New Android App “Article Reader Offline” Download Apk, Complete Review, User Reviews, Latest Version, App by Oleg Sheremet

Article Reader Offline
by Oleg Sheremet

App Category:-Productivity

No distractions – only content. Tune the way you want to read:
• Select font size
• Choose text style
• Switch between day and night themes

Found some interesting link? Save it to Reading List and read later with no need of internet connection.


Article Reader Offline

Article Reader OfflineNew Android App “Instant – Quantified Self” Download Apk, Complete Review, User Reviews, Latest Version, App by Emberify – Instant

Export any article to PDF format file and transfer it to any device.

Can’t or don’t want to read text on your own? Article Reader can read aloud for you!

Just few clicks. Open links from your browser or copy link to clipboard and just open Article Reader.

Article Reader is really small and fast app. Articles saved for offline take only little disk space.

Open Article Reader and enjoy your reading!


Download Article Reader Offline App :-


Download Article Reader Offlineg App


User Reviews :-


App User
A good clean app, small size download, no ads. It has a useful function to save a web page without images, which is useful if you have a poor internet connection. Three improvements needed: 1) Pages saved to the web browser can only be moved singly into Article Reader. It would be more convenient to move multiple pages at the same time. 2) Once in Article Reader, pages can only be moved singly into user-created folders. Need a multiple-selection feature to improve this. 3) Folders can be created to organise offline pages, but such folders cannot be sorted alphabetically. They are just in order of creation. A sort folders function is required. Apart from that, I am very happy with this app.

Goran Bakula
This application gives a meaning to the smartphone concept. One of the best applications ever… The reason to go away from Instapaper… Still in development but worth of trying… Very light and user friendly. I would like to give even more stars…

Mega Varenik
A very well written app. However the Read aloud function needs a lot more work. It is missing a pause, resume, pagination, and rewind controls. Difficult to use that function without those controls.

App User
You should add the ability to export article into sd card some phones (like my phone) don’t support your app to be moved to sd card even in nougat 7.0, articles should be exported into mhtml format, pls devs my articles in your app takes 622 mb of space in my phone. I’ll update the review afterwards, thanks.

Armand Crepeau
It is getting better but a little more tweaks and it will be great again and also could you add an option to remember where we left off reading an article so we do not have to reread the entire article each time and do not forget the bulk edit option and also I think there is a bug in the latest version because when I read my article while I am scrolling it to read it very frequently the scroll jams and I can no longer move or scroll down or up please fix it. Make the scrolling smoother

L. Hutchings
Love this app use almost everyday as a candidate for legislature. Can download articles and have them read to me while on the road or doing chores.

Christiaan van der Westhuizen
This App is Perfect for me!..way-!better!- than i thought!…a keeper definately! Thank you very much to the Developer!

Satluj Stocks
Everything that I was looking for, except editing feature. If I were able to edit the article saved, the app would have been a Compete Wonder. It still is. I am thiking to delete Evernote.

It stopped reading at the middle of an article and became irresponsive to any command.

David Kenny
The kind of app I love having on my phone, a backup option either to SD or Google drive would make it perfect.

Inder Kumar Goyal
Nice, Pl tell me how to get print of saved article. I want saved article to be stored in File Manager. Pl help. 23-01-2018 Thanks ! Pl add the feature of Saving or Printing. Thanks for providing pdf of the saved article but sorry to say, the article can’t be saved properly in the mobile memory. Provide direct place of saving either in download or create new directory under the name of ‘Olga’

Dmitry T
Article mod in this App is the ONLY 1 thing that works well enough. All other features need to be improved drastically. When I’m sharing article to email app I expect full text of article to be copied to the message body, not just few lines and the link (web sites do not live very long, I still want to be able to read that article in couple years or read it in offline email client). Export to PDF format works but when you share article subject and the link is missing, too much time users need to spend to fill that, most users just won’t use PDF feature because of it.

