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Alibaba com – Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace
by Alibaba Mobile

App Category:- Shopping

The app is a leading wholesale mobile marketplace for global trade. Buy products from suppliers around the world, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Buy & Pay with confidence
Alibaba Trade Assurance fully covers your purchases when suppliers do not meet the product quality and delivery schedule specified in the agreed contract.

Customized products
Suppliers have years of experience in customizing products, fulfilling the demands from sellers on Amazon, eBay, wish, etsy, mercari, lazada.

Easy sourcing
Browse millions of products from industry-wide categories. Post Request for Quotations (RFQs) and receive price quotes quickly.

Fast shipping
Alibaba partners with major freight forwarders to provide sea, air & land shipping solutions with on time delivery , tracking information and fair pricing.


Alibaba com - Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace

Alibaba com – Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace


Popular Categories covers a wide range of popular categories including hot and trending consumer products, also features industrial and raw materials categories

Product quality under control
Chose’s Inspection Service, making sure orders meet the quality standards specified in your contract.

Discount & Promotions
Pick the best deals from factories offering discounts and promotions.

Stay in the loop
Buyers on the app can follow their favorite suppliers to stay up to date on new products and promotions.

Languages supported supports 16 popular languages and 140 more local currencies.
Now you can use Alibaba Real-time Translator to communicate with sellers In mother tongue.

Download Alibaba com – Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace App :-


Download Alibaba com – Leading online B2B Trade Marketplace App


User Reviews :-

John Marty Fogle
I love this app! The prices on raw parts beat out any other vendor (including amazon) and the technical details are incredible. It is unfortunate that it does not provide buyer reviews however. Third party accountability on the details and manufacturer claims is very important!

Paul Hill
Loads of pushy sales people who beat around the bush with prices then offer you retail prices anyway. Lot’s of poor and short communicate that does not answer your questions or identify your needs. Suspect Chinese call centres lookin for large orders. Most of them try to get you away from the App and on to Skype.. Save your time until AliBaba can get it’s sellers under control…

App User
Manufacturers/Traders in this platform are soo annoying. The prices that they display for their products are good but once you contact them for placing orders then the prices absurdly go up! Sometimes even a hike of +100%. This behavior makes alibaba less reliable.

Dick Helander
I think this app, is one, and is also one off the main reasons way the Chinese market can be accessed by the world in general. It the simplest, fastes, and secure, place to buy, I have used this app for 10years, I have bought, maskin equipment engins, generators, sitting in my chairs, or in a cafe/restaurant. All app can be improved, but as this far. This app has helped me in particular, a lot.

Nardzkie The Great
The app is not very user friendly because I’ve got a hard time on how to make an order and when you contact the main company of the item I haven’t received any response at all. So I suggest maybe they could upgrade their costumer assistance.

App User
Products are relatively cheap but you get what you pay for. United States and Canada are filled with stores where owners import various products from China to make few bucks, some using this very app. At the end of the day all products are absolute junk, not worth it and flooding g our countries with cheap junk, this is a pathway to junk app.

Abdulazeez Abdul Ganiy
I have been looking for this app for a very long time ago, Thanks to God that i find it now. But i almost forgot how to used this app and i wouldn’t mind if someone can help me out thanks.

Saul Murillo
The app is okay. Website is definitely better. However, there’s a big necessity for sending ai files. Alibaba does not yet allow the sending of ai files through their messaging system. It would definitely help many if this could be possible.

App User
Love this app! It allows you to use filters to narrow down your search… Sometimes it can be overwhelming without them period. So that helps a lot

Dajinder chane
I love products… but I am not a business women as I am mum of a princess, unfortunately I cannot buy anything for my new born daughter…. and most sad thing that I can’t find them in local market but still I am giving 5 star for range and uniqueness

craig mcphilimey
I find that some product providers can be deliberately misleading and I think that Alibaba should ha e a more stringent way to police this, with harsher penalties for things like false price advertising or not offering items as displayed but similar. I ja e been using Alibaba for 8 years, before I knew about an app, and have had only a few experiences with bad providers and fewer with bad products, but recently a friend of mine has been scared away from Alibaba due to this…. other than that I like the app and if used correctly can make a great tool for cutting out the middle man

Alibaba app is very helpful, the only bad part is there’s no direct way of purchase! I five star the app though, 😘

Yash Khalsa
Well, I just have one complain, when I inquired about buying a kid ATV, the price displayed was around 90 to 100 USD and when I contacted them, it was 330 USD. This is not fair business practice. I would not refer alibaba to any of my friends or relative ever. This makes so unreliable doing business with alibaba.

