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Better Open With
by Giorgi Dalakishvili

App Category:- Productivity

With so many cool Android apps, Better Open With saves you the hassle of having to choose only one default app handler when you click a filetype, and without having to choose between “only once” and “always”! Created to mimic Android’s default “Complete action using” dialog, Better Open With shows you a visually similar popup screen when you choose to open a link, an image, a PDF or any other filetype – listing all possible app handlers as you normally see.

What’s different is that you only see the popup dialogue for a few seconds (5 seconds by default, but customizable), allowing you to choose an app handler if you want, after which it will automagically open it with your preferred app! Unlike other similar apps, you just wait for your preferred app handler to launch (no clicks necessary), or choose a different app in the meantime. Just set Better Open With as your default handler for the filetypes you want, and let it work for you!


Better Open With

Better Open With


Personalize how you want to view the Better Open With popup screen!

• Choose between grid and list view

• Set text size, show only icon (no text) and other options

• Light and Dark themes available

• more options to follow!

Better Open With is handy if:

• you switch between browsers, but usually have one preferred app;

• you prefer using one app to view your PDFs, photos and other files, but sometimes use another app to edit them;

• you usually want video links to open with a player, but sometimes you want to open them with an app that lets you download the file, and maybe yet another that will Chromecast it;

Better Open With is completely free, and no ads! No permissions requested!

Future releases will include:

• support for more filetypes!

• sort apps in list (alphabetical-default, manual, chronological)

• create “sessions”, allowing to choose a different, temporary preferred app (for next X clicks, next X minutes)

• translations (translators wanted!)

• suggestions from you, the user!


Download Better Open With App :-


Download Better Open With App


User Reviews :-

App User
This app should be a must on absolutely every Android device. Long gone is now the hastle of figuring out which app is best to open things or forgetting what your default was and going through the trouble of resetting that. This has great customization options, and it’s very straight forward in use. Can’t recommend it enough.

Minh NN
Seems to be an useful tool, but does it work? I set default image viewer is Es File Explorer Viewer but opening an image from it still ask a viewer (seems that when there are many viewer apps the system does not propose selection for default any more, even default is cleared)

Fantastic app, works great. The developer was very nice and answered my emails. Which fixed the one and only problem I was having. This is one great developer and I like that the app doesn’t need those pesky permissions. Would reccomend to anyone. Thank you the developer for being so kind and professional.

Wall Fur
Brilliant. Saves me endless headaches because Samsung/Android believes that I couldn’t possibly want to use more than one email client, web browser, media player, etc.

Ashley Brown
Great app. Helps with pesky annoying prompts. Would be great in the future if you implemented per app/per site linking.

Roy Kimmel
Simply the most useful utility app I have on my phone! Used every day and constantly appreciate the flexibility it gives me in choosing what app to use for any given task. Dev is highly responsive to questions.

Paul d’Poulpe
Been using this app for years. This is what Android should have provided by default. Good thing we don’t have to wait for Google now.

Paul W
One of the important things about apps from play store is the attitude of the developer. I installed this app but, due to my own stupidity, couldn’t get it working effectively. I emailed the developer who sent a quick, friendly and accurate response. Now I have the app working properly and it is useful, simple and effective. It allows me to use a default app for a particular file type, but gives me long enough to choose a different app if I want to. Five star app and five star developer. Thank you.

This app has a great concept, and if it worked then it would get an easy 5 star rating. The problem is that I am still constantly asked which app to use, with the addition of this one to the list. I thought that maybe it was just a one time thing to get my phone to use this app, but no. Each and every time, I am questioned, I select this app, then this app asks me again! Thanks, but being asked once is enough for me. 2 stars, one for a great idea and one for no ads.

Whateve Lastmor
Great idea but unfortunately it doesn’t recognize some apps that I use like the calendar from SimpleMobileTools, Simplephone (dialer) and some files like .7z (ZArchiverPro), .mht (I’ve chosen text file option as a workaround). No messaging recognition (sms) and my galaxyS5 doesn’t list your app at the menu “Default applications” 》”Calling app”. Setting up a donation inside the app (google billing service) for the dark theme would be nice, since some people (like me) can’t use paypal. Thank you for this. [Edit] The owner explained to me his country doesn’t have this “Google billing service” option so… I’ll try to find amazon gift card around my city, but i don’t think there is any…

drizzt du
Great app, very practical. and without rubbishy permissions needed. although it sometimes don’t work, since the standard andriod option pops up to ask me what i want to use to open the file with (and this app is listed first, selected). using Total Commander. sony z5 with marshmallow.

