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Aqua Mail – Email App

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Aqua Mail - Email App

Aqua Mail – Email App

Aqua Mail – Email App


Aqua Mail is the go-to app for all your email needs! Whether it’s a work or personal email, a corporate exchange server or even a seldom-used secondary account, Aqua Mail lets you easily access all your emails from one complete app.

No complex setup required, just enter your email and password and you’re all set. With its flexibility and vast customization options Aqua Mail’s goal is to reflect the needs of the modern-day user and provide a platform anyone can tailor to their needs and preferences.

Aqua Mail’s seamless yet powerful interface hosts a wide range of advanced features for setting up any type of email account:

 • Multiple email providers: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple, GMX, AOL and more.
 • Mail accounts hosted at: Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, Office 365, Exchange Online and others.
 • Use of a “more secure” login method (OAUTH2) for Yahoo / Gmail / Hotmail.
 • Backup and restore feature via popular cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box and Google Drive) or a file.
 • Integration with popular third-party apps providing maximum control, synergy and customizability, including Light Flow, Enhanced SMS & Caller ID, Cloud Print, Apex Launcher Pro, Nova Launcher / Tesla Unread, Executive Assistant, DashClock Widget, Tasker and more.
 • Push mail for most mail services (except Yahoo) and self-hosted IMAP servers, also for Exchange and Office 365 (corporate mail).

 • Home screen widgets including message counter and message list.
 • Use our Smart Folder feature to easily navigate and manage your emails.
 • Calendar sync for Exchange and Office 365 (use any Calendar app or widgets).
 • Contacts sync for Exchange and Office 365 (visible in Aqua Mail and in the Contacts app. Includes auto-complete and lookup in the corporate directory).
 • The rich text editor, styling choices and a large number of formatting options, including embedding images will help you create the perfect email.
 • With the signature support you can attach a separate signature to each mail account and include images, links and text formatting.
 • Notifications and reply via voice input from an Android Wear smartwatch.
 • Pick from the four available Themes and further customization options to change how the app looks and operates.
 • Separate network connection setting for WiFi and mobile data ensure optimum performance and cost-effectiveness.

Get the most out of Aqua Mail by purchasing the Pro version and unlock:
 • Push mail for Exchange servers (corporate email) and Office 365.
 • Ability to add more than two accounts.
 • Use identities.
 • Remove the Aqua Mail promo signature in outgoing messages.
 • Remove ads.

With Aqua Mail you’ll always be in control of the information you provide. Permissions will be requested only in the following cases:
 • Storage – Sending and saving attachments, Backup and Restore.
 • Contacts – Sender images and autocompletion when writing messages.
 • Calendar – Previews of event invites and rejecting or accepting them.

Android 4.0.3 or higher


Download Aqua Mail – Email App:-

Download Aqua Mail – Email App ( 10 MB )

User Reviews:

Abraham Ford
Great Email Program I picked up this program after I got sick of not being able to search for emails on the default Android app. This one has search and a whole bunch more features that are just plain awesome!

Max Coppoletta
Good app. after trying probably all of them, Aqua is the one i settled with… wish swipe to delete had a temporary undo rather than a confirmation box. and more ’email view’ text options (ie. fonts size)…. For example i’d love to be able to set 2 double tap zoom levels. small and large. (on my G4S the text remains too small when tapped) apart from that, aqua is the best email app i found – the settings are insane and the widget simply fantastic. Thank you.

Tod Coates
Does exactly what I need Seamlessly combines multiple inboxes into one view. Does not force you to use GMail’s conversation view if you think it’s evil. Tried 14 email clients until I found Aquamail and I have found it to be streets ahead.

Hakim Farouk
Best Best email client for office email. Thanks.

Jefro J S
The Best Email App I’m using this app for the past two years. It serves the best. Helps to manage all of my email accounts.

David M. LaFleur
Best Email App Out Top notch been using Aqua since 2012 & never looked back. The app creator is on top of any issues if you come across anything that is. Best of the Best.

Abraham Weiss
Love this app Does email right. Does not have all the shortcomings of the built in mail app. Also don’t do the scrolling to the top like the built in android mail app. Just bought the pro version to support this great developer . Thanks allot

Kent clark
Best This app is the best I used till now… all I found lacking 1. an option We can select default view.. like mobile or web .. now I have to select it everytime 2. An option to make images show always not clickin the header to view.. Else amazing app..just what I wanted

J Miller
Hits the mark Great email app. Even better after most recent update.