Robson Siankombo
It’s a great app if only you could support search by images as well on the app, I would give it 5 stars.

Cool Mind
Chat getting reconnection again and again even with high speed internet. Getting error “your account is abnormal, log in again”

Ahmed Al Attar
Really nice app and user-friendly. I like that it automated message for you when you contact the supplier. It’s the little things….

Stevie K
All good . Good response . Good co-operation. Parcel was STOPPED AT CUSTOMS but was good too just needed more info .from start to finish was stress free ..thanks to all involved you’ve made a very satisfied customer .looking at buying much more this way THANKYOU ALL

kirk bennett
I have not used the app to it’s full potential because I just downloaded it,but so far it’s been informative and ease of use is fluent. Quick access to inquiries to different manufacturers. Great app so far!

Abubakar Dar
Reviews of items are not shown which were visible before the update and it’s really really annoying

Twariq Ramjanally
It’s misleading as supplier put the wrong amount of minimum order but when asked they say no the order should be another amount. And the prices of postage is false and too high.

Hardik Chandarana
This app helps us to fine the buyers and sellers. But we will not get proper authentication for sellers and buyers.

Adil Shahzad Khan
This is the best Trading site i ever seen.Lotsof products with lots of verity.Only one thing that bothers that is price relevant issue.prices should be updated regularly.

Armando Amor
Haven’t ordered anything yet. But I will , to see how it works. And see if I understand the pricing.

Qasim Mustafa Ali
It’s one of 2 things. 1) price listed are an misleading to waste your time. 2) Things sometimes are even more expensive than eBay after talking to the idiot representative who also give stupid reasons of why the prices are like that. Doesn’t make any since to me at all. People are dishonest in Alibaba

App User
So far I hat this app I can’t get no one will work with me I don’t know what the problem i want to buy a thing because now one will answer me

App User
Quite a nice app, easy to use and also the user interface is simple but elegant

Kimberly Holden
I dont like on line apps that ask for review before I use or buy anything fro them, I mean, I just down loaded it and its asking for review. Why?

App User
Failing to login its saying my account is abnormal

Vanessa Deniece
You need to put in pmace a way to delete some unnecessary orders. Having closed or cancelled orders on my list of orders sucks

Bri Mallat
Haven’t used it much yet… not much to say. I haven’t ordered anything. I just look at some stuff sometimes so far. I will update this later.

Olushina Alabi
Can say much right now ’cause I am new using the platform.

Bhaskarjyoti Laskar
Really good for all of us specialy business development and many more.

Pardeep Dewan
Best products. Give approximate total duties up to home delivery.

Mohammed Abdulmogny
There is problem with the app it says I need to sign in every minute all this is after the last update

Norman Odeh
One of the best app I’ve used recently. You’ll never regret downloading and using this app. Totally worth my time! A BIG thank you to the team that developed this app.

Noor M Yus
Most prices are low here than even in their sub app Aliexpress. But I bounce here & there for checking on both prices & items to get good deals.

Penwell Mhlanga
An excellent application to have if you are interested in good products at cheap prices And also very easy to read layout of everything you need

App User
You should include available sizes on every product, otherwise it’s a nice App

swetah nametah
the app is good..but am not getting to use image search on mobile app whereas on laptop i can look for products with image search..can this be fix plz?

Al Boogy
Yet to place my first order but so far the search and interactions with vendors has been a very decent experience.

Omar Nurhusien
App needs modern techs of saving conversation video compatible and easy layout or typing and organizing messages from people of similar tropics

praveen kumar
Very good app, Recently purchased 3040 cnc from Jessie long, really she guided me in all way, she provided a good service

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