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Amazon Seller
by Amazon Mobile LLC

Manage your Amazon business on the go with Amazon Seller! Analyze your sales, fulfill orders, find products to sell, manage offers and inventory, and quickly respond to customer questions. Capture and edit professional quality product photos and create listings right from your mobile device!


Amazon Seller android app logo

Amazon Seller android app logo




The Amazon Seller app helps you:

• Analyze your sales. Tap a bar in the sales chart to see a breakdown of sales by ASIN and tap a specific ASIN to review its sales trend.
• Fix critical issues. Quickly act on critical pricing opportunities, inventory alerts and growth opportunities from Amazon Selling Coach.
• Manage your inventory. Easily update your prices and available quantities.
• Manage your orders. Get notified when your product sells. View your pending orders and confirm shipments.
• Manage your returns. Authorize or close returns, issue refunds, and modify returns settings.
• View next payment balance. See how much and when you’ll be paid by Amazon.
• Respond to messages. Numbers that appear next to Communications inform you of how many customer messages await a response. Use customizable email templates to reply even faster to common customer inquiries.
• Capture and edit professional quality product photos using the Photo Studio.
• Create new offers to existing products and create new catalog products to sell on Amazon.
• Find new products to sell. Search with visual image match, text search or scanning bar codes. Check current prices, sales rank, competing offers, estimated profitability, and customer reviews.
• Share the app with your team and have more attention on your business. User permissions set on Seller Central also apply in the app.
• Have a question about selling on Amazon? Use the app to contact Seller Support.


• An Amazon Seller account


Download Amazon Seller App:-

Download Amazon Seller App ( 8.8 MB)


User Reviews :-


The app is fairly okay to work with. It’s the rest of Amazon that’s not good, like the fact I’ve not been able to reply to emails and change my account. If they communicate better things would work out better for new sellers. Better explanation of the site in layman’s terms would help!

-Overall, the app has minimal purpose. You can view orders, communications, and limited data charts. You can not edit ads *SO IMPORTANT*, or listings. You can not see pending orders details easily, and the design is not intuitive for sellers. I would rate this app 5 star, when they add more features. For now the app is good for having quick insights about your daily sales, and you will end up going to your computer for any actual work.

-Its perfect for what i want to do. It helps me add new products and make sales and fulfill my sales. Quick and straight to the point. All i need is to know how many sales ive made and how to fulfill them. I receive all notifications for my sales. It seems though FBA sales dont have notifications. Oh maybe its an update error on mine ?

-App is limited in functions and needlessly complicates the order review process. It’s as if Amazon looked at its competition and said “You know what we need to do?! Make everything just as complicated as other people do because our website is too easy to use.”

-I can scan my products’ barcodes with this app and lost them on Amazon. This app ONLY shows inventory that is actually active and available for selling. So if I need to see ALL of my inventory, edit it, or see what has reached the warehouse and what hasn’t yet, I have to use my laptop instead. But for the purpose of scanning and listing items, it is super convenient.

-For anyone not having enough cash while starting up thier business, this works great. Really, I like it better then all the other programs besides scoutify. But this ones FREE and ACCURATE.

-I wish it would let me know immediately if an item is restricted. I’m new at this and I’ve bought a few things that I didn’t realize I couldn’t sell on fba, and now have to mess with ebay to sell it. So now every product I have to check for price and sales rank and then initiate a Sell only to find out it’s restricted. If it’s restricted, that’s the first thing I need to know. Since this is the SELLERS app, there’s no reason to make this a backwards, rollercoaster of a process.

-Great app! Helps with a multitude of tasks and it’s easy to use. One change PLEASE . Would you change it so when I enter the price when listing a LARGE numbers only keyboard appears. It’s difficult to type in the price on a tiny keyboard. 🙂

-Amazon seller app not work properly… I have list my product from desktop and found price was not yet properly mention so I try to modify from app but it’s not submitted… If I have to do this from desktop then why you made this app?

-Admittedly, I’m new on it and am still discovering its capabilities. I can see a lot, but I feel more comfortable on the computer doing things like adding a product, running a report, or editing an item’s details.

-This is great to get started selling on Amazon. Use it to scan and lookup products to sell. Check for sales, I don’t know how I could sell without it. I use the pc to buy postage and print labels, but knowing you have a sale or not, on the go is a must have.

-Limited but worth downloding You can’t check your pc or laptop every now and then for the orders This app gives you all the info about the item to be shipped and also you can book easy ship. Even buyer questions can be answered through this app Very helful I don’t know why some sellers have gave negative feedback but for me it is the best.

-I think the new interface is much better. I really like the layout. I do wish that Amazon would change the App so it was easier to check and change my pricing of each item. The way it is set up now, I have the go into each item to check or change pricing. It would be much better if I could go down the list all at once like when I’m on the full site. I try to stay competitive on pricing, so I check and change them constantly. And if I’m competitive then so is Amazon.

-Honestly, just upset that going to the desktop website is far more informative and provides information on your account such as sales data that the phone app doesnt provide. Id rather go to the website on my phone. For listing things, however, this app works great..

-The app is great to keep track of our payments,but please tell me why!!!! Does it take soooo long!!! to receive the payment in our bank account!!!,it has been 5 days since the payment was released and still there is no payment done!!!,please make my payment quick😤😩😩

-Its good. But i dont know why every time it is saying call back service is not available at this time. When ever i tried. In working hours. It is happening for last 5-6 days

-As a seller, this app makes it soo much easier to list new inventory than using a PC but I still gotta use my PC to manage inventory cuz the App lacks a few features right now but it makes communicating with customers easy and most other seller related task

-Wish it would give reports so I can see the difference between how many I sold and the costs I incurred including PPC campaigns. I can’t check shipping either or fill out a shipping order. Only thing this is good for is a count sheet of how many were sold.

-Does anyone know how to get top widget back to show my sale of the day? For some reason, it is hidden somehow and I don’t know how to get it back.

-The app is Very helpful. The only feature I feel is lacking, is the payment tab. It isn’t very detailed; it only shows the amount and date of disbursement.

-Easy way to manage your account while on the go but nothing like the desktop or tablet versions. I see it as one of the many tools Amazon offers its Seller’s. There marketplace makes my products available to Millions. Constant improvements help stay on top of selling trends, inventory replenishments, and low price opportunities. Would like to see a way to add pictures to listings via mobile app for items not listed as new. I give this App ****!

-Amazing App. It allows me to manage my sales in real time. I wish I could see pricing rules and stats of sesions and visits ti my product too and it would be perfect !!!

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