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by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) Finance

Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) is an initiative to enable fast, secure, reliable cashless payments through your mobile phone. BHIM is interoperable with other Unified Payment Interface (UPI) applications, & bank accounts for quick money transfers online. BHIM is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) as a part of the Digital India initiative. BHIM is made in India and dedicated to the service of the nation.



What can I do with BHIM?

BHIM works on Unified Payments Interface (UPI), which is a revolutionary payments platform. The features of BHIM are as follows:-

• Access all bank accounts in one app
• Pay to friends & relatives using their mobile number. (Provided they are on BHIM/UPI)
• Pay to any user using any UPI application.
• Shop online and checkout using “Pay by UPI/BHIM” for a quick and seamless experience.
• Request money from any UPI user.
• Scan a QR and pay on the fly.
• Check account balance and pay via Aadhaar number.

How does it work?

Register your bank account with BHIM, & set a UPI PIN for the bank account. Your mobile number is your Payment Address, & you can simply start transacting. Yes! It is that simple.

How to Transfer Money Online?

Make Cashless Payments or receive money from friends, family and customers through a mobile number or payment address. Instant Money Transfer can also be made to an unregistered user using Mobile number, Account number +IFSC and Aadhaar Number. You can also collect money by sending a request and reverse payments instantly if required.

Check Balance:
You can check your bank balance and transactions details on the go.

Custom Payment Address:
You can create a custom digital payment address in addition to your phone number.

QR Code:
Now scan QR codes without logging into the app. Merchants can easily print their QR
Code for display.

Block/ Spam:
You can Block/Spam users who are sending you collect requests from illicit sources.

Pay using Aadhaar:
Make seamless transactions using Aadhaar number.


Before you register on the app, please ensure the following:
• You have a valid Debit Card for your account
• You have linked your Mobile Number with your Account
• Your registered mobile no. is present in the same device as the BHIM app
• You have registered your account for Internet/Mobile Banking





Install BHIM – MAKING INDIA CASHLESS App from Play Store


User Reviews :

-I love this app and love how convenient it has become for me to make transactions directly thorugh my bank account. I just have a small problem. During a transaction, when we write some remarks, we can only use alphanumeric characters. I think it would be better if you could make changes so that we could also use special characters (brackets, commas, period, hyphen etc.). If you can even let us use emojis, it would be fantastic.

-I have verified my number for 30 times still it asks me for verification whenever I reopen it. Every time it costs 38 paise… 30×38=Rs.11.40.. Isn’t it a big amount for free service…?? And it has no stop point….

-Why is it asking me for verifying my mobile number repeatedly? Why can’t it just login in one go? Tried to reinstall the app but still wouldn’t work. It’s costing me to send SMS repeatedly so kindly look upon this matter ASAP.

-I have made payment through bhim app. But the vendor says he has not received the money. I made two transactions n both money r gobe now. Contacted sbi care they r telling they dont have update of bhim app and the bhim app guys dont have proper customer assistance at yheir end. Customers are made joke here

-I recharged R-wallet of UTS railways app and my account debited but no credit received in wallet and no confirmation of my complaint received yet. This Government app is total waste of time & money. I recommend to use only your Bank application for all transactions including UPI. Uninstall this app so it doesn’t bother you in future.

-It’s a good apo but many a times transactions Wundt b complete. Amount gets debited immediately but d recipient won’t get accredited,cudnt book rail ticket though der is an option available. Recently I cudnt recharge phone bill still money isn’t credited back, a long way to go, sorry

-UPI registration failed error. This error pop up when u login to BHIM after few months. Although this is required for security purpose user should not get this error when sim hasn’t been changed in the device

-Unlike other apps that ask us to verify OTP, Bhim is asking me to send SMS. We can forgive this if this had happened only for the first time. But, the same thing is happening every other time. This is making me spend SMS money and making me switch to other alternatives like tez and bank apps. Please fix this issue at the earliest. This discourages people to use Bhim. I was one of the first adopters of Bhim and as a user i feel let down.

