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AnyDesk remote PC Mac control

By AnyDesk Software GmbH

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AnyDesk remote PC Mac control

AnyDesk remote PC Mac control

AnyDesk remote PC Mac control


At you will find further information on remote access and remote maintenance, directly from your smartphone or tablet and for all platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.


Fast: AnyDesk is faster than all the others. This makes remote desktop operations possible that would be unthinkable using other remote desktop software. Video editing, image editing, computer administration, online teamwork…

Secure: Remote computer control and maintenance using AnyDesk is as secure as online banking, thanks to TLS 1.2 encryption, 2048-bit RSA Key Exchange and Erlang technology.

Fair: Remote PC access with AnyDesk is free for personal use. For commercial purposes, AnyDesk offers transparent licensing models without hidden costs, without compulsion to update and with all updates included.

Quick guide:
1. Install this app on your smartphone or tablet.
2. Launch AnyDesk on the remote computer. Download the program file from our website to your computer and double-click to launch it. This shows you the computer’s AnyDesk ID.
3. Open the app on your smartphone or tablet and then enter the AnyDesk ID.

What is AnyDesk?
Rival products only claim to be able to guarantee smooth image transmission. But AnyDesk, the world’s fastest remote desktop application, keeps this promise.

Stylish independence
AnyDesk is the first remote access application powerful enough for you to be able to work on a remote PC smoothly and without becoming weary. All your home or office PC’s programs, files and settings are always immediately available, without the need for annoying network configuration. And your files remain where they belong: on your own computer.

Easy collaboration
Achieve more together. AnyDesk is also absolutely ideal for online teamwork. Thanks to the optional ability to display two mouse cursors, it’s possible to jointly work on text, pictures or different documents. Completely easily, quickly and without having to entrust your files to an online service.

Relaxed remote maintenance
Helping is more fun when it’s convenient. AnyDesk can do lots more than just remote administration and remote support. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t also shine in these areas. Thanks to its smooth operation, setting up a colleague’s printer or installing a new CRM tool on all the computers in the sales department is almost automatic.

Image frame rate
In local networks and with many internet connections, AnyDesk transfers images at 60 frames per second – much more than all the other remote desktop applications. The movements that AnyDesk shows on screen are therefore as smooth as possible, because nearly all PC monitors can also reproduce 60 frames per second. AnyDesk therefore enables you to work smoothly, without stuttering display.

When working on a remote desktop, it is essential that latency is as low as possible. The lower the latency, the more quickly the PC being controlled reacts to input. Because internet connections require a certain amount of time to transmit data from one PC to another, it is especially important that AnyDesk itself doesn’t cause any additional delays, as far as possible. In local networks, AnyDesk’s latency is less than 16 milliseconds, and is therefore imperceptible.

Data volume
When using a remote desktop tool over the internet, it is crucial that the bandwidth available is used as efficiently as possible. This is especially the case when working over mobile connections such as UMTS. AnyDesk’s efficient use of bandwidth enables smooth working at available bandwidth of 100 kB/s and above. But even at bandwidths lower than this, AnyDesk performs significantly better than rival products.

Download AnyDesk remote PC Mac control App:-

Download AnyDesk remote PC Mac control App ( 6 MB )

User Reviews

Vladimír Laurencik

The best app for remote control! Thanks for bringing it to Android.

Puya Ghoorchian

Perfect as desktop version. Just the keys button needs to be redesigned. Its kinda hard to use

sagar khetpal

So good but How can i check me any desk adress?

sajad abasi

perfect and the best

Momo Unending

Easy to use, faster and better video and audio transmission than almost every alternative.

Prakash Singh Rajwar

Sach a beautiful moment…

Punit Gour

I like it can helpful for some reasons 😘

Angad Kumar

Good apps working

style wahid

Finally its came… Long time i m waiting for this anydesk…!

Amit Gupta

Very helpful application I like it.

مصطفی ریسی نیا


Omar Faruque

Just like using another PC at home

Obada Alrefai

This is absolutely great app.

shahi papon

Only this apps can make me happy when someone ask for help about pc and obviously I can check my pc also 😍😍

App User

If we take remote on Mobile to Mobile and Mobile on desktop it will great


This is an excellent remote desktop application. I use it to access my headless media/file/print server. I have yet to find any qualms with the Android or Windows version.

Manoj Kumawat

Key board is not working please as soon as possible upgrade it


Excellent app…. You soon will be in goolge top developers….

Mohammad Ali

برای سرویس کارای کامپیتر و پشتیبانای شبکه خیلی خوبی.

Gajanan shinde

Brilent I was looking for this only…

tanmoy paul

Very good app for us

Balwinder Bawa

This is a great application i ever use…

sachin rathore

Any desk best app

Mehdi Shahbazi

It’s very good


My favreat apps

ashish ganjewar

Better than teamviewer

Sakthi ece

Awesome app

Eddie Daniel

Awesome been waiting for this. Such a great app.

Yi-Hsien Yu

Finally you published android version. Better than most similar app in the market.

yogeshdahire yogeshdahire

Best app helpful on critical movement also

Richard heart

Excellent. Very Useful.

United Driving School

Very good application

Shiva Kris

Good app… I really loved it coz it was helped alot…


Good one… Easy to connect

Asaduzzaman Daria

love it. this is a small size but very useful than other software as far as i know. It’s new version 3.6.3 is great for android access. but i can not use my pc’s mouse or keyboard to control my android. please solve it.

App User

Great bit of work; so easy to install and get on with; really appreciate this!

CA Manish Mandot

It’s really great platform, doesn’t ask for money like team viewer.

Karjan Wings

Good app most useful

Erappa B

Finally Android got any desk Thank you any desk team

mohsen Rahimi

App is very good

Costache Cristian-Dorin

Best remote desktop

Aminul Islam

Awesome. I could access my lock PC from my phone.

Elias Saraei

عالی و پر قدرت


Any desk download the app is very good third party show pc good working process

makwana kishan

I love this app thanks for this I use for my pc fraind


So easy to use and fast reliable for remote

Harendra Sharma

Good use in help or teach others

Anand yadav

Amazing app it is very useful

Luca Croci

Good app, really. but on my tablet it doesn’t save any connection. When I start the app there is no memory of previous hosts connected. It’s a bug?

Igor Skaric

After big improvments on windows in compare with other remote apps finally we got it on Android! Yeeeesssss! 5+++

Arjun Dev

I like it too much because it’s very nice app.

SZ Animations

Forget the other reviews. I like the touchscreen integration

Tarun Rao

Anydesk software gmbh created very helpful app for android . Its very helpful to take remote sessions to wibdows system . Very beat app…

Austin Lappe

Love it. Been using it for some time and it’s simply the best. Good customer support as well.

kunal kumar

Good app for remote control

ali torabi

best alternative to teamviewer

Michael Valdes

This is an excelent job, very intuitive and easy, keep in that way, it would be great that it also works between smartphones

Leonid Shlangman

Давно пользуюсь десктопной версией. Мобильное приложение не хуже.

Jesus Medina

Simple, practical, Light and perfect performance

Walter Fabian

Really surprised about other users comments: Works like a charm for me, even via mobile connection. Don’t take my word: Test it an you’ll see.

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