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BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call
by The BOT Limited

App Category:- Communication


Make FREE voice and video calls to all your friends around the world.

– FREE voice and video calls over 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

– Encrypted chats and calls.

– Share photos, videos, voice messages, and more.

– Group chat with up to 500 people.

– Express yourself with a built-in emoji dashboard.

If you have any questions or suggestions, email us at

* Operator data charges may apply.


BOTIM - Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call

BOTIM – Unblocked Video Call and Voice Call


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User Reviews :-


Yogesh Love
Still improvement required like messages deleting option

Akhtar Ali
Very Poor App. Here in UAE we have to pay monthly basis and unfrtunstely this is the only option we have to use for VOIP calling.

peter pandesal
Tgis app is no better than skype in every single way. Can’t run on multi-window. Ads can’t be cancelled during call thus you have to drop the call. If they can remove the super-imposed ads and make this aps able to run on multi-window mode I would consider giving it 2 stars.

Sangeeth C Radh
The app in description says its the best voip calling app….but i dont think so.. the video stops when the app is minimised. There are so much heating issues that my phone heats up in such a way it never did while playing high end games. No option to switch back from voice calls when we mistakenly switch to voice during a video call. The video and voice clarity is defenitly good but not the best. Forced to use this as i am in UAE.

Tehrim Campwala
I pay for Botim as I live in Dubai and there’s no other way to video call with friends and family and since my last subscription payment yesterday, it’s not working properly. The video from my side is not visible to the caller on the other end. Please get this issue fixed ASAP! A paid app shouldn’t have such issues.

Vinodh Ravindran
This is th me worst app and I am using this as there aren’t an option to stay in touch with family and friends on regular basis. All the free applications like WhatsApp and Skype provides better clarity videos and audio calls with user friendly feattures whereas for BOTIM, I had paid subscription charges but for the premium it doesn’t gives the value like others.

Chuda Dhamala
I gave a negative feedback at first for this app, but after using it for about 2 weeks, I have decided to change it. It has done the job every time I have tried to connect with my wife who lives in UAE. I do understand it doesn’t work over the mobile data, but over a reliable WiFi, it has done the job for two of us enabling us to make video calls for hours with no or minimal interruption. The downside of this app is its power consumption. It’s the highest power consuming app in my phone which they need to fix .

Rami Matar
call drops after 4 to 5 min. i have to disconnect and call again. this happens with absolutely every call i make with different people in different counties. i am in the uae paying 50 dhs a month. The adds are very irritating. Adds should be removed on a payed service. This is the most expensive app i use and its also the worst. Very bad call quality I sent you an email with the details.. it was completely ignored.

monkah hernando
It’s challenging to connect calls in UAE. I don’t like when there’s no standby when you’re in a video call. It deemed the screen and will automatically shutdown the screen. But the good thing about it I have communication with my love in UAE despite of the signal challenge at times. This is very helpful for those in long distance relationship especially located in UAE.

teji john
Quality of vidio is not good. And often it gives echo ehile on speaker. It is too disturbing. And sharp noice also. My self i send the mail to the custpmer support te but no reply. The vidio stops while switching to oyhet aap and it doesnt come back. Need to call again.

sara mateen
Nice app for chats n video calls. The quality of voice n video calls is clear. Online ,last seen ,status that it cannot mat with WhatsApp but still a gud app. It stucks sometimes but i reinstall n works well. I would say better than most free apps for chatting n calls.

Giash Haneef
Call quality is very low. Always will hear our own sound as echo. When Skype was there it was very good, but these guys need to loot money so they blocked it. After taking a huge money every month they didn’t provided a quality app. That’s disgusting. Video quality is very low. Always blurred. These guys are making good money. Always different advts. That too good companies. So sure they are charging them more. But the users are the only ones sucks..

My family trying this app to call from UAE to UK absolute fail.Paid 50dhs to download for each of family members. Not sure how it can be such a pathetic service. Calls hardly connect both voice and video,and if connect ed disconnects quickly Used this because was said it is the one that allows calls and video properly from UAE.

Team Magat
My brother’s in Dubai and I’m in Philippines, we tried calling each other but it will show “ringing” then if we answer it would show “calling” but we can’t hear each other. We message each other though. You should fix this issue so I could rate you stars. Thanks!

