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Amazon Music
by Amazon Mobile LLC

Amazon Music App

Amazon Music App


Amazon is changing the way you find and play the music you love.

Listen with Amazon Music Unlimited

• Choose from tens of millions of songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations, and personalized recommendations
• Take Alexa with you wherever you go – simply by using the push-to-talk function within the app to access Alexa’s voice controls. No searching or browsing required – just ask Alexa, wherever you are*
• Stream new releases from today’s most popular artists
• Download your favorite albums, songs, and playlists to your mobile device for offline listening

Listen with Prime Music*
• Exclusive Prime member pricing. Start your free 30-day trial
Enjoy a curated catalog of over two million songs with thousands of playlists and stations
• Ad-free and included with your Prime membership

My Music
• Listen to albums and songs you’ve purchased from Amazon – MP3 or AutoRip CDs/Vinyl. Your Amazon purchases are stored in the Amazon cloud*
• Play albums and songs already stored on your Android device. Download songs using your device’s storage or an SD card and seamlessly integrate them into your streaming library

Download Amazon Music app:-

Download Amazon Music App ( 28 MB)


User Reviews:

-A very good music app has arrived that gives a neck to neck fight with all of it’s competitors in terms of sound quality, songs database and above all ad-free unlimited downloads of songs with all prime benefits. All other apps need to pull up their socks to fight head on with Amazon Prime Music. 3 cheers to Amazon Prime Music. Hip hip hurray!!

-I am paying a subscription fee for music that shuts off every 2 minutes. Plus it will not work with Wi-fi. I am planning on canceling my subscription if this problem doesn’t get fixed. I could be giving my money to Pandora and still be commercial free. Come on Amazon fix the streaming error, or I am giving up on you.

-It’s an awesome app when you are a Amazon Prime member. It’s just so easy to find songs, and it has options to search songs in your device and play them with the online songs, the previous music apps I used didn’t have this feature. So I’m very pleased. But some songs are not in their collection, but you can download it and play them, so it ain’t a problem at all. I love this app!

-Great application and user interface but the album art doesn’t appear in the notification bar as well as on the lock screen, unlike other music players like Google play music. Need to improve on that front. It just can’t play music continuously, takes one second pause in the song even for downloaded songs. This is much worse if connected to Bluetooth speaker

-It needs more music. If I’m paying a monthly fee then it should be unlimited songs. As of right now the Beatles White Album is unavailable???? One of the most iconic albums. And 3 weeks ago DSOTM was the same way. Paying a fee should get you everything

-Great App BUT Please create a parental setting through Alexa. My daughter’s ages are 5&8 they ask Alexa for pop etc and all they ever seen to get are songs with the swearing in..can this be sorted ASAP it’s so annoying I’m thinking of going back to Spotify

-Would be a 5 star app if the music turn over didnt change so much. Downloading to a device just to have the music unavailable a week or two later seems to happen too often…

-I used to use this app a lot but now all the popular songs are in the unlimited section. I already pay for Prime, I am not paying for Unlimited as well. Thats just greedy. Time to find a different music app.

-Had to uninstall then reinstall to stop the pausing every 4 seconds. Works fine now. Can’t fault Amazon Music as I find 99% of my searches, and I search for some fairly unheard of old stuff too!

-Like everyone else, getting the bug where the music stops randomly, so now I can’t listen to music I’ve paid for. Can confirm the latest update has not fixed the problem (works for a few songs after updating then it’s back). Absolute shambles

-It is a really good app for prime users. The only bad thing is that the app doesn’t always run great like it should. If I pay money for something I should get quality in return specially from a company like Amazon.

-While using the remote button on the earphones to play next song it just stops the player. We have to press again to play. When we have any notification while playing music the song stops till the notification tone disappears unless like other app where the volume is minimised for a brief time but the music continues. The audio quality has been good as far as I believe.

-Does not work with speakers connected to Alexa. Playlist sharing between Alexa and the music app is not working properly – the app either crashes or does not display items added via Alexa. Custom playlist functionality is either completely broken or has weird UI that does not work – I find it very hard or impossible to add new items to custom playlists.