Mike Dewul
Really a great app! It also helped me out on selecting which browser to be used when launching a site by selecting an URL from within an email: for sites that require a login, I can select my password manager browser, for any other sites I can select the default Android browser. This was a problem for a long time. Thanks!

Criso Prasio
Please, if you may, add an option in the program preferences to force “Better Open With” to automatically and immediately be the default choice for opening any supported file type. My phone has an annoying bug that makes it impossible to replace the topmost app in the Android’s “Open with” dialog, so there is no way to set another app (including “Better Open With”) to “Always”.

Irwin Nawrocki
Quite Perfect! To me it’s missing only one thing – pause timer ticking on touchAnywhere event happened, not just on pause button clicked. It may even resume on touch ends. Thanks for an app 🙂

Domenic Giovanni Mercuri
Very good for individuals who use different media players, or internet browsers, for different situations. This app is actually perfect for the said scenario!! I was pretty disappointed marshmallow did not have this feature included in the final version AND there was not a way to add it via root (I soft-bricked phone with Odin, trying to root). Make sure you pick “Better Open With” the first time you open a file, then you can choose which app you want each time afterwards. Can also easily choose/remove default app preferences for different file types in app home screen.

App User
Very useful app,Thank you so much. After I update my android 4.4 to 5.1 , not asking (open with) become a problem for me but your app helped me ,thank you so much. android 5 has very very very problems.

D.E .M
So far so good Does what it says and does it well. Only thing I would ask for is in update on the looks, the appearance is outdated. Other then that… Zero Complaints

Milakaa Merritt
Ugh, finally relief! I was so frustrated at myself for accidentally hitting open with write on pdf viewer, this app solved my dilemma. Thank you so much!

James Moriarty
Its best. Just allow us to add the app of our choice to the category and it becomes perfect. Because some streaming links are still recognized as browser links and we have no choice to open it up in app like VLC or MX player. Adding both these apps to the browser category may solve the issue.

Mark Wysierski
Restores functionality Samsung lost. I want and sometimes NEED to open files with different apps. For instance pdf files don’t work in some apps. Or you viewed the pdf and now want to print it which requires a different app. Aaaagh! Having to go through all the steps to delete a preference is really time consuming and annoying. This app fixes that. Many thanks to dev. Samsung should be ashamed of simplifying down a device for ‘slow’ people that should not own ‘smart’ phones.

Brett Cope
I use multiple map apps so this is a awesome time saver vs having to clear default app every time. Solves a problem and is nicer than the old option witch is now gone for me of letting me choose alway or just once.

Matty Matt
So useful! My Samsung J3 automatically sets apps as the default no matter how many times I dig through the settings to reset it… This app fixes that issue for me… Thank you so much Dev(s)!

App User
Not sure why Google doesn’t have this built in but thanks for fixing a huge feature missing from Android. Would love to see some more updates and would totally pay for a pro version. Have had one issue where all my browsers showed up twice in the list, took 5 mins to reset and fix. Thanks!

Mario Dickensen
Sometimes help immensely when you do not feel like opening stuff with the default action. Especially for badly behaving apps that think they know better than you what you want the link be opened with. What I would like in some workflow contexts is, sometimes, extended recognition of data vs. App that you wanna open it with.

Jeff Mellow
One star because Better Open With’s behavior with Outlook ver.2.2.48’s attachments is exactly opposite of what it should be. When you touch the download arrow in Outlook, Better Open With suggests apps to pick to open the file. When you touch the open area for an attachment in Outlook, Better Open With starts downloading. Very frustrating behavior. Please fix.

App User
I’m a very capable man but I’ve been unable to get my Motorola to designate a default opener for my image and video files. I was constantly forced to choose an application with which to open the image or video file. This application, however, ended this annoying problem. Thank you for this wonderful application.

T Gon
This is the ONLY app of it’s kind that actually worked for me. This app should be included in the android OS. Simple and it works. Would be 5 stars if there were more catagories or if you could create your own

Multistyles W
Very useful app, extremely irritating when they changed the default option on new phones. This let’s you get control back especially with the browsers. Only criticism is that I have 2 phone apps and it doesn’t work for those.

