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Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging & Voice
by Google LLC

App Category:-Auto & Vehicles

Android Auto is your smart driving companion. With a simplified interface, large buttons, and powerful voice actions, Android Auto is designed to make it easier to use apps from your phone while you’re on the road.
Just say “Ok Google” to…

• Route to your next destination using Google Maps with real-time GPS navigation and traffic alerts
• Make calls using Google Assistant and answer incoming calls with just a tap.
• Listen to your favorite media apps including Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, NPR One, Audible,, and Deezer. Many more music, radio, news, sports news, audiobook, and podcast apps are also supported.


Android Auto - Maps

Android Auto – Maps


• Send and receive messages with your Google Assistant using SMS, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, WeChat, Kik, Google Allo, and many more messaging apps.

Download Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging & Voice App :-


Download Android Auto – Maps, Media, Messaging App


User Reviews :-


Jack Horn
This is my favorite driving app. This beats the Apple car app hands down. Apple doesn’t allow the full spectrum of third party apps that android auto does. Google maps is the far superior navigation app for routing and rerouting that beats apple maps as well as my built in car navigator. I leave one star off due to the fact that I can’t seem to adjust the navigation settings to avoid toll roads. Other than that, this is da bomb.

John Africano
I love this software! In fact, I use it daily. Some aspects are a bit buggy at times, such as integration with Spotify on my 2017 Ford Fusion, and also the map key on my Fusion’s Ford SYNC software used to lead to Google Maps in Android Auto, but it now just causes the AA software to reload. Otherwise plenty of improvements have been made since my last review. I really enjoy using this!

M1KL 83
Really great when it’s working properly. The voice to text messaging is awesome..when it works. The ‘play’ specific music audio command is fantastic..when it works. Do you see a trend here :p As the minor blips get worked out I can honestly say Android Auto will be in my everyday use instead of the most of the time it is now.

Mike Lattin
Would rate this 5 stars if: 1) It was, at least for me, not so laggy… takes time for me to get into phone when at red light or in a fast food drive through restaurant or something and I wanna use something other than basics. 2) I could figure out how to access app settings if they even exist. and 3) Screen time out time wasn’t so fast. Other than that, I would say it does just as advertised.

Donald Meyer
So here is an update to my previous experience with this app. I use it everyday while driving. The issue with not connecting has improved a lot. I would now give this app 5 stars if it did everything via bluetooth, that it does when connected to usb. Old review – When it works, it’s wonderful. Every now and then when I stop for gas, or whatever, it will not reconnect. Not sure what the issue is. I’ve tried every way possible to get it running again. Shutting down the app, turning off the car, even uninstalling and reinstalling the app. On both phone and car. Next time I get in the car, it works fine.

Johny Pittappillil
Very useful app. I can use Google Map service in my car info entertainment screen. It’s big and easy to read, so we can get navigation correctly. It’s inbuilt maps have no updates, but Google maps updates every day, also have live traffic functions. Also have option to play music or open other phone apps in the car display.

Lia Michelle
Love this app. It gives you a great hands free environment to work with in the car. I would like the ability to message contacts within Facebook Messenger. Currently you can respond to those messages if they come through and you choose to reply but right now you can’t start a message to someone in messenger. It defaults to your texts. Overall it’s a great app and looks attractive on my dash.

Elizabeth Rudy
Overall, it has become more convenient for my every day travels. It is extremely useful instead by reading off of a smaller screen of my phone. Some things still need worked on. Maybe related to phone softwares or the software related to Chrysler. The screen will lag or not load the updated GPS. Just need to refresh the maps application on the touch screen. Other than a few minor tweaks, I will consider more Chryslers, Fords and any other vehicles that provide this when I rent my vehicles year round.

Nicolas Miller
Really great when it works… Has great potential. I use Waze quite frequently through Android Auto and it crashes daily. Which is super annoying when you are in the middle of a drive. There are times where I have to unplug and plug the cable back in so it will register my phone. Would be amazing if it was integrated with Sirius Radio and played videos from my phone. I do love that I can use Google Assistant through my car! Other than those few things… it’s great! 😝

lat Wilson
The best thing I have ever used to connect with my truck, car and Freightliner. I love it even if you have a older model car with Bluetooth you can use it. This is a true 5 star app. Great job Google the only issue is the GPS calibration it threw my route off in the car and had me using my Other phone to keep track. This can help Dave lives when connected. If you need to call in an emergency or are in an accident and can’t reach your phone just day ok Google and it can call for you. This is excellent.

Brandon Poe
Having Andoid Auto is better than not having it. The experience needs further refinement and better support for audio apps. Currently, if an app doesn’t directly target Android auto… there’s no way to manage it without picking up your phone. Even if the app, already has basic play and pause controls showing in the notification bsr.