App User
Was awesome; now somehow the titles AND CONTENTS of saved articles are getting mixed up, with the contents of some articles not being saved at all. Some of the articles’ titles or urls are saved correctly, but when viewed with Article Reader O, the article itself is a duplicate of a different one I saved. Also, I agree with another reviewer about the new design. There are totally unnecessary elements that make it look cluttered. I would REALLY like an option to turn off the read/unread marking so that the titles are never in bold font. I know which articles I haven’t read yet because they’re not deleted or sorted into folders yet. Thanks

App User
Best so far 👍 No clouds, no permissions, easy copy and read later and the best.. make PDF of what to save. Nice and light. Thanks I’m happy to have found it.

nin nin
App is awesome, now if only you could rearrange the order of downloaded articles I would pay for this app!

Carlos Eternod
Awesome app. Add it backup to Drive and you have the best Pocket alternative

App User
This app has improved greatly. It is now the best app of its kind that I’ve tried! Many thanks to a good developer.

Nick Mowery
Fantastic app. Only one of its kind I can find. Use it everyday. I used the export list of saved articles and tried to open it on my new phone but it doesn’t seem to work. When I open the file with the app it just brings me back to the blank saved articles screen. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Cosmic Myin
I love this app very much…. it’s very smooth and helpful for students.. but yesterday after factory reset my phone I have lost all my saved articles😥😥 please help…I think u should connect us with GMail account like pocket….. everything is okay except this… will I be able to recover those articles?

Wawan Pure
I love this app. Simple, smooth, quick and eficient. I can save html page for offline reading later. This is the best web save app i ever try. Thank u.

Peter Custance
Works flawlessly, light weight, good design, fantastic app, takes seconds to gather news items for reading later on the tube, not had any issues at all.

Ed Logan
Awesome It’s one of the best apps of it’s type (maybe the best). Would be better if it could be moved to SD card.

Nikolas Hughes
Thanks mate for a great app. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. I’ve tried using Pocket and, but I didn’t like the fact that they are cloud based and I was reliant on their server, not to mention the privacy concerns that go with that. Edit: This for me is one of the best apps in the Play Store – save to read later, organise in folders, and print to PDF if need be

michelle wiley
I love it, but these are my complaints: No option to store to SD card; no option to redownload a page that’s incomplete; no option to copy original URL (you must open in browser to obtain). *Update: the pdf function doesn’t seem to work alone (even via estrong’s ‘save to’ function it failed to create). Could only save as pdf to email or evernote (which I was then able to save to sd card, and delete email/note). Hoping latest update fixes.

Jyotiprakash Kanjilal
Hey, articles taking time to load even after having saved. Perhaps because of the recent update. Plz fix it. It was pretty fast in loading offlined articles. Now its lagging.

Ajaz Wani
Thanks for adding HIGHLIGHT function. You deserve all the five stars. Keep up the good work. I wish there was a way to find all the highlights collected in some folder to access from. Hope you consider putting it together in you coming update.

Linh Lam
Great app! But I don’t know how to load the exported list file into a re-/new- installation on the same or different device (?)

Maxim Kotanov
Было бы круто, если бы приложение стало альтернативой Pocket, чтобы можно было сохранять статьи и материалы из интернета не только с телефона, но и с компьютера. И хранить его у себя в облаке (Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Dropbox и т. п.). Я бы покупал такой сервис.

App User
Still one of the best if not the best .No ads and no permission’s. Thanks

Tim Francisco
The best way to read an article. No distractions, just content.

Ed Logan
I Absolutely Love Article Reader, But… You can’t move it to your SD card. As you add more and more articles, it takes more and more space on your phone. That is an issue when other apps like Pocket can be placed on the SD card.

Mine Inlakech
This is a great app but not all of the important page images are loaded into article reading mode. I was on few of the articles where image is important for the story and there wasn’t any. Also would be very useful if could read pdf in it.

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