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Baby Phone for Toddlers – Numbers, Animals, Music
by GoKids!

“Baby Phone for Toddlers” is one of our educational games for kindergarteners which entertains babies and and helps them learn numbers, animals for toddlers and animals sounds for baby. Playing baby animal phone your toddler will train fine motor skills and develop various mental activities such as memory, logics and attentiveness. Our toy phone for kids with a lively and colorful interface is suitable for little kids from 1 year old.

Baby Phone for Toddlers logo

Baby Phone for Toddlers logo

Killer features of our baby phone app free:
• Playing this baby first play phone your kid can explore different animals for kids. Your child can check the appearance of animals by funny pictures with their images. In the phone book of our baby telephone your kid will find a horse, a goat, a dog, a cat , a chicken, a goose, a rooster, a mouse, a cow, a pig and a sheep.
• Learn animal sounds with the help of our baby phone with animals. There is an ability to pretend phone calls for kids – the most interesting and exciting part of the game when your baby calls a certain animal and it answers with animals voice! Moreover, from time to time kids phone calls your baby. Answering these calls in the children phone your baby will be delighted to hear grunting of a pig or growling of a tiger.
• Learning numbers for preschoolers. Playing baby toy phone your toddler will visually and interactively study 123 for kids: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Our toddler phone suggests to press a certain combination of numbers to call a certain animal.
• Playing baby phone numbers and animals your kid will develop logical thinking, attention span and memory. With the help of our toddler phone app your baby will recognize animals by their sounds and voices, while pushing the buttons of our baby mobile phone trains motor skills.
• Our baby phone kids game is actually the first kids baby phone in the life of your young child. Our baby phone number animal can be called a baby mode for your phone. The child will quickly learn how to use the baby cell phone, so you can buy a real phone, not a toy phone games, in the future. Thanks to our real phone calls for kids free app your kid will even learn to use a recorder, recording and listening to his important conversations with animals.
• Our kids phone games are available in 17 languages including English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Israeli, Indonesian, Arab, Japanese, Polish, Turkish And Vietnamese.
• Like in many educational games for kids nursery there are catchy songs, music and rhymes in our baby phone kids. Your baby will love to play our toy phone for babies.
• Our kids phone app will provide at least 20 minutes of distraction for your toddler while he or she play phone for kids call.

• Our babyphone stands out among other kids toy phone learning games and baby animal games as a really simple, fun and interactive game.
• You can download and play phone for kids for free.

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How to play our phone games for kids:
First of all, you should download our phone for kids all in one and choose the language of the game. There are three modes of playing: 1) animal mode, which is animal learning games, where your toddler will hear various animal voices upon pushing the buttons; 2) numbers mode, which is baby phone games for babies with numbers, – pressing the buttons your kid will hear the names of numbers for toddlers free from 0 to 9 in the chosen language; 3) music mode in which different musical sounds will be heard. The game is automatically programmed to send text messages and calls to your phone so that your kid can answer them.

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User Reviews :

-This is a great app, my grandson has tons of fun playing it. There is one negative design aspect of it that I want to express to the developers, in the animal phone contacts, you’ve represented one of them with “911”, in the United States that is the same as the “Actual” Emergency Response phone …

-Too too many ads and places for her to tap on the ads all the time. This game is impossible for them to play without running to get them off an ad. No thank you. Isn’t worth the download. Do not download unless it’s for 3 and up.

-My best friends sister had this game my friend says call me she calls snake and he says call my best friend again she calls snake. She thinks we both are same😘😘😘

-My three year old sis I think will love it I want the best for her

-Really its very good ilove it

-Highly recommended. I do wish the counting was in my language though (Maori). I’d be happy to support in some way to make that happen 🙂 My 17 month old loves it! It txts him and calls him. He can record himself, he can make calls and it’s so cheap to remove the ads.

-What I like about this game is that it helpsy brother tell my mom when here phone ringing

-Great for my 1.5 yr old

-It be more fun for the kids if they could take fake pictures like the sound

-My 4 year old loved it

-This is good for children . I liked this app so much 👍☺😊👍👌

-This is great app…My chield love this graphics and much more

-It is a very good game for kids

-So nice app for children. I love this app

-It is best game 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌..

-My 6 month old loves this, it keeps him calm while we’re out for a drive.

-This app is best for My younger brother’s timepass

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