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Amazon Music
by mazon Mobile LLC

Amazon Music

We’re changing the way you find and play the music you love.

• Listen to 40 million songs with new releases from today’s most popular artists
• Explore curated playlists and stations, always ad-free and with unlimited skips
• Download music so you can listen anywhere, anytime
• Listen at no additional cost with a Prime membership or get more with Amazon Music Unlimited*


Amazon Music android app logo

Amazon Music android app logo


More ways to listen:

Amazon Music Unlimited

• Choose from 40 million songs, thousands of curated playlists and stations, and get personalised recommendations
• Stream new releases from today’s most popular artists from today’s most popular artists
• Download your favourite albums, songs, and playlists to your mobile device for offline listening. Your music is
available anywhere, anytime
• Exclusive Prime member pricing. Start your free trial*


Music Included with Prime Music*

• Enjoy a curated catalogue of over two million songs, thousands of playlists, and stations
• Always ad-free and included with your Prime membership


My Music

• Listen to music you’ve purchased from Amazon – MP3 or AutoRip CDs/Vinyl*. Your Amazon purchases are stored for
free in the Amazon cloud*
• Play music already stored on your Android device. Plus, download songs using your device’s storage or an SD card  you can mix with Amazon Music Unlimited, or Prime Music* songs to make your perfect playlist


Download Amazon Music App:-

Download Amazon Music App ( 28.6 MB)


User Reviews :-


The app needs a better filter to sort songs you download/add to your library. Also would like beter filter to hide duplicate songs mainly ones that appear on multiple albums ie. Singles, orig album, greatest hits ect along with blocking edited/radio versions. Otherwise you are buried with songs to sort through. Other than that selection is on par with pandora for most artists and even better for some. Like having access to kindle (comedy albums havent checked
anything else).


-The app is beautiful. Images are HD Cant find regional required songs. Telugu DJ movie songs. App should have lyrics section. While on handsfree double tap goes to next track but also pauses the music, you have to tap again to resume playing. Best part is just add any song to my music and alexa plays it immediately. You can listen and download  music if you are prime members


-The user interface is crammed. Algorithmic music recommendations seem at par with Apple music with only renowned artists from a particular genre or decade. The song collection is not for people coming over from Spotify, the catalogue is limited and latest music from certain mainstream international artists is not available. Music afficianados who are looking to dig through crate better stay away as the European content is unavailable. Comes to  choosing between Spotify, Apple and prime music I’d prefer in the same order.



-Still can’t use the app to switch playback to an Echo device. Why can’t I set the play queue directly from the app? Instead, I have to make a Playlist and then tell the Echo to play it (and hope it understands that I want MY Playlist with that name, and not some random public playlist that happens to have the same name). I just want to be able to long press an album and choose “Play on Echo” and it plays on the Echo or prompts for which one if there are more than one.


-It’s great that Amazon is treating prime members in such a good way. This additional benefit justifies that ₹999 a year. But Alexa integration could have been better. For some reason Alexa start acting crazy when I ask her to order stuff. So if that could be improved I am willing to give 5 stars.


-I’m even more in love with Amazon with this app. Loved the app overall. And especially the ‘stations’ feature. Just put it on acc to your taste in music and let the app play quality stuff 🙂 hope you’ll work on the interface though. it looks bit generic and not that chic. All the best and thank you!


-The variety of music available is quite substantial. The music is easy to find. I have yet to check out the music suggestions, so I am not going to comment on the curation service. What does need work is the music player ui and handling. I can’t swipe left/right to change tracks. In order to download, share or save the song to a playlist, I have to tap on the menu option on the top right. Petty nitpicking aside, it’s a cool app. It could not have come sooner.


-Good collection, adequate sound quality, but misses out on code optimization. My phone always warns me that this app consumes excess energy while in background as the music streams. Lyrics section is missing. It would be great if added soon and code is optimized for power consumption.


-The user interface is surprisingly good. Song download notifications sometimes incorrectly show that downloads have failed while the download is still in progress. Suggestion: It would be good to have an option to trigger Alexa from earphone buttons, which would make it even more simpler to search/play songs while the phone is inside the pocket.


-One of the worst music apps I used. No problem with the content available but music player is buggy. Some of the downloaded songs refuse to play when offline. The songs that play have a lot of jitters while playing offline. The onscreen widget is useless as it becomes dead after some time and does nothing other than occupying space on homescreen. Very pathetic experience.!


-It’s a wonderful app. I am stunned by the collection they have. I have found Santana, Metallica, Post modern juke box and Mozart, Beethoven under this app. Mind blown… Playlist are awesome and really good place find new music Thank you Amazon for bring this service in India


-I am a prime user from India, and I am unable to use prime music every time I sign in it keeps asking for billing details which I am more that happy to give but what do I do when there no option available for India in the country section. There is no other country option available besides that of US. Even the description here in the play store mentions the app is for US use only… I need a solution for this ASAP. Didn’t face any such difficulties at the launch of prime video. So please fix this problem


-The app itself now works extremely well. With that said, I had to endure 2 months of hell having to log in nearly every time I used it and there were multiple times that I had a steaming music lock out for 180 days, which took them days to fix. Customer service was polite but helpless and not empowered to get quick resolutions.


