG Optimus Flashlight
LG Ally Flashight
Samsung Galaxy Note Flashlight

Download Brightest Flashlight Free App :-

Download Brightest Flashlight Free App


User Reviews :-

Zsi Zsi Lutz
Been using this awesomely bright flashlight for a few years now. Upgraded my phone & found it has a built-in flashlight, but not very bright at all. So I installed this old faithfully brightawesome flasight on my new phone & I Love It, Still. No glitches w/ Android op sys 7.01. You won’t know what you are missing until you Install. Highly Recommended!!!! Thanks to All Involved for this awesome flaahlight, disguised as an app!!!!

Donna Cox
UPDATE #2 YEP!!! I JUST WATCHED THE VIDEO ON THIS! IT IS A SPY APP!!! BIG BROTHER LISTENING TO EVERYTHING YOU SAY, AND WATCHING FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO!!! ALL FLASH LIGHT APPS NEED TO BE UNINSTALLED FROM YOUR PHONE!!! WARNING!!!! UPDATE: I AM VERY UPSET AFTER READING REVIEWS! DATA THEIF? AND THESE QUESTIONS PEOPLE ARE POSING ARE VERY GOOD QUESTIONS! why would someone need all of this personal information and access to my SD card and location for a flashlight?!? I am LISTENING and UNINSTALLING! I REMOVE ALL STARS!!! This was my FIRST REVIEW: (This is a great app! Brightest flashlight i have seen! I keep it on my homescreen for emergencies…has saved me many a time! Thanks developers!!!)

fred curry
I think this app is wonderful. It should not turn off until you want it to. But all you need to do is. Go to the settings and make the adjustments. Its not the hardest thing to do. BUT it not the easiest thing I’ve ever done either. I thought it was brighter on my old phone. Now that I have the S – 8 it doesn’t seem to be so bright.

Update!: Like others have said, it needs not necessarily a lot of permissions, but very strange permissions JUST FOR A FLASHLIGHT!!! It needs to know your location (prob for market research), but what is scary is it needs permission to read, use and be able to delete the contents on your SD card. JUST FOR A FLASHLIGHT!!!! Went from originally 4 stars to 1 because 1 is the lowest possible. SPY MUCH?????!!!!! Google needs to vett these companies more and not let in bogus spyware like this! What better way to load spyware on devices, MAKE PEOPLE ACCIDENTALLY AND SOMETIMES UNKNOWINGLY SAY ITS OK! NO MORE LAW SUITS! Wow… I need to start reading permissions better for now on!

Samantha Mancuso
Love it! For the ones saying it turns off every 2 minutes.. in the settings you can change it to “never”.. which obv. Means it doesn’t shut off until you turn it off. It’s awesome. Bright and does its job. I like it better than the flashlight that’s comes with the phone.

Jerome Tilghman
Definitely back’s up its claim of being the brightest flashlight app on the market. I give this app a 5/5, just click on the app and BOOM!! the flashlight turns on without the use of hitting a button, I would recommend this app to any and everyone looking for a app without all the ads while in use.

Matthew Carter
The best flashlight app I’ve ever used ! Works better than regular flashlights, not to mention.. it’s convenient and I have “literally” tried all of them ! using this app since 2013 🙂

Adam Coleman
Love it! It STILL Rocks with this beast of a new Fon! I (and several ppl AND sheeple I know) use it EVERY NIGHT and it does what it’s supposed to do and STILL has yet to fail me

reuben durkwa
You don’t have to bother yourself if any call comes on your phone while the light is on, it auto goes off to come up again immediately after the call drops.. Awesome and amazing!

Chrissy Ward
I’ve been using this app for YEARS. Each time I get a new phone I look for it and download it again. It has never failed, closed on it’s own, or given me ANY problems!! I wish more apps were as dependable!!