William Murrell
Great app. Very intuitive. Thanks for providing this service! Continue to enjoy this great app. It makes easy work of an otherwise tedious process. This app should be bought out by Google and incorporated into every version of Android!!

Jim Vaccaro
My day was ruined when I discovered the idiots at Samsung removed “JUST ONCE”. This app is wonderful and fat better than the original nag box. Best of all worlds.

Jorge Luis Orellana Espinoza
Best app ever for Android TV boxes that doesn’t recognize all the apps because they are not compatible with Android TV. I really recommend it for anyone that has a mi box 3 and wanna play something on terrarium. Thanks for this amazing app!

S A Adams
Awesome app! Gives back freedom to choose which app to use each time. Remember to go back into each single app in Settings to undo them as defaults. Then, pay attention and be careful to select this app each time it pops up. If you do that, you will eventually have chosen it as the default app for all your app opening functions. Which means you will no longer see it as a choice. You will only see the choices that you need to open your given function with. But you will not be relegated to what you have chosen the next time you want to use that function. Your choices will remain choices. i.e.: you will always be able to choose to open a pdf file with either Kindle or any other program that would be able to open a pdf file. If your choices are not popping up, then you you have accidentally missed choosing this app for the given function when it popped up. Just go back into Settings, deselect the default app (the one that automatically opened your function without giving you the choices), then go back to your function and remember to select this app first. Then you will be back to the choices you want to actually access with your function. If everyone knew how to follow these steps, this app would be rated much higher. It took me a while to figure it out. I also turned off the timer function because I don’t like the pressure and it is unnecessary anyway. Thank you for this app!

Jan Bukartyk
Genius! Thanks for bringing the app choises back. I do not know why Android removed the app choices/open with app just once. This app brings the app choices back with style and much better functionality then Android ever did!

App User
Needs AMOLED black and to pause the timer if we tap the box, but otherwise an excellent app. I’m surprised it’s free. Definitely try this out, and if we ever get to set custom categories it’ll be a must have for every Android user. In its current state it is the best default manager I’ve found.

Josh Montee
How is this app not rated so much higher? It fills a gap in “opening app management” that Android completely missed, and it did it excellently. 5 big stars from me. Wish I could give it 6 stars. Your phone isn’t complete without this app.

Jarrel Walcott
Android “open with” feature is unattainable when answered once. This application reverts to what didn’t need to be taken away. All praises due for this app. Great work.

LeRoy Reynolds
Frustrated when Android removed the JUST ONCE vs ALWAYS options when choosing an app to open a given file type. Love the fact this app essentially brought that back.

cbalinefour cba
This is something Android used to have, but decided to remove for some reason……. but thanks to that this app was born and it was doing the job better than what it used to be. The idea of default app with count down means you can choose different option whenever you need, but you still have your default app ready to activate anyway. And one thing I love about this is… sometimes it help us prevent unwanted ads and pop up that might try to annoy or trick us. Browser will not launch unwanted and harmful page unless we choose which browserto use. So, in a way, we can just “not open it” and be at ease.

Spider Man
This is that of what I was searching for a long time and finally I found in and install and I love this up now completely. Just amazing and cool application what I want. I will suggest you for those people who does not have this feature in their device it’s very interesting and useful app. Now I am thinking why I have not installed it before

Ade Rickus
Does what it says on the tin and fills a badly lacking feature of Android. Recommended

Glenn Turner
A couple of months since last had to use this but my phones last rom update lost the ‘just once’ and ‘always’ options again. Love the ability to disable the timer. Great app that keeps getting better.

Andreas Almodovar
Need an option to open with other apps that are not available in typical selection or the ones you (dev.) have set, then 5 stars alllll day longggg.

James Tate
I’m not getting it. I set Brave as preferred browser but when I open a link it’s always Chrome. Maybe not as simple as I thought it would be?

Mohammad Omar
Lol this app is so amazing. It shows us how big compnaies are stupid.

Caspar Helmer
Great alternative to Andoid’s ‘Open-with’ function giving more choice and select an app without having to click using timer. Updated to 2.4.10 (added short url support; added Lithuanian and Polish translation) on 2017.02.25 from1.4.9: (added an option to disable and hide countdown timer) . On HTC One [m7] Android 5.0.2, Smart Launcher 3.24.25U(beta)

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