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AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster

By AVG Mobile

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AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster


With AVG Cleaner, your Android device will run faster and smoother, store more data, free up memory by cleaning junk, and stay charged for longer. AVG Cleaner is a smart device manager & optimization tool already installed by almost 50 million people.

AVG Cleaner top features:
✔ Remove preinstalled apps – Remove pre-installed apps to save space and boost performance
✔ Get more space – Remove old files, uninstall apps, and delete bad or unwanted photos and videos
✔ Improve performance – Use Cleaner to clear cache, remove junk, and identify apps that are slowing down your device
✔ Longer battery life – Cleaner’s battery saving feature helps improve your device’s battery life
✔ Hibernate apps – Suspend background apps to prolong battery life and save mobile data
✔ System info – Everything you need to know about your phone on one screen
✔ File manager – Smart File Manager & Storage Cleaner can analyze pictures, files, and apps to help you maximize your Android device’s performance
✔ Junk Cleaner – Clean out any useless junk from your device

With AVG Cleaner, you will enjoy a longer battery life, avoid a lagging Android device, get rid of junk files, and automatically find bad quality or duplicate photos

AVG Cleaner is a smart analysis application and clean up tool that gives you more storage space, better performance, and longer battery life

The booster, battery saver, memory and storage clean up, and app removal features are described below:

Cleaner: Advanced app remover & app manager:
► Remove preinstalled apps: Do you have pre-installed bloatware apps you don’t need? We can prevent them from slowing down your device
► App analyzer: AVG Cleaner can identify apps that consume your battery, drain mobile data, or take up too much storage space, allowing you to clean them out more easily
► App remover: Easily remove apps that slow down your device
► Easily analyze apps based on storage, ram, battery, data consumption or usage

Cleaner: Photo Analyzer:
► Fast and easy photo gallery optimization
► Find bad quality or duplicate photos

Cleaner: Battery Saver & Optimizer:
► App hibernation: Hibernating apps help you prolong battery life and keep your device running faster for longer
► Battery Profiles & Optimization: choose between “Low Battery”, “Home”, “Work”, and “Car” profiles, or set up your own to automatically adjust your battery usage how you want (30-day FREE trial)

Cleaner: 1-tap Analysis and Optimization
► Clean your device with a single tap of a button
► Perform device scan and analysis with just one tap

Clean your phone to free up storage space, help it run smoother and faster, and boost its speed and performance. Eliminate junk, delete bad quality, similar or duplicate photos to make more storage space available for the apps, photos, and other stuff you want
Download AVG Cleaner, Booster & Battery Saver for Android phones for FREE now!

Download AVG Cleaner – Speed, Battery & Memory Booster App Apk:-

Download AVG Cleaner App Apk ( 23.6 MB )

User Reviews

App User
Very reliable Device is always running efficiently with cached pages cleared up and apps optimized for battery life

Fatai Testli
Alerts It alerts you to clean your often. Makes your phone to run faster. It is good to use I recommend it to others to try it.

Christine Duckhouse
Fantastic Great free app and you can pay to upgrade if you wish.

Good bit of kit. Does what it says on the packet.

Kevin Agusto
Love this app This App is very good for me but this app is expensive for me.

Raja Kumar
Xperia u(On Tryng to find best system booster app) All the system cleaner works same,i m installing it now, Wanna see how much its increases my phone perforrmance,, 5 Star in advance cuz of its antivirus….

ashraf lakdawala
AVG Cleaner- Memory&Storage I Will be Grateful ,Kindly install: AVG Cleaner -Memory & Storage

Melinda Stryker
Cleaning Android Does what it said it would.

App User
Speedy Fast n clean

John Williams
AVG is great with most software products

vinod kumar
Important thing to download

Patrick Kamau
Love it still, works well with my new handset. Does an excellent job.

M Childers
So much better than CleanMaster!! Not intrusive with money hustle and does the job!!

Noxy Veto
Greatest app ever. Ive been looking for a so app in my life

Rufa Iago
Does what is says on the tin Works well, frees up resources & improves performance.

App User
AVG Has always been my choice. Go kick butt AVG. Keep being on top of the world.

Elise Corbett
Better then I was expecting Simple. I love that it gives me reminders and let’s me have full control. Straight forward and very user friendly!

David Brooks
Does exactly what it says on the can Since installing last week it has kept my phone protected, secure and improved the performance notably (I have the full AVG package). It doesnt interfere with how you use your phone like some do and asks for permission before taking control of some part of your phone’s OS. It also tells you how to take that control back from the app. I’ve tried to use several of these types of apps but this by far is the best and most user friendly one to date.

Christina Bradway
User Friendly The app is great. Cleans your phone and gives you more room.

Abeku Kweku
Excellent You guys are really doing a great job. I love this app. It does all what has been described.

Bonnie Schaan
Super helpful app Makes keeping you device clean a snap.

App User
Does what it says on the tin! I’ve used AVG for years and their apps always work well with no glitches.

Dee McCarney
Great! Really sped up my wallowing phone.

Dawn Lewis
Easy to use, clears up space on device. Recommend you install.

Lee Myers
Does exactly what it says it does unusual for an app these days.Well done

Candace Salima
Love it. I love this software. It is awesome.

Chris Carroll
Chris. .. Excellent. ++×× it’s Free….Brilliant. ..Thank You Avg…

Fred Steele
Excellent Works great on my smart phone.

Donna Sexton
Easy to use Love the autoclean feature.

kathleen wright
Cleaner Works very well. Keeps my phone working properly.

Rodney Corwin
Avg Great app no need to argue with others who think this app isn’ t needed. It does the work your phone sometimes won’t let ya do. If your going to own a smart phone be smarter than the phone.

David Rowland
AVG Cleaner Does what it says on the tin and a lot quicker

Michael Wills
Great app! Easy to use and not terribly full of ads.

Justin Zepeda
Great app This is a great app. Works well.

wayne nelson
Avg cleaner This app does what it’s suppose too

javane Powell
Great app Its really great I love what it can do for my phone

alec hamilton
Works great Recommend that you give it a try you might be surprised.

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