Rhonda Carpenter
It is the best flashlight and I have tried many but I don’t think I need to give it permission to read and DELETE things on my SD card that I can’t get back! Ex. Pics why should a flashlight be reading&deleting on my SD card.!! BEWARE if you have kids

Mark Shuklian
It really surprised me how bright is actually was. It has become a valuable tool in my day to day chores. Even though it is not as bright as my favorite tiny flashlights, it is very very convenient to have such a bright flashlight in my pocket at all times

Definitely lives up to its name.. It has ads when you click on the app BUT!!! once you hit the app on home page it turns on light and it goes off when you hit the home botton so the ads don’t get in the way its still just as convenient as regular flashlight except charging/using it is easier bcuz “Its your phone”

Terri Walker
This “flashlight” literally saved us on a hunting trip from having to walk several days to civilization. (75 miles to nearest cell reception and further to town) Our truck got stuck in a ravine in a very remote West Texas Desert location. I stood on the cab of our truck at dusk and waved my light back and forth slowly. Another Hunter 6 miles away!! happened to see the light and come to our rescue. Needless to say, we love this light!!!

Loretta Bowser
I like using this tool. It’s very bright. My only issue is that it turns off by itself which becomes annoying if you are reading. 😎

Harmony Harper
Personaly i dont think this is any brighter than any other torch app,i played 4 diff torch apps at same time with NO difference…but then again ive always been a leader not follower bahahaha!

App User
February 28, 2018
I found this app with my 1st Smartphone (Galaxy S2) and its been on every phone ive owned ever since! It does exactly what it says on the tin! A great flashlight and a really cool on/off sound 😎 I have always absolutely loved this simple app its a reliable essential tool that is always with me, its quite simply Perfect 👌

Mandy Lee
I hate that it turns out after a minute. Why won’t it stay on until I turn it off?

I I LOVE the flashlight. I walk dog’s for a living and many times it’s after dark. Thus, I’m glad to have this brightness WITHOUT having to carry a heavy/bulky flashlight. Thank you!

Edwin Joyes
Great little flashlight, but should stay on until you can turn it off. The one annoying feature…

Use to be cool when i could lock my screen and it wouldnt turn off. Now i lock it and its off 😒 So annoying..then when on im pressing on the stupid ads. Uninstalling

Vai Suliafu
The app makes an extremely loud noise when powering up. Not great for when you’re trying to be discrete and use the flashlight without waking everyone. Light is bright and works great though.

Victoria Hiar
I’ve had this app on two phones for a total of… 5 years? It was the first app I installed on my new phone. Endlessly useful. Never get stuck without a flashlight again.

Beth Bennett
I had this app on my phone for a few years, and one day there was an ad for Lyft that I tried get rid of and the app never worked again. It was a great app, but if there was a trojan or virus within the Lyft ad, maybe the developers need to look at that!

A really bright flash light! It had bugs in the beginning when it wouls nit restart after you ended the light. Looks like it is fixed now. You can use both the camera and the screen to be the light. Love this functionality. <3

Renner Naif
I’m satisfied with it. Its very useful especially during camping in the woods or when electricity suddenly broke out. Thanks to the inventors of this very useful app! Bravo. Triple bravo!

App User
(2016)Straight, Simple, an To The Point!…The App Name Almost Sums It Up, They Just Forget To Include “The Best” at The Start Of The Title!!! 🌟⭐5⭐🌟 A+++++ **************************************** 👇👇👇👇👇👇EDIT👇👇👇👇👇👇 **************************************** (5/9/2018) This app has always been one of the most reliable one’s on my phone, BUT, for a good little while now since back in Feb. it’s been terrible! It takes so long to actually come on after turning it on, you can hear the powering on sound soon as you select to turn it on, but it’s quite a while later before the actual light itself comes on. I know it’s not the Phone (Samsung Galaxy) because if I use the Samsung Light App that’s stock on the Device it comes on, on the spot. All in all this problem needs to be attended to A.S.A.P., an once it has been the *2016* rating will be back by itself with this edit removed, an with all 5🌟’s restored to its rating from me as well

Sam Levi
Useful “…I have found it useful, because it provides a bright yet compact flashlight. It comes in handy during power outages…”

Black Sailz
I finally found my Galaxy 4 Note doesn’t have a flashlight app so I use this works every time never fail

Jackie Taylor
This thing is awesome for finding ur locks in the dark, sneaking outta the house late at nt without falling over objects, etc. VERY USEFUL!

