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Astonishing Comic Reader
by Aerilys

Astonishing Comic Reader is a next-gen comic reader full of stunning features! With an elegant and simple interface, this app allows you to browse and read all your comics on your device. Reading a comic has never been so easy, thanks to a simple navigation system and a powerful zoom feature. Organize all your comics in customizable collections, or use the powerful search feature to find what to read. Use the intelligent suggestions system to quickly fill your collections with related comics, or jump directly to the next issue when you have finished to read one. Synchronize your collections, favorites and statistics with the heroic account, and never lose your data again!


Astonishing Comic Reader android app

Astonishing Comic Reader android app




Astonishing Comic Reader is able to generate awesome wallpapers if you’re using Muzei app, and have a Cast
support, so you can read your comics everywhere, on any screen! Discover Snapshots, an amazing way to store and
share all moments parts you love in your comics. And thanks to our synchronization system, you can get your comics
from your Cloud storage provider!

Add the comics you like to your favorites list, and share the pages which amazed you the most with your friends in a
few touches! It’s that easy to use! Astonishing Comic Reader is fully compatible with CBZ and CBR comics! And it’s
ad free!


Download Astonishing Comic Reader App :- 

Download Astonishing Comic Reader App ( 20.7 MB )

User Reviews :-


Well designed, easy to use, really happy with the app. Only suggestions for future updates would be for it to auto sort collections by title which usually has an issue number in it, so if you add something later it doesn’t just go to the end of the list. Also when u finish an issue and the app says “What’s next?” , i suggests the next issues in the collection, not the previously read. Minor, minor suggestions, still amazing.

-I switched to android recently from ios(where I used YACReader, together with the amazing desktop client) , after some googling and trial and error, it appears this is the only functional aesthetic and featurefilled reader for Android. But the lack of any actual competition doesn’t mean it’s a bad reader, quite the opposite, it’s superb. To sum it up: cloud support, configurable controls, aesthetic, and library management.

-Very nice, but would be easier if you were told off the bat where to get comics from. There is a bug I think, where the comics in a collection are mixing up, and comic 3 will have comic 27’s cover for example, and the arrangement changes, and overall confusing.

-I’ve tried a number of comic readers some are real pants but this is smooth and your comics are bright and easy to read but I wish I could delete the comics after I’ve read them…..if you’re looking for a free comic reader then give this a whirl you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

-The interface is very easy to use. And the choice of color is very great! Nothing bad to say about this comic reader. Just keep things simple and that’s awesome!

-Amazing for importing and viewing comics. Only suggestion I would add is to add more organization options like adding a folder within a folder when creating a collection so I can separate marvel/DC and then separate the comics inside those folders. Other than that perfect.

-Best comic reader and very useful app to read any type of CBR documents also it detects search documents on its own so we do not have to load it in any other file it is the best comic reader app came across

-Velly good for purile material. Recommended those who struggle to read. Terrific for adolescents and small children.

-Can’t seem to select which folder on my tablet it adds comics from. I’ve got a whole bunch in my downloads folder, surely i don’t need to move them?

-The app is great but it has some visual bugs that make my collection have duplicated covers on the wrong comics

-Its an amazingly good app only problem is the loading when you get more comics its slow but worth 5stars

-Top notch! Everything is functional for me in this, from the zooming, to the page skipping, to even the display page Very very good 👌

-Great app, renders quickly and allows. Is vertical scroll possible in this app? As I think I would prefer it more

-Realy helps to pass my time reading dc (mainly) marvel comics

-Amazing app I have it on my tablet and I have fun all day!

-It’s a good and slight app for reading comics that you have in your storage

-Been using this app for years and I’ve never had problems. Personally, it’s the ultimate comic reading app.

-Plays my downloaded comic collection without a blip, best comic reader I have come across.

-I just want to thank the developers for this incredible app. It is well designed and easy to use. I’m very happy with this app.

-It’s very easy to use and it’s a great way to read your comics, I would recommend

-Wish you had a library where I could browse and download from. But it’s great

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