Ian White
If I use the radio I have to restart Android auto. Spotify music plays. Google play for my music plays but no sound. Subaru outback 2018. Incredible that Google would put buggy software on their own pixel 2. They make billions and don’t test their software. Bluetooth does not work but Android auto takes control with no sound when you don’t cable connect. Even when you configure Android auto to not start I have to turn off Bluetooth if I don’t want to cable connect. Please Google listen and get together with manufacturers and test test test.

Boogiedown Brown
Dunno what everyone’s bitching about. The app works perfectly. I use Google Music so no integration problems there. Brilliantly clear display! Once I tried searching for a track (intuitively finding the queue button, whilst driving 🚘) and it cancelled the operation and cancelled the operation and told me to “focus on the road”. Genius and potentially life saving too.

Darrell Pinsent
Honestly until I was looking for a new car that could adapt this on the car infotainment screen I did not know this existed? I’m waiting for that car but in the interm I am using this on my older car through the bluetooth and I love it! Very useful, can’t wait to see what other apps will interface with it…like ordering takeout, checking movie times,etc.

Le’Var Franklin
Love the integration of all the necessary apps in 1. Makes directions, music, and communication much safer and more convenient to use while driving. Other apps have attempted this, but without this much success and ease of use. The only area of improvement at this point is the instability of spotify ay times. Just stops playing and you have to keep pressing play. Love the text reading and replying feature.

Benjamin Senecal
Great app for anyone who drives. A relatively recent update added support for using Android auto without linking it to a car. This mode is how I use it and it helps a lot. Now I can listen to text messages by just asking my phone to play them. I also like the driving specific navigation with big buttons/text and only the functionality you might need whole driving. I now use this app for e ery road trip I go on.

Graeme Moore
Great app. The functions and features are fantastic as you’d expect from a Google native app. Some handsets don’t do the auto pocket detection very well but that’s not a fault of Google and they give you the option to turn it off anyway. Haven’t used this with a connected car unfortunately but just for an app to use in a cradle with a good interface and Google assistant on call all the time, it’s excellent.

Ross Goodwin
I recently purchased a VW Jetta with an Android Auto connection. While the interface is snappy and maps work great the music apps sound absolutely terrible. Testing between standard Bluetooth and line in the audio in AA is weak and seems to have no headroom. Kick drums don’t thump and bass pushes weakly. I love the convenience of the app with maps and phone integration, but I will only be using it for trips I need navigation for until music sounds better. I have read several tips on the audio issue and I don’t have any EQ enabled. This feels like it is on the App side more than the hardware.

Nick Witte
Update: Latest update fixes the Google search response issue. You can again ask “what’s the weather?” for example and receive a proper response. Awesome work Google! Fantastic implementation. Works great with Note 8, it seems twice as responsive as with my S7 Edge. Waze integration is great. Google maps should add speed limit to the display. Additional suggestions: add local temperature to the top of every screen like the car normally displays, add compass option, Poweramp integration as music app choice, music visualization, song detection (Shazam etc.) Canned text responses would be nice, ie. “On my way home.” Overall the program is excellent. I also use it in my older truck which has no built-in screen on the phone interface.

RajulKomalParthSiya Patel
I used this application on a Hyundai Sonata with my nexus 6p phone on a recent trip to Hawaii. This application made driving around very easy and safer. Some applications that I needed to use with Bluetooth however did not work. I had to unplug the USB connection to the car and switch off android auto. But otherwise with waze, maps, music apps… It worked flawlessly. 20180701 update: used the app in a rental Chevrolet Equinox. By far the best experience with use of Maps and Google play music while driving. I had some difficulty getting waze to work. The overall improvement to the app is excellent.

Nigel Salaz
I really like the app. It’s pretty easy to use and it works well with google voice. It takes a little longer to load than I wish and stops music if I have it playing over bluetooth. Also having to have bluetooth on when its physically plugged in doesn’t make much sense to me. But I really like it. 2018 Chevrolet Colorado W/T Samsung Galaxy Note 8

chris hines
Great app for hands free phone calls and navigation. Don’t so much like that the TINY voice control button is on the right top corner which is hard to reach as a driver (ok Google only works if no music is playing) or the lack of app support or customizations. Think the blue screen is too bright would prefer more options to better fit my tastes.

