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AirDroid: Remote access & File

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★★★Featured on Google Play in 30+ countries.★★★
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Delight Your Multi-Screen Life
AirDroid allows you to access and manage your Android phone or tablet from Windows, Mac or the Web, wirelessly, for free.

Better focused
Calls, SMS, and the app notifications you allowed, mirrored to the large computer screen you are focused on.


AirDroid Remote access & File

AirDroid Remote access & File


Better equipped
Type with full physical keyboard and control with a mouse. Transfer things faster without looking for a cable. Better equipments, better life.

Better connected
Control your Android from computer and use any apps on computer, like WhatsApp, WeChat, and Line. (root NOT required.)

Other major features:
1. Notification Mirror
Mirror phone notifications from any allowed apps to your computer. Reply to mobile messages (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Kik) from desktop clients.(Desktop client only)
2. Backup & Sync
Backup photos and videos from phone to computer.(Desktop client only)
Share clipboard between phone and computer.
3. SMS & Contacts management
Send and receive SMS, and manage phone contacts from the desktop.
4. AirIME
Use your desktop keyboard to type on your phone.(Desktop client only)
5. Record screenshot
Record phone screenshot with one click, no root required. (Android 5.0+)
6. Speed boost
Clean memory and boost phone speed.
7. Other phone management features (Web client only)
Find phone: locate your phone when it’s lost.
Remote camera: See through the lens of both front and back cameras.
Apps & Media: manage photos, ringtones and videos, upload, install and export apks.


Download AirDroid: Remote access & File App :