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by Can O’ Baked Beans Creations


Alt-C is an app that makes getting text between your PC and Smart Devices extremely easy.

Copy text from your PC to your Smart device’s clipboard, and Paste text from your device’s clipboard to your PC, instantly! All you need is the PC application, and the Android application on your device. No sign-in is required. (You do need to be signed in to your Google Account on your device since the application uses Google Cloud Messaging)

Configure Alt-C to open specific types of text in various applications. Open URLs in your Web Browser, Email addresses in your email app, GPS co-ordinates in your Maps app, Phone Numbers in the Dialer and Text in your favourite note taking application. Configure your Alt-C Auto Launch experience under Settings!
(ALL Text is parsed on the device itself)





1. Download this app and the Windows or MAC client app.
2. Run the Client app, and open the app on your device and complete the quick syncing process.
3. Start copying.

Copying to your Smart Device from your PC:

Highlight some text on your PC
Press the Copy Hotkey (Alt + C is the default)
The text will arrive on your device’s clipboard.

Pasting from your Smart Device to your PC

Select some text on your Smart Device and copy it
Press the Paste Hotkey on your PC (Alt + V is the default)
The text will arrive on your PC’s clipboard and be automatically pasted.

Alt-C doesn’t require your smart device and your PC to be on the same network, as long as both are connected to the internet – and you’re logged into your Google account on your device – you’re good to go.


Download Alt-C App :- 


Download Alt-C App


User Reviews :-


Tom Crilly
Been searching for a long time for a way to send a link for an article I’ve read on my PC in a text message. This fills the bill perfectly. Easy to set up and use. Tried various messaging apps that sync to PC, all have quirks. Tried Samsung SideSync, gets phone warm, eats battery. Alt-C works great!

Navid Rahbar
Its a perfect app for the idea but it blocks in Iran. It because of Google. many deceloper services of google blocked Iran. so we must use it with VPN which is so cruelty. Please transfer to another hosting server. I can’t use this app but i give 5-star because i love idea and support for this incredible team.

Jesse Mayo
I love this app so much. It’s syncable across devices, while also being super simplistic in design. It doesn’t require any premium accounts, has no intrusive advertisements, and does exactly what it should. Thank you for this app ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Linh Nguyen Ngoc
Work great. I think it would be better if – we auto sync clipboard rather than making a new hot key. – support PC to PC. – It’s not easy to understand how to use.

Parkinson Sniper
It’s great. I suggest to let us delete unwanted copied texts.

No Access
Well, it does half of what I want at least :\ Sending is all it does. getting it, copying it, is still a pain in the rear. Main issues: WHY can’t the text be launched by a browser? We often use apps like this for links. WHY does it need to be a tiny, microscopic button and 3 taps to do something wi…

Dewald Laurens
A very useful app that does exactly what it should: Simplify life. Copying stuff between devices should never have been more difficult than what this app provides. Setting up the software on a PC is very easy to do, too! Good work!

William Roberts
It used to work great, but now the PC app fails to load. No error, no window, it just runs the working symbol, then nothing.

Raptor Swire
I love it! This app is Android Must-have! This app does what it says and it IS very reliable! Works every time even when not on the wifi but just on mobile data! Dream come true app! Must have!

Don’t work in China.Can’t get the code.

Muhammad Jayadi Anwar
I think if this app can work offline (use same network) function option, thats great

Karthikeyan S
Awesome App. EAsy to use and has increased productivty . Must have for any Smart phone user. 5 Stars for this app

Zen ji
Why don’t you google how many people are still on XP? I bet Buffett is.

Hamza Itani
Latest update doesn’t install on Google Pixel

Mobile to pc text copy paste is not working.

Love it, but sometimes it just doesn’t sent the text over. 🙁

Richard Kizzee
Best app for moving text from computer to phone, period.

Randy Tasajaya
Finally a serious company working on this kind of service. Thank you.

App User
Perfection tocopy and paste between PC – Android.

Claudio Gomes
Great App! Just what I was looking for ^^

Armin Yekkalam
It doesnt work on any of my devices. such a shame! I installed this app on some of my devices, each one connected to different Internet provider, yet no luck getting initial code!

Not just a useful app – but incredible tech support! My copy kept crashing, I emailed the developer and got a response within hours. He was able to look at a crash log and push an update to the Google Store hours later, which fixed it. Where can you find such service these days…? (When contacting a developer, remember to give them all the information they need, be detailed but concise. Help them help you!)

wew lad
I have used this app ever since Pushbullet wanted to charge people for the copy and past feature (the only reason I used the app). It’s worked great through 3 different phones. My only gripe is that you can’t use Ctr + C and Ctr + P like you can in Pushbullet. However, I go back and forth with that. Sometimes I don’t want my pasteboard to always be synced but sometimes I do. That being said, I’m okay with the app the way it is now. It’s extremely reliable and barely uses any resources on PC or on mobile. Keep up the good work!