Paul Kieffer
Excellent! I have tried just about every Android email client and this one wins hands down. Intuitive layout and menu commands, customizable, etc. I need email for business reasons during travel and this app is a big help. The developer is helpful, too, including helping when Google’s Bloatstore no longer remembers that you purchased the unlock key. Highly recommended!

Benny Lenchner
Excellent App! I’ve used a number of top-rated email apps on the Play store, and this one kicks butt! Everything about it is great, from the look to the usability and customizability. I love it!

Rajkumar P
Excellent app…! Superb app with a lot of customizations.

Bishwo Gurung
Great app Simple, fast, elegant. Just what I needed 🙂

Dmitry Moskalchuk
Super e-mail app. Highly customizable, with very smooth interface and, in fact, the only from wide range of similar apps in store, which fully support my use case – non-gmail SSL-enabled IMAP server with numerous folders and automatic filtering of incoming mail on server side (thus, it listen set of folders, not INBOX only, as many others). Using this app for several years and it become better with time, even though initially it was very good. Recommend it for any who uses non-current-trend IMAP servers.

Lance Boyd
There are a lot of great email apps out there. I am always hesitant to change when there can be such complexity for the various options requiring time to set up. If an app does the job, why change? However, I purchased a Chromebook with Android Play Store and my favorite email apps each had a problem, whether it be full option menus, printing menus, or whatever, I had to go find something compatible with my different IMAP email accounts. I tried AquaMail expecting only to use it on my Chromebook. I was impressed. In fact, I put it on my mobile devices as well. The biggest positive change? When I delete my message on any device on an IMAP server, it is deleted on ALL of my other devices as well. That should be expected right? Evidently, that is not the case suspecting other apps load emails in cache or something and I still had to delete them…again. I am really impressed with AquaMail. Yeah, it cost me $9.99 to remove ads, but my last favorite was $9.99 per year subscription. I am truly please with AquaMail!

Greg Lupone
Godaddy is leaving me? Godaddy is closing their email app and tried pushing me to the outlook app. The Aqua mail app is far superior. Thank you Aqua mail.

Mark Blackburn
Works well. I can link to all my accounts

Tri Harta
So far this is the only application which is able to connect my national e-mail address to the internet without any complication.

Parichay Chatterji
Excellent App. Best replacement for Gmail. Even supports Callibri. So far I’m happy. Really hope it does not drain battery.

A Google user
Absolutely the best I’ve always been a fan of the Gmail app until I tried this! Absolutely the best app to use with your Gmail account. I went Pro after about 2 hours of use.

Mike Terpstra
The best. With the latest update and calendar support now added. The best.

Black Sea lye
great app. works fine with exchange

Vesselin Stoytchev
a bit laggy can you put a bit of work towards more fluid animations and transitions between screens? 🙂 this is a killer mail app, i changed from google’s gmail app. 🙂

Edward Biernat
Excellent Mail App I use several different apps for my different businesses and this is my favorite. Editing, sorting and tagging are a breeze. Great job.

Mark Osman
Perfect mail app Not just the best mail app I’ve had the pleasure to use but a really responsive developer who listens to feedback and constantly enhances and fixes. So much better than stock android mail on my Samsung galaxy for control of multiple accounts, folders etc. Wish I’d discovered it years ago!

Macungie Utilities
Great app Immensely customizable. May be setup to your needs. Most important, customer service is excellent!

Jon Merrill
Awesome, easy app, with a slick interface. First and last email app I downloaded for my non-gmail accounts.

fammi farendra
Excellent. Small but grea

A Google user
Phenomenal app & equally great support Great email app, and I have tried/paid for almost all of them. Only one so far that is very, very accurate with unread count widget when set up right. Better than even the stand a lone widget counters. I emailed a couple of questions and got a prompt, thorough and appreciative reply. Found dev website which answered most of them, but kudo’s for the quick reply, thanks. Well spent money for the pro! Great job, looking forward to using for a long time!

Steven Williams
This Is The Best Nice GUI and plenty of options for managing emails.

Linda Damon
Always easy to track and access my mail on the go. Synchronization with other devices smooth.

Joshua Lee
Love the new design! Looks really professional now on my lg v20

Fred Davies
Excellent Finally a replacement for the Hotmail app. After the so-called “upgrade” to Outlook I have been looking for a decent email app. This is it. Brilliant.

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