-The app as a music streaming service is great It has all the things i need (imo) and serves my music taste. The only problem for me is that the album art is not so clear and no notification album art and you cannot swipe to switch tracks on Android (possible on ios)


-Good app. But few things to point out. 1.cant add a song to Playlist. Says it’s already in playlist but it’s not. Might be a bug 2. It must have an option to select multiple songs and add them to Playlist rather than adding them individually (why most music streaming apps don’t have this simple function is a mystery to me.)


-Good collection of songs, although there are minor issues with the app. The songs stops playing all of a sudden and when you hit play again the volume increases if it was on a lower side and decreases if otherwise. Other than this the design is good and user friendly.


-It has a wide selection of music, but intermittently pauses and restarts songs for no reason. This is a big bug. Not like buffering which will pause a song to load and then start from the point it pauses, this restarts the song from the beginning


-Good app, but still buggy. For ex. If you go to the song “pallo latke” from the bollywood album shaadi me jaroor aana, it shows artist as Raees,which is incorrect information. Also the short player at notification bar needs more calibration. Next/back/pause buttons take only half the space and other half is blank.


-I love this app. I lose or change devices constantly so the fact that it keeps all my music saved away and easy to access is AWESOME. I love the selection i get from prime!! A lot of the songs also come with lyrics which is super!! Its easy to look for music and amazing for finding new music. Only fault i have is that theres a lot of stuff it doesnt have but it’s still a pretty broad selection which isn’t bad.


-Another robust app by Amazon with fresh and intuitive interactions. A couple of suggestions from my side: 1. Please add lyrics 2. The notification play/pause etc. controls are too crammed even on a 5.5 in screen


-Seems okay for its launch. But its way behind Spotify specially in terms of English songs available, this i believe will be overcome in time. Hopefully Amazon will also introduce features like saving artists to favourites and to restrict the app to only show music from the language of my preference. UI and widget needs lot of work to.


-It’s amazing to get ad-free music. Love the app, simple interface. Pros: there is an unexpected multiple pause while the song is playing. I have no network issues, Saavan works fine. It’s frustrating.


-I was so excited to see that there was an update for this app and I was hoping it was going to fix the issue with the music abruptly stopping constantly. Sadly I was mistaken… Amazon get it together and fix this app!


-Well designed app with very minor flaws! First, please use album art display on notification. This would enable the color effects on Android Oreo. Second, apply lockscreen wallpaper of album art while music is playing! Third, some animation flaws while swiping to open now playing. Nothing major, just minor visual tweaks would do the trick.


-Good collection of songs. Awesome quality. UI needs improvements. But biggest issues are: 1. Music stops when notification comes. Chatting with someone on WhatsApp kills the whole experience as music keeps pausing. 2. Clearing recent apps kills the app totaly. Please look into it.


-I’ve tried them all so far and I like Amazon and Google Play the best. Amazon is my go-to music stream. More selections, less clutter. Only thing I don’t like is it will freeze up. Update: Great service but can’t figure how to add a whole album to a playlist with adding each song individually.


-Indian version not supported I am a prime member on Amazon which entitles me for unlimited free music access. But the app is asking for login each time I open it. Also it is asking for card details. I have not been able to listen to even I single song yet


-First of all a big thumbs up for you guys, the app’s overall performance is amazing but when but the flaws are- 1) Songs are downloaded offline then the album’s art is not visible sometimes which is a big letdown. 2)We cannot delete the songs by selecting them collectively which is necessary when dealing with a huge playlist. Overall the performance and the interface of the application is good.


-It’s great app and content.. Kindly make more content for telugu. Also alexa compatability for regional language need to be more. On fire stick alexa search badly requires, how ever voice remote is not at all working.


-Guys , when you select a song there is always annoying popup that covers the entire screen showing the songs cover album. I think use r experience can be better without this.


-I love the collection of Indian classical music, but, there can be more details about albums and little more robust classification for easy filtering and search. I would still give them a 5 in the hope that it just gets better and better.


-I love prime music… but there is just one thing dragging this review down. After 2 to 3 hours there is a pop up that asks if you are still listening, and it shuts the music off. We listen to music all night… or used to then this started happening. Can’t find anywhere to turn it off either, so 2 stars until this interruption is eliminated.


-AMAZing… Love it. Every collection ia there. All albums, artists in one place. Amazing quality and no bugs so far. I as Prime is delighted. Only one request. Put an equalizer in-app and you kill all competition.


-Great App. However, there are still quite a few albums and artists that cannot be found in Amazon’s music library. I’m not sure if this is because the artist’s estate doesn’t allow it, but you’re missing quite a few Prince albums. Otherwise, I love it!


-Most of the songs on here are not that great. If you want the best songs it FORCES YOU TO UPGRADE to the UNLIMITED version. As s PRIME member I shouldn’t be forced into paying more for the music.


-Most of the songs on here are not that great. If you want the best songs it FORCES YOU TO UPGRADE to the UNLIMITED version. As s PRIME member I shouldn’t be forced into paying more for the music.


-The playlist curation is top notch. Interface is a bit dodgy, but it’s surely gonna improve over time, wo no complaints there. AND this just makes being a Prime customer even merrier. Amazon is absolutely killing it!

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