Larry McCollough
I really like how it interfaces with the stereo, but really wish it didn’t limit you when your searching for stations on the apps like Pandora and Slacker. It is sometimes irritating that I can’t scroll all the way down to the channel that I want. Wish it wouldn’t show recent places that I have only searched and never navigated to and wish it would show weather and Temp at the top on the home screen all the time. Would have given 5 stars if those issues were fixed

Gonzo R.
One of the big reasons I waited an extra year to buy the car that I wanted and had been waiting for was just so it would have Android Auto. No regrets. Being able to stream music and podcasts from music services, use Google Assistant while I’m driving and navigate with Google Maps and/or Waze, and so much more, all done via voice and without needing to take your hands off the wheel or fumble with buttons, is fantastic. Not just for safety, but for convenience too. It’s pretty great. I’ll never own a car without it ever again.

Austin Flygare
App is super intuitive on my car’s display and really makes it easy to use my phone during driving while still focusing on the road and maintaining control of my vehicle. The only complaint I have is that the app categorizes telegram as a music program and Apple music is not supported at all through the app but I think that issue lies with Apple and not Google.

Rasika Dahanayake
This is app is very useful. I have a 2017 Civic and I use my phone’s Google maps for navigation through this app. Everything works fine except music. I cannot play music Android auto app using any music of the music apps. I tried Spotify, Pandora, amaozn, google and few other apps. Inwent to forums and found this is a issue among many people. Some say they could play music before updating the phones on to Android 7. This has veilen a issue for a while a now I’m surprised google hasn’t fixed this yet. Please fix this for us.

Jonathan Roberts
In general it is good, however a lot of improvements needed to receive 5 stars. Most important is have it connect without cables which is a nuisance. Another option that would be great would be to allow users to watch YouTube when engine is off. I understand whislt driving it’s dangerous but I spend half my life in traffic jams where it would be good. Aside from that many other minor details

Denise Cox
So much easier to use than the ways I used before which was open each app separately. I use navigation and listen to an audible book when I drive, especially longer drives. When I get phone calls it is easy to see who it is. The app auto connects to my car, and I don”t have to re-open everything when making stops. Now it’s all together in a easy to read font!Perfect!

Dave Blake
This app works great. Let’s me do the things I need to do while driving and not taking my attention off the road. Voice Text, Maps, and contacts just ask. All with quick shortcuts there on the screen one touch away or simply say “Okay Google”. Great driving experience.

Anthony Edwards
Great experience using Android auto. Plug your phone in while in “park”, and your off. My experience in a Ford fusion was a mixed bag. The microphone had trouble picking up commands. Maybe there’s a setting to let other people voices control the system, but my passenger had a terrible time trying to direct the application. Easy navigation, good integration with Google play music, easy to pick up phone calls. I recommend this one.

James Barger
Here in Georgia, we now have a hands-free law, meaning no devices while driving. So I have been looking for a hands free option… this is close but not there yet. We need: Better integration with Google Assistant (where you don’t have to press the mic icon to speak to it). Automatic replies, not where I have to look down for a button to reply back with a pre-planned message (automatic is automatic). Better text message reading capabilities, where it tells you who the message is from, then it asks you if you want to reply or ignore. Please give us an Android option that would make our lives easier and safer while on the roads.

John Good
I am using Android Auto with Sync3 on my new car, a 2018 Ford Focus ST. I generally love it and it’s one of the reasons I’m in the Android ecosystem. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use and I like the home screen that brings up messages and potential locations for Google Maps navigation, based on usual destinations and my calendar. It is not consistent with Waze however, but I am not sure that is Android Auto’s fault.

Jay Classen
App works amazing once it’s paired to the car. If your car has this use it! You driving experience will thank you! This is an amazing application! I am not sure if it my older phone being a problem or the electronics. If the car and phone don’t figure things out on the first try you have to restart the car. This is an issue since most new cars don’t turn of the radio system until you exit. So about 25% of the time I have restart the car and open the door to reset the car electronics. If this was not needed I would give this 5 stars.

Peter Chen
It’s pretty good app, didn’t know it existed until I rented a ride for my travels. Definitely made a difference and it easier. However, it wasn’t perfect because I had a few times where my phone failed to connect with the vehicle, not sure which end the problem lay. Apps control on the vehicle screen could be easier also, ie maps feels a bit cluncky when you compare usage between car and actual phone. ‘Okay Google’ sometimes no work.

Mr Roundtree
I Started using this app a little over a year ago while selling cars. I liked it from the start being in a Google fan. but it wasn’t perfect I wasn’t completely on board just yet. Fast forward today present day after a few updates and my job rented me a car worth the latest version and I’m in love with it.

Marlin Frisby
I have tried to use this app on my Galaxy S7 edge with Pioneer AVIC-7100NEX for 2 years now, off and on, hoping that in between installations there would be an update to fix the app from freezing while in use. I’ve given up hope of that happening with this phone. Hard to believe no progress in all that time! Maybe with my next Galaxy? I would love to be able to use it. Looks like it could be helpful.

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