Bejhan Jetha
I tried numerous “copy/paste with PC” apps and this is the only one that worked for me. The others either didn’t work at all or required my PC and phone to be on the same network. Great app!

Christopher Patrick
I really want to give this a higher score. The first day it ran perfectly. When I used it the following day it would only make one paste at a time. I’d have to exit the computer app and restart it everytime I wanted to make an additional paste. I’m using the most up-to-date versions on both my phone and computer.

Elinor Benchimol
Works great! (HTC One M8 + Windows 10 PC) Only problem: Alt-V only works with the right Alt button (left one doesn’t work) Suggestion – add an option to turn the clipboards sync off/on (to reduce battery usage)

Krzysztof Nowik
Windows client international keyboard support Thank You for great app. I have one problem with your Windows client. When I select text and press Alt+c text is copied but also replaced by “ć” – polish diacritics normally accessed just under special Alt Gr+c. It’s look like you map both alt keys? Can you help me in here? Other key combination is not an option for me…

Momcilo Prodanovic
Nope, still doesn’t work It works if I copy something from phone to PC, but it doesn’t work if I try to copy something from PC to phone. Whatever I select to be copied, it just copies the last thing I pasted on PC, and not even the whole text, but a small part of it. I have net 4.5.2 on my Windows 7 PC and Android 4.4.4 on my phone.

Dave Wikoff
Should be able to assign the key to Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V like normal copy/paste. It should be seemless. Option to turn off notification so you don’t need to think about it. Waiting on Mac app as well.

Viral Shah
Idea is good, but its not working most of the time. The PC app shows “Text copied to mobile” – so no issue with hotkey. But the text doesn’t appear on the mobile. So far has worked only 2 out of 10 times for me.

Suraj S Koneri
Sooper App I always browse on my laptop related to my mobile applications, tricks and tips. Whenever i feel something interesting to try on my mobile, i need to type that particular URL to download on mobile. I wanted to develop something kind of this, now FOUND one !! Thanks to the developer team 🙂

Ankit Mehrotra
Very good app. This is what I needed . It saves my time that used to go waste while connecting the data cable

Auhsoj Nayr Oktrab
Fantasmic! PushBullet has a feature similar to this that I’ve been using sometime now. The only problem is that it doesn’t always seem to work. I think it must have something to do with restrictions that this app doesn’t seem to have. Also the fact that this app has a history of that which you copy/paste is a major plus! 👍

Daniel Shinkle
Great little tool Had to change the default hotkeys to get it to work. It works quickly and easily. I had been trying to develop a simple way to accomplish this. That is far simpler than what I had in mind

Zak Brindle
OnePlus One – No Internet No internet connection on my oneplus on Alt C app as soon as the app startts edit: I am signed into my google account to download the app and to review the app so internet seems to be working too. I will send you an email now. Thank you for the fast reply. +* for fast response 🙂 Hope to resolve the issue soon

Obélix Le Québécois
Doesn’t work, security problem Not only does it work but was recognized as a virus on my PC and requested my identity on my tablet. I have uninstalled from all computers and would not recommend using at all, also seems to require an Internet connection in order to copy text which means any text you copy could be intercepted by a third party. I’ll keep using Bluetooth to transfer files and clipboard content from tablet to computer.

Randolph Novino
sweet! at first I thought it was not working my wifi just got bugged so needed to reboot works fine 🙂 awesome app hopefully the windows app will update since the window is so small that Its hard to check what has been copy on the phone going to pc im using the omnisearch to copy the text LOL! since it has better windows UI

Altaf Sunesara
Just what was needed Awesome app.. It’s easy to get links via messaging apps and open them in browser on a pc…. Love it.

Divesh S
Alt-c Awesome app, been using it since all the good reviews. Seamless transfers between my devices.

Manoj K Mathew
Great and Amazing. Hey team. Awesome simple apps which I have ever used before. Thanks for your effort.

Stephen Gilligan
Nice, I can stop using Google keep for copy/pasting

Raiyaan Mahmood
Not registering This app will make my life a whole lot easier but the problem is its not registering on my PC after I input the code.

Zoltán Szücs
Didn’t work Unfortunatelly the app didn’t work on my Galaxy S4. When I tried to copy text to my PC the Windows app told there was a timeout and it was unsuccesful. My phone was definitely connected to the Internet so connection was not to blame for the issue.

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