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Akbar-Birbal Tales
by Studios

Birbal was an advisor in the court of Akbar and is very popular for his sharp intellect and sense of humour. The stories of Birbal are very popular among kids and adults alike and forms an indespensible part in Indian folk lore. The tales include:


Akbar-Birbal Tales android app

Akbar-Birbal Tales android app


1. Introduction.
2. Akbar’s Meeting with Birbal.
3. Birbal’s meeting with Akbar.
4. Question for a Question.
5. Who is the Donkey.
6. Why is the Camels neck crooked.
7. Birbals visit to Heaven.
8. Birbal caught the Thief.
9. I am your servant, Huzoor.
10. How many crows in the kingdom.
11. Akbars Advisor.
12. Flowers for Akbar.
13. Birbals Sweet Reply.
14. Birbal identifies the Guest.
15. A little lesser and a little more.
16. Birbals Beautiful Explanation.
17- Mullaa’s Flattening Answer.
18- Mullaa uses his head.
19- The noblest begger.
20- Fast Horse.
21- Milk for the Mulla.
22- The loyal Gardener.
23- Half Sun, Half Shade.
24- The Donkey’s Relatives.
25- Red Hot Test.
26- Four Fools.

All are very interesting and very short stories ………….. one can share these stories to other and make them laugh or fool them by asking questions.


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User Reviews :-


Stories r good if not new. Also need editing as some spelling mistakes n grammatical error r there

-Some stories are good and some are really bad… But enjoyed reading akbar birbal stories on mobile

-Love to Read book like Akbar and Biral by reading this Book WE will Go to our childhood höw WE send time by read this Book

-More pictures with a little more stories will improve the app a lot… I love reading the stories so keep updating new 1ce soon…

-It is amazing for kids and it has many thoughts.I read a story daily It is amazing ☺👍. Some stories were funny . I WISH YOU WILL DOWNLOAD IT .

-VERY GOOD COLLECTION Good collection of stories which we use to saw in television during our childhood in 90’S.It reminds of our old days

-Loved it It’s so nice good and beautiful so just say it is wonderful awesome

-Less content The content is very less and the narration is not catchy but still a decent collection

-Leaves smile on my face everytime whenever I read a story .

-Very Good I really loved the way the app is made, easily understood and good narration….

-Good stories but little little spelling mistakes

-Good stories but little little spelling mistakes

-This game is fabulous But I was bore sometimes but enjoyed many n many stories

-Loved to read these stories right from childhood….these are now in my mobile as an app…. just amazing

-Its very nice exellelent. I loved reading it. It is very useful for us

-Great book to read.It would be fantastic if audio were available

-Loved it Awesome stories… thanks guys for this beautiful app.

Stories are explained in simple language understandable by children.

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