Nancy Maxwell
This is by far one of the most used apps on my phone. I use it almost daily at some poi t in time! Thanks! So Bright!

Katy Saathoff
What is there to say about a flashlight? It’s bright… It gets the job done… (With ads, of course, but they don’t get in the way.) I really like the FREE part!

Courtney Hepp
I have never used anther light ap, but my only complaint is how easy it turns off with a tap on the front screen by accident.

App User
The interior lights in my SUV aren’t bright enough when I need to look for something. When I drop something that falls in between the seat and console this app really is perfect.

Katie Smith
This is a super bright flashlight…really great for when you need a light to vet in the house at night or across a room full of toys. I use it pretty much daily!

Andrea Jones
Easy to use! I always have my phone with me, having a flashlight app on my phone is wonderful. No more searching for a flashlight in the house that most likely has dead batteries.

carla biley
It’s great but the light turns off after about a minute. I wish it would stay on at least 5 minutes so I wouldn’t have to stop and keep turning it back on.

Rychard Lardner
The light on my Passport was brighter but this is okay. I thought the app said it was free of advertising but apparently it isn’t. Not a major issue as I just ignore them.

Stephen Hunt
Fast on… I just wish my phone was either not so sensitive or that Brightest Flashlight had a “lock on” switch because it will often shut off right when I need it most. But I do otherwise low the light!

Jennifer Quigley
Other than the creepy turn on noise, which you can mute, I love this app! It has helped me out a ton any time I needed light to find something or just to have on when I walked at night.

App User
Great Flashlight app!! For those complaining about the noise. Check your settings you can uncheck sound and also timer!!!

nicola jones
Downloaded this app on every android I’ve owned and recommend to everyone I know. Fail safe flash light every time. Plus I love the start up sound. Reminds me of the Cloverfield movie! I love it.

Donna Pottorff
Best flashlight I have found! Always comes right on and it stays on just fine. Don’t know why so many are complaining about that???

Veronica Dover
I highly recommend this app. I Love that the front screen lights up at the same time. I like the sound effects but I’m glad I can turn them off when I need to.

Keith Billington
Best, brightest flashlight out there ! One of the best apps I have on my phone. Wish all my apps worked this well. 5 stars up to the creators !

Dodie GodsChild
My antivirus notified me this app was accessing my camera. This flashlight is not worth the privacy invasions, there’s too many others to choose from.

Robert Sobol
When you use in the flashlight and it turns off while you’re in the middle of using it especially if you’re working with a tool or something it shouldn’t turn itself off until maybe 5 minutes or something 2 minutes gives you time to set up and then by the time you’re ready to do something the light shuts off

Alexa Sanchez
it has ads and it doesnt work not handy hate it afole it didnt do anything when i tryed it it also didnt do any light gor me

Margy Hawkins
I use this every night to help me get to my bedroom. I’m 74 years old and need all the help I can get!!

Brittany Cowan
This is a lifesaver! ..Basically the best app. out there…well top 10, most likely. However, if segregating app.’s into categories, such as Logical/Usefulness, then this Flashlight would be #1; eff the calculator.

Gwen Gentry
This is a very powerful bright light that I really do use every day. I use it taking my dogs outside or during a storm when the electricity goes out.

Aleksandar Ivanov
The app collect personal information for your calls, texts, location and microphone. Basically it looks like spy app

Beth Burke

Patrick Meppe
– Simple, intuitive, perfect. – One click to turn the light on or off. – I especially love the sounds the app does when switching the light on & off – The battery consumption is high when the light is on but that is to be expected.

Diane Frasier
It’s the best! Super bright, just like a regular flashlight and I don’t have to search for it. No glitches. NO complaints. Thank you!

Kelly Poindexter
Works fantastic! I use it daily and have with multiple phones over several years. When I get a new phone this is one of the first apps I install I love it!

Mohan Kumar
Love the app . Really helps me in tough times . Dont know what would i do without this . Thank you and develop similar kind of apps

App User
Awesome display of a phone flashlight and definitely has helped me to get out of the woods more than one time thanks for the bright light.

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