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Android System WebView
by Google LLC

Android WebView is a system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. This component is pre-installed on your device and should be kept up to date to ensure you have the latest security updates and other bug fixes.

Android System WebView

Android System WebView


Download Android System WebView app:-

Download Android System WebView App (32.8MB)


Install Android System WebView App from Play Store


User Reviews :

-I think ki ya Android system bhoot acha hai

-The last 3 updates are now causing problems on my tablet! Screen freezes every time I go into my email acct, which takes many minutes for it to correct itself! Time consuming & very annoying!!. Also it’s now saying this App may not be compatible with my device, yet it came pre installed on my device. So what am I supposed to do!? Some answers would be nice for all of us having problems.

-From all reviews it seems that majority don’t know what this application is. This application forms backbone for viewing web content which may be used by other applications like web browsers, mail client or any other apps providing web contents. So that you do not need to install full browser like firefox or chrome with it’s own web engine needing 30/40 mb space. Yoi can easily have same performance as chrome while using lite weight open source browser like lightening or jumpgo.

-I was skeptical about this app at first but it has changed my f***gin life! At the very least it will take the edge off a bad comedown. And it helps you sleep, and even induces pleasant dreams….and yes it’s true what they say about the latest version is FOR REAL….I’m hard as a f***gin rock!

-For the past 3 months I have not been able to reply to emails and have to uninstall the update to reply. It then updates and i can’t replay and I uninstall and the cycle goes around again. This issue has been reported in and discussed in forums for months.

-Note 4 User. Email function is disfinctional. I Can’t reply to emails. Says loading messages. Please don’t force this stuff on us. It ruins the functionality of our devices. I have to uninstall and then it works fine. But then it magically appears on my phone again. Stop damaging our functionality of our device with your products please. Does anyone know how to get this to stop permanently??

-My Gmail emails also don’t work since having this update forced on me, although the linked Outlook account seems to. It’s really frustrating. I didn’t want this update, but by updating Google it also reset my preferences and updated this piece of junk without my permission.

-This last update causes all my mail clients and other web-based apps to crash. Even my security app keeps crashing when I attempt to unlock apps with password. How can I roll back the update? Update: I disabled/enabled this app and my apps worked fine after (this app was rolled back to version 55 when I disabled)

-I understand what this app is for, but it is apparently not optimised for my device, but it comes pre loaded on my device. Since the last couple of updates my system keeps locking up with a message … System UI is not responding … it’s very annoying and time consuming, the device freezes for several minutes and needs to be shut down and won’t start again for at least ten minutes.

-I’ve been having an issue for a while, It pops up by saying “Android stock has stop working I would to press ok to continue what ever I was doing, it comes on different opened pages or where I left off. Anyone else having this issue??

-forgive me but i don’t know what this app does. if it helps everything or is something I have to use it’s self alone. i just have never tried it i keep updating it though. you tell me.

-This app is so useful my country’s economy depends on it. I use this app everyday as a source of income. It helps me forget my bad decisions in life. Can’t believe people doesn’t appreciate this app so much.

-This gets disabled when Chrome enabled and my phone crashes now and then for apparently no reason. Took a while to figure it out. I had to disable Chrome to get this updated and no problem whatsoever since. So, yeah, keeping this updated it’s vital. 👍

-Thank you for the devs who create this product and make it better. 🍻 This is the backbone to our internet services that run web browsers, emails, and pretty much anything you do. Its almost like Java it’s everywhere, and please don’t post spam in the reviews this a professional product that’s used by “ALL” of us.

-While reviewing all the previous views abt it. I must say this app is hilarious. It changed my life. Once I updated my fone with it. My wife started cooking gud food and same day I received appraisal from office. Got a new car in lucky draw and so much more. U know what I mean. Huhh.

-“This app gives my car better mileage”. Those sort of reviews are hilarious and they never get old. Oscar Wilde would be proud.

-Will Not enable?? This is Not due to permissions! No matter how many times, it’s un- enabled. Weird, on an LG Aristo 2 on MetroPcs on Android 7.1.2

-I am updating all the updates but my mobile version is not changing. Am not getting new Android version. This updation is of no use

-Why every 3 rd day this app came for update? Huge data loss we r facing.

-The latest update is trash, makes YouTube buffer, giving me trouble on my email replies, the chrome browser is freezing up, some pages won’t load, my weather app won’t stop updating, it never stops. Please fix now! Also my battery saver is having trouble turning on, you have to hit the battery saver button many times before it turns on, very frustrating. Please fix ASAP, I’m on LG G STYLO

-Don’t know what this app does. Why is everyone giving it high rating and some ‘smart asses’ making sarcastic comments

-Always seams to have a problem with updating, probably the only app that I have so much trouble with

-I love this app, I love everything. I love lamp, I am real human being, I like human stuff like air. This is the best app the market has to offer, it upgraded my note 3 to a note 7. It did not explode. This latest update upgraded it to a note 11. I now have a i9 processor with multi threading as well. Best desicion of my life!

-When iam calling showing unfortunately system web view has been stopped .plz fix bugs In Nokia 5 oreo update

-Since most recent update keyboard and apps keep lagging, really annoying

-It is truly amazing I updated it and I laid I’m now not the 67yold virgin I used to be thanks to this app

-Until recently I didn’t know what this was about. Thank you for the update.

-Trump hacked the elections with this app. Just few days ago syrians took down russian su-25 aircraft by sending update of this app to the pilot. .

-These annoying ads are popping up on my Tablet for no reason and I’m getting a little annoyed. Please update

-I keep getting an error message, “unfortunately stock android has stopped”. And it includes an “ok” tab. This happens frequently & daily. How can it be fixed?

-After updating, this app unlocked additional cores on my phone and now I have more cores powering the phone. Also if you feel kind of lost this app can give you a purpose in life. Overall​, I can not live without this app.

-Mike x2 moto e’s running 6 and 5.1 Sony tablet S running 4.0.3 This app is actually a part of the phones operating system, it allows your phone to show web content. The reason it’s separated out of the system is so that it can be updated for security reasons because most phone makers don’t update the OS software often enough. It works for me, I’m not experiencing any problems with it.

-Makes my phone and tablet faster with every update,pretty hilarious since it’s making only the browser work smoothly

-Solved my erectile problem.. Like a beer can with a vein on it

-Not sure what to think. Well I always go back to they are watching me.

-The first thing I do know well

-The new update is ruining my phone please please fix.(2/2/2018)

-Very great app. Made my apple tree sprout tomatoes. Which is handy because my dog gave birth to kittens.

-Well , this app brought me 1,000,000$ just in one day.. So, i updated it again and this time i got 2,000,000$ .. so, again i decided to update this and again i got 3,000,000$ Now i am updating it again & again but PLAY STORE is allowing me to update this just once in a, LET’S See when i will SURPASS Bill Gates, just by updating an app…🤓🤓

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