-Local songs even if deleted from the device, stays in Receltly Added list. And when any song from the deleted lot gets played, the app gets stopped. It should refresh the list and it should automatically delete the deleted songs from the Receltly Added list

-Excellent app with great UI. Very user friendly,best of all music app. Only negative thing is its poor regional/hindi content. If they improve that then it’ll outdone every music app. Kudos amazon for bringing this app to India. Thanks.

-Everything is fine but it doesn’t show the album icon in the notifications and it doesn’t use the lock screen to show the album art either. Update: Earlier gave it three stars but now only one because the application is not even starting. It’s crashing at the beginning.

-Song collection & quality is good. 👍 Alexa response is pretty fast and good. Please add feature in slider to forward on Finger TAP anywhere on slider bar, currently we need to hold the slider and drag. Finger Tap is easy for single hand mobile users like me.

-The Amazon Music app is an awesome app with an extensive collection of music. The quality of sound is awesome and the UI is pretty cool & intuitive. The best part is that there no ads in the app. I’m not sure if that is because of the fact that I’m a Prime customer. I haven’t used Alexa yet but so far from what I have used in the app, I’m impressed.

-The latest update is so gross. Bugs Bugs everywhere. Playback stutter, download button not working, etc. Just fix it Amazon. UPDATE- It’s better after the update. Hence 4 stars now.

-Loved it! They have the best playlists! Alexa knows what I wanna hear! But I’m holding a star back because the song stuck and when I tried to continue it, it instead started again from start… happened one too many times!

-You can’t even access all the music that you purchased through Amazon! They try to make you but their streaming service I order to listen to all music. You can access some music that you have not purchased if it has been made available. The streaming is usually good, but some albums refuse to play even though they are available. Blurryface by twenty one pilots for example.

-I like the interface- much better than wynk or other apps in the market- only glitch I have come across is that it doesn’t pause the song if I get a phone call- I had my earphones ON and I see my phone ringing but the music doesn’t pause or anything. Luckily I had the phone on vibration so I got to know. May be developers might want to consider fixing it

-Hot Damn ,just dropped Spot , bought unlimited. It has everythin Western/Rodeo I like. Can’t believe it. Full albums , heck of a lot ,hard to find tracks. Great Job Amazon , Great.

-I did a review on this in 2012 when it was forcibly installed on my phone at the time and, while I’m still irritated that companies do this, I found that Amazon Music was one I like to have around nowadays. Good app.

-Make an update to never be asked that you reached the 10 devices max that’s annoying get rid of that we should be Allowed to used the app as many times as we want without that message saying you’ve reached the maximum of 10 devices like I said it’s so annoying

-It has excellent GUI. I liked it very much. There are many songs to be added. Majorly please add Fanaa Hindi Movie songs. It’s my request and yes you people are doing amazing work. keep it up.

-App is very good. Music feels a little enhanced than other music apps. But I don’t like the search feature as I personally feels it lacks recognition of songs as well as movies, maybe library is not as huge as I was expecting. Please work on the search feature in your app and also Alexa I found is limited too.

-UI can be improved. I dont want to see Hindi songs at all that’s why I selected English when I first logged in but yet I see Hindi play lists. Not a good idea.

-Great when it works, bit I can download an album I own, only to have it stutter in playback. Checking back, it says the tracks are not downloaded despite previously having a tick to say they were. Very annoying when you are trying to play songs away from a Wi-Fi connection

-It is useful and in my opinion it is needed. Cds are going extinct and everything digital. Tears later there might be a breakthrough of many digital music apps but this is the one imma use

-Thanks to the most recent update, this app no longer plays songs properly. I called Amazon and was told (rather testily) that they were aware of the problem and were working to fix it. That was days ago. Still no fix. This is another example of fixing something that wasn’t broken until it is broken. UPDATE: Amazon fixed the problem. Changed my rating accordingly.

-Have used it for sometime now. Good collection of songs, but very less in number. Regional songs must be given good emphasis on. Classification is not good between old and new songs. Lots and lots of scope for improvement. Must improve.. . All the best.

-I love the app. Just wish that you did not need amazon prime, but how else will they make more money. But either than that Amazon music is awesome.

-Needs to improve a lot, bit complicated, gets pause at times after phone calls, sound quality needs to improve. Just getting started to know this aap.

-The March 7, 2018 update has the music pausing every few seconds. Severely annoying. UPDATE: It seem to be fixed now.

-It is kind of annoying that whenever you play a new song the music player interface pops up. Please fix these issues.

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