Sreekumar Gopinath
I’m trying to call India but not connecting.. have to call continuously to get it connected. Calls are getting jammed every time and video calls not at all good when it’s compared with Skype. And it works only on Apple and Android platform equipments. Windows platform equipments has to be linked with this app

Krishna Kumar
Screeching sound and Echo during video call is irritating. There has not been any attempt to correct or contact the complainant. I don’t get why etisalat or du has to partner with such horrible app. Poor quality for a paid service

kritee shankar
Pathetic service. Ads keep on popping up which forces you to drop the call. No option to video chat with multiple people in the same call. In the name of monopoly in 21st century only the residents of UAE are forced to not get connected with their family and friends conveniently.

A Google user
Very worst app in the world and worst data service experience in first time i paid When we use the free apps are working fine all days. we are paying this app for unblocked 50Aed but not working properly, every minutes call drop and disconnect during the call. network provider also not response worst data service 4g. Please Refund my 50Aed.

Rajareddy Boreddy
Does not work even after subscription to Etisalat.Does not respond to compliants also. No use , waste of money.BOT does not even reply to customers after paying. Why do you need ads even when you are paid, network hangs and no speed. Nothing good about become more wore with more ads.😡

Prasanth Chunkath
Expected better quality in voice and video calling after paying 50dirham. Not good, lot of disturbance while video and audio calls. I still don’t know why need to pay for such terrible service. Buy no other options left.

Sharon Simon
There is a voice echo problem..I hear my own voice on the call and it is very annoying!! Please let me know if there is a resolution to this.. I am not able to figure out where the audio setting is! Apart from this, there are other small issues but I guess this is still an OK app.. Something is better than nothing!

Waqar Sahi
It shows ads during call which is very irritating as it blocks the entire screen. This is so stupid. Bt we have no choice but to use this stupid app cos everything else is blocked.

Jagadeesh Manickasundaram
wrost video call app i have ever used. paid 100 AED to open the port in UAE , but it is useless. not even the free call quality which we got earlier in Skype . UAE Telecom makes our life terrible

John Millano
The video quality is very poor and you can’t pick-up audio without headphones. And the worst part is that this is the only video chat service available in UAE, so we can’t choose a different app!

Zameerrihaan Zaheen
Day by day getting worst even paying money for waste.pls it’s a request allow skype to be back and botim is poor &bad app. Pls kind request stop this app forever poor forever request remove this app from playstore .coz it’s not working I u a e even we paying money…useless app pls kindly

Biswajit Das
Call droop after every 5 to 10 munite. Voice Quality is too poor. Lots of bugs. I am using Du Mobile data. I am not sure about WiFi. The adds are very irritating at the paid service. Please fix this issues. But as a paid service, not recommended.

Laurentiu Maros
A very poor and rudimentary PAID app, which is used by many only because there is no alternative video chat app working in UAE. By far the weakest performance I have ever seen in such apps. It seems like nobody is interested to improve it, as long as it makes money. Still, I have to pay and use it, no matter how much I dislike it.

john samuel
App is ok for voice calling. But frequent call drops and the app hangs. Nowadays the phone doesn’t ring when there’s incoming call on Botim. Don’t know what is the reason. Is it compatibility issues with Oreo? Please clarify.

Vipul Soni
Since its mandatory for some people to use this software for contacting there families in home towns far away. At least kindly fix the bugs of the software? And regularly update the software package? Or the creators seriously don’t care..?

Bahaa Stephanos
The fact that it’s a VoIP app and it does not offer conference calls kills it in comparison to other apps in the market. However, one is forced to use it in UAE until a better alternative is available. Also, it does not offer a PC version.

Syed Saadi hussain
Why do this app is charging if it cannot run on WiFi for free and only on data. Secondly where the whole world enjoys the video calls for free, In UAE it’s banned. Very sad to this condition everyone is earnings through data usage but they want more. The policy needs a serious upgrade. Forcefully using this app because all the apps are banned for video calling

chaminda priyankara
For us UAE no any other option than use this app for VOIP calls. If we like or dislike we must use this app. I dont understand why UAE TRA cannot unblock skype ,whatsapp or any other international grade VOIP app by taking money from us.Why they are unblock this useless app only for montly paying VOIP Package.

rahim zui
There is always 30% probability that your call will be established successfully. apart from that pathetic customer service. No one will reply to any of your email and the call center of etisalat will guide you to write an email…in other words it sucks

Moda Refa
The worst app ever wants to get money anyway and make people as slave if u want to call, u need to pay. It’s open world n u block everything to get money. Sham on u n who is supporting u.

shobha Seshadri
They have a long way to go to reach the quality level of apps such as Skype. Voice and video quality are quite pathetic. Whenever someone calls me from outside UAE, I cannot hear their voice at all. I’ve to call back, only then I can hear their voice. It’s really ridiculous. Hope you guys make improvements ASAP.