-Why is the app charging me for SMS everytime I login? For every login my phone balance gets deducted. This is frustrating and discourages me from using the app. Also only one bank A/C is registered, there should me more options. Please rectify

-The interface is simple and extremely easy to use. It has all features required for digital money transfer. However, I’m unable to set my UPI PIN because the app does not detect the otp, no matter how many times I try. I have allowed it to access messages and calls, but the problem is not getting solved. Please help.

-Used to work fine. I was logged in. I opened the app today and it asked verify mobile. Now it doesn’t let me proceed the verify mobile stage. Keeps crashing and starting from.the verify page again and again. I see there are multiple reviews in the past two days with the same problem.

-The app is good. Send & receive money is very easy but problem with transaction limit. I’m a marchant and my transaction limits are big. I was register as a merchant in this app but still this app gives me only 40000 transaction limit in a day that is very small limit for me that’s why I’m not able to using this app properly. Please increase transaction limit.

-Easy to transfer money.. however there is a issue in this app.. it asks for SIM verification again and again.. multiple times.. after every 3-4 days.. hence deducting 1.50 INR everytime. Whenever u think of using this app , it requires SIM verification. Requesting BHIM team to look into the matter

-Bhim upi is very fast app for transaction. But i face some security issue. You have take 2 time account no for confirmation but that’s not security. If i use same account no for confirmation because my Friend send me wrong account no. I want ,if i fill ifsc code and account no then u show me account Holder name so that i release that my details is right. Please solve this.

-I have 2 bank accounts. My SBI account is connected with this app but I could not add my Bank of Baroda account to this app. showing a message that my mobile No. is not enable to mobile banking with BOB, while my mobile no. is connected with internet banking and mobile banking for both the BANK account. Please give me information what to do?

-While the initial setup is quick, which I liked (other similar apps need take a cue on this), new features needs to be added. Too confusing to add more than one bank. Second maestro cards cannot be used. Good intention but not a good execution. Looks like it was launched without enough user testing. Hopefully frequent updates and security fixes come. For now, uninstalling and holding onto other existing options. Keeping it on my wish list to watch Update: Surprised at the way the developers have responded to my comment. I posted the update yesterday and today I got a response. Really thoughtful and

-Outstanding app. I am satisfied with the app. Customer care service is remarkable as well. I came across with an issue while transacting money , and the money was not delivered to the receivers end. Cc executive were helpful and supportive. The money got delivered with in 1 week. 😁

-It verifies Mobile number successgully and again asks for it. It is going round and round like deadlock. I am not able to use it. Earlier it was usable. Thanks you now above issue is resolved

-The app asked me a number of time to login in to the account by sending sms this led me atleast login ten times costing the sms rate. Please do help me and take care of the problems

-I am unable to make upi pin… It always shows detecting otp and doesn’t work for further procedure ahead

-Easy and convenient to use .Thanks for app developer team and npcl . Recent version not opening properly. Immediate after installation app works , therafter app is not opening. I did re-install but problem remains same.App version 1.4.3. and OS Android 4.4.4 stock version. Kindly fix this issue.

-This app is good and surely helps me to go cashless. One problem is that it is not marketed very well because of which most of the people who can use it doesn’t really know this app and many doesn’t know how it works.

-I loved the way this app links the mobile no, Aadhaar no & bank account and does the UPI transactions connecting all these three. This is going to replace MNC funded e-wallet apps. Great App.! Updt-Mar 27-2017: Again and again sending confirmation sms for registration, though the app, mobile, UPI id and bank a/c no are already registered. I guess issue with latest release. Not even able to complete and send feedback thru app. Update April-21-2017: Functionality Request. Store the earlier UPI IDs at least locally on the device (if not on the server) for the reuse. Most of the payments we make are repetitive.

-First I gave the app 4 stars rating, but after they changed the Play Store title to ALL CAPS I have upgraded my rating to 5 stars. I love CAPS. Thank you Modi.

-I’ve no idea why my name is set to Y in app. There is no provision to edit it. I’ve already sent an email but haven’t received any response. Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

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