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AT&T Messages for Tablet

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AT&T Messages

AT&T Messages

AT&T Messages for Tablet


With AT&T Messages you can send and receive text and pictures messages from your tablet or computer. Your messages are stored in the network so you can continue the conversation even when you switch devices. AT&T Messages uses your AT&T mobile number, so whether you send messages from your phone, tablet or computer, everyone will know the message is from you.

To use AT&T Messages on your Android tablet (version 3.2 of the Android operating system and higher), press install, then open the app and log in using your AT&T User ID and you are ready to go!

Key Features:
• AT&T Messages uses your mobile phone number regardless of which device you use.
• View, manage and respond to messages from your phone, tablet or computer. For example, start a text message conversation on your phone and continue it on your tablet, or manage messages online and text a response from your computer.

• Users of the AT&T Messages Android phone app also have their voicemail messages included in their message inbox. Voicemail shows up as visual voicemail in your inbox so you can select which one you want to listen to from your phone, tablet or computer.

• Conversations are organized by person – Communications are organized by person and sorted by when you receive them.

Requires Android 3.2 OS or higher tablet. Your texts are copied to and stored in your network inbox so that they are available on the web and tablet. If you no longer want your messages copied to your network inbox, visit for details on how to remove the service. An unlimited messaging plan is highly recommended with this application. Compatible device required. Standard messaging and data rates apply. For details, go to

Download AT&T Messages for Tablet App Apk:-

Download TAT&T Messages for Tablet App Apk ( 25 MB )


User Reviews

Javier J. Negrón
Awesome, user friendly, keeps you in touch with friends and family when off the phone and grid. I totally recommend it.

Lisa Lang
This is awesome, especially when you lose your phone.

Heather Martinez
Idk it won’t let me unless I uploaded it.

Moni Hood
Cool! Works great for my tablet!☺

BerryBlu Gaming
Perfect! I’ve been looking for a tablet one thank you!!

App User
Have it on my tablet and love it. Always syncs with no problem. Like that when using tablet I can delete messages and also deletes on phone. I also use AT&T messages when on computer and have awesome success with it. Thanks for this AT&T. Great app!!!

App User
It was great for sending messages 😀

jacob chikomu
It an easy to use app.

App User
Great The prime tablet has ics and it works just fine

Austin Campbell
Loved it It is a wonderful app because

jone Star
Messages I live it i can text Lexis Vandermartin

App User
First time user Just downloaded gonna check it out looking for freebee swag wifi phone and dm app atnt Google Android windows Mac infused

Shawn McWilliams
Works fine for me… I don’t see what the problems are. It works just fine on my tablet and HTC One X. It is a wifi only tablet and it still works just fine. Now I can send messages from my normal number over wifi. I am prepared for Google Voice to do what Google Reader did. 5/5

Olivia DeAnda
Love it…Love it…Love it…..! I had trouble setting up but when i called att, They made the necessary changes and it finally work. I love it that I am able to see missed calls, voicemail & text all in one screen.

Gary Thomas
Works great Now I don’t have to be subject to IOSIS to receive my texts across multiple platforms.

Dakota stroms
Great app easy to use Only use my phone when my tablet isn’t handy. Only issue i have, texts I send on tablet dont show up in my phone thread only the responses from who I was texting with…..

App User
Love the idea Great first start in the ability to send and receive SMS/MMS from a device that is not a phone. Now I do not need to search for my phone when I am on my tab in order to respond to txt or to listen to a VM.

App User
Great Companion to the Phone Version Worked great on the honeycomb version. Surprisingly, it also survived the upgrade to ICS.

Dvorak Gamer
Perfect If only there were an inbox widget though. Others that are having trouble, use MySMS

Patrick Do
It works. It works doesn’t take long to send or receive text from my tablet.

Luke Lauren
I hope i ca use it effectively and. automatically accessibly

Andrew Chen
Works perfectly! Perhaps I’m an exception, but this app works perfectly on my wifi-only Samsung tablet!

Edward Moore
Amazing! The app is perfect… Well almost. There are a few features that would be nice to have, but it works perfectly for messaging from your tablet while your phone is off and charging in the corner. I think when AT&T starts giving this app a little more attention it will be a must have/use for your tablet! But again, I got a tablet so that I would not have to use my phone while I am at my house, so ya…. Perfect.

Jennifer Sharpe
Proper provisioning If you’re getting a token error, you need to enable the messages backup & sync service on your phone first. Open your apps folder, find an app named Device Help. Once it loads, click Tutorials up top. Scroll down, click Email & Messaging. Click AT&T Messages backup & sync. Here is a tutorial for enabling the service on your phone, as well as links to instructions for setting up this app on your tablet. If you still have issues, and customer service tells you they can’t fix it, insist on being transferred.

Hana Maugah
Um it just came with my phone Its ok I guess havent used it yet but im guessjng its the only way I could call 😛

Tammy Alexander
Favorite texting app I have been using this app for over a year and it makes everything so much easier.

Chava Martinez
Love it It’s easy to receive messages on my tablet

Suzan Marshall
Good for a tablet Awesome I can text every one because my phone broke

Chris M
Love it! Downloaded and it runs flawlessly! Very simple and basic! Great app that syncs with each message simultaneously!

Amy McMillan
Works great I have had no issues with this app. Just took the time to set it up and it works perfectly. I can send texts, pictures via my tablet. It was just what I was looking for. I’d love to see more emojis.

Vincent Hartfield
This app is wonderful for my first time I really like it

Patty DeHoyos
Love it I love the fact thatvi can see text and call logs in one place. It makes it easy to clean things up fast and efficient.

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