Raja Umar
Good app.. but the only bad feature is it cannot run in background or with homescreen locked.. if BOTIM is running, you can’t do anything on your mobile and even in audio call the screen needs to be turned on, continuous battery drain. Hope admin will fix it..

Naveera Mudassar
I am enjoying it to the fullest. It sustains clear voice and video chat for a longer period of time. It allows me un interrupted long live stream with family and friends. It seems it has brought colours of connectivity in my life. I am lovin it!!!😍

khaled alzahhar
This application is very bad as app not as making calls 1. you can convert to vedio call during the call you need to end call and start a new vedio call 2. It automatically volume down the mobile volume even the ringing volume and you have to volume up after every call 3. After ladt update you can’t shwith off the screen while a call even if you lock the screen it will always be on never go sleep

Varun Nagpal
Never ring when we call on any number, i dont knw wat is the issue , even if it shows ringing on callers number, but on other side no ringtone and people missed the calls. Please work on this n improve the sofware as this is the only way to communicate with relatives in home country that to a paid service with lot of Hassels.

Rao Raheel
I think all good reviews are paid. Call dropping, Extremely poor voice quality. Features are so bad, Doesn’t even ring to let you know the call. I wasted my time and money. You wouldn’t get verification code many times. They should fix these issues if it is paid in UAE

#Fatima 789
Just hated this app. I installed it for more than 2 times, but no use. I couldn’t even make one call. I can only message through this app. Why should I keep this app only for messaging. There are a lot of other better apps for texting and calling. This is a total waste of time and energy…!!! Such a waste😏

A Google user
It doesnt connect properly for video callls and call quality is poor compared to other apps. Low quality video codecs are being used. This was enabled due to monopoly with bandwidth uae operators but will disable the same and prefer tk use phone prepaid cards Ps my bandwith is 50mbps so no issue with

A Google user
Using this app because of compulsion. Can’t be compared with Skype or whatsapp. Poor call quality even at 20mbps plan of etisalat. Often hangs. Consumes a lot of power. Too costly app. Doesn’t support landscape mode. Doesn’t support background service. Call freezes when you open another window. Availability status of another user is not available. Shows ringing even if another user is out of network. Needs a lot of improvement…

Shadab Ali
1. No call notification to other party when we’re calling them. We have to first whatsapp or call them to tell them that we’re calling, plz open the app! 2. Extremely poor video call quality. 3. The call keeps disconnecting. 4. AED 100 is way too much for a whatsapp wannabe. 5. I’d rather pay skype 100 pm. 6. Happy to cancel subscription & uninstall it.

In Dubai, this is the only app available legally. But, BOTIM service is too bad. The call quality is worst. Voice drops mostly. Voice call itself is bad. Don’t even think about video calls. Having got a golden opportunity, the BOTIM guys are a total waste and don’t live up to the expectations of the subscribers. Hope the TRA chooses some other app /vendor soon who will be good enough.

md suhail
Drains battery. Even in stand by mode it’s consuming majority of my phone’s battery This is a compulsory app to speak online if you live in UAE. they charge exorbitant amounts for recharge and provide third class service. This app always runs advertisement. Skype and whatsapp is much better.

Khadija Omar
Bot should be laptop friendly. It’s difficult to hold a mobile phone during long calls. A laptop is far more convenient. Bot view of the other party is often upside down and so is the caller at times to the other side. Definitely not good. Skype is far better

Aubrey Baker
Just want our money. Such a disgrace. You people should be ashamed. There are people working hard in you country to support their families and yet you treat them this way. Everything that the United Arab Emirates is now, is because of these people and you rip them off and deprive them from seeing their families like this? Shameful.

Sunu Nazim
A poor VoIP service I have ever seen. Even if it is paid it is not working properly .always issue with call drops, huge noise service providers in Uae is squeezing the money from us in this way..this is ridiculous.. Mobile service providers in uae should learn from Indian Mobile service providers

Emir Delić
WOW du! You ban all voip calls and give this shity app! My girlfriend in one moment sounds like a guitar, and after that I hear sounds like two robots humping. Thank you so much for this amazing app!

