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BlackBerry Help
by BlackBerry Limited

In the BlackBerry Help app, you’ll find all the information you need to get started and use your BlackBerry smartphone powered by Android. Learn how to personalise your home screen, set up shortcuts, find apps, type on the BlackBerry Keyboard and more. The BlackBerry Help app includes interactive tutorials, setup instructions, device feature demos, a search feature and links to many other helpful resources.


BlackBerry® Help android appl

BlackBerry® Help android appl


User Reviews :-


Very clear and helpful. You think you know your BlackBerry well, until you watch this intro and discover a host of new features.

-The perfect Hand Book, always. Great presentation.

-The execution of the BlackBerry Help is taken to a new level. The layout and design ease the use by removing any ambiguity on using its functions. I use the app everyday! It’s great for when you need time to fly by. Would definitely recommend for all platforms. The content a wide variety of excitement for the readers to enjoy. 10/10 would use again.

-This app saved my marriage, allowed me to escape the Bolivian tundra unscathed, and helped me figure out how to pair my BlackBerry with a Bluetooth coffee grinder. Thank goodness for help documentation!

-Really great help & description The help app has been a tradition from BB10 to Android, for me from passport to priv. From the app you can feel the effort they put in the device.

-Coming from a BB10 phone this was a big help. Still a bit to learn

-loved it please make an android update 7.0 nougat

-Pls How to delete some words in my characters ??

-Up date Keep on android 6.0.

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