A Google user
Worst application, lot of ads.. voice clarity not good, delay on communication. service also very poor. There is no dedicated app for iPads ( iPhone app is working), no screen rotation option. No way to use on PC / Mac. Never used this kind of bad application after 2012..

Muhammad Ishaq
A lot of improvement needed to done with this App. It is not user friendly like Skype.Many alerts for unnecessary adds. It is supposed to be one of best app keeping in view the significant amount money which we pay for it monthly.

Farah Makdisi
If I’m paying for an app, I expect it to work close to perfectly if not perfectly. Otherwise, why the hell would I pay for a VoIP service when I could get one with a better connection for free? Step up your game botim, this is lame. And too expensive. Way too expensive for what it is.

Karan Sonigra
Its not workg properly at all after making a payment of 100 dhs. It keeps hanging all time, ill never sugeest to any one at all to download botim. I dnt like at all. Kindly improve a connectivity to make life smoother.

Johndel Frederick Arcalas
This app is not sophisticated like others being used by everyone. Probably UAE forcing profit not to circulate. I prefer to have more options. Not this slow, and inconvenient and full of ads.

I hate the random adds between the calls, and there is no option to active or deactive the video during the call. If add comes there is no option to remove it, we have to cancel and call , then call again and this is really stupid.

Adil Pasha
Most horrible app I’ve ever used. User interface is very basic. Can’t even lock my phone during the call to save battery as it goes on mute. Lots of noise and disturbance. I wouldn’t use it even for free. Voice constantly echoes

Hakan Goksel Samur
Just completed the download and subscribed to DU for 50 dhs per month for mobile after the account got activated still does not connect at all.. absolutely non-sense ! Come on people.. paying money for your not working mandatory app is mental isn’t it.. Sucks big time.

Louisa Mae Borbon
Paid for the app but no video/voice calls going through. Free apps like skype works way better — good quality and voice. After an hour since subscription, i regret why i subscribed in the first place.

Maira Anwer
This is the only app that can be used in UAE and is paid for. It can only be used over wifi at home for UAE residents. On top of that, user interface is horrible, there’s so many ads despite being paid for, it doesn’t support conference calls and you can’t exit the appduring a call. If it wasn’t the only way to make calls from here, nobody would use it.

madhu k
Even after paying for using this stupid app still its not working properly. Its hang all the time and video clarity is very poor. Hope they will fix it soon as a paid app.

Vaishali Sharma
I loved the app. We can talk within our country and outside the country too. I found the voice and picture quality better than Skype. I have been using this for approx. 4 to 5 months but there has been no issues. So my experience with the app is considerably good.

jisson abraham
Waste of money. Facing issue when calling. Not getting connected. When I called Etisalat, they are asking to call botim customer care. Then for what am I paying 50 dhs per month for

Hans Daniels
Have to pay for app. Still get adverts. Quality not good. Why not just charge a nd make quality systems available (skype WhatsApp calls facetime etc) available?

Call quality is so less than imo. And I’m getting very less speed while using this app. When I’m using youtube i got more than 3 mb speed in data. But while using this app its only 30kbps. And always showing ads. Why?We are paying already . Just hate it. Will discontinue after 1 month.

A Google user
This is THE most worst voip app i have ever seen in my entire life. This app is basically developed by etisalat by some cheap developers. The reason behind this app is to rip people in UAE. And charging people Aed 100 every month. And the more funniest part is whenever you call customer services they always say we will reset the app then it should be fine. Please stop ripping and making fool. I think UAE supposed to be the most innovative in the world. Now you tell me by blocking skype and other apps will it make innovative. I dont think so. Please take urgent action to lift blockage on skype. Thanka

Mohammed Ibrahim
Worst paid aap I have ever see, poorly developed. There is a high need for the improvement, should b used as there are not other options available.

Raajiv Srivastava
One is why can we make some of the contacts as favorites. With the same profile in 2 different phones some contacts do not appear. Too many advt comes during calls.

Aafrin Shaikh
Very much disappointed because of call quality. And now I am facing network error 500 etc messages while trying to call anyone. Kindly improve the quality of the app and remove the ads atleast from ongoing call.

Arun V
Totally hate this app, especially in Dubai they charge a heavy amount for it and it is one of the crappiest video calling apps I’ve used. I don’t even get the notifications for video calls. And when I open the app it lists them as missed calls. Lot of bugs. Gives a random call after disconnection without the other party calling you. Call disconnects while switching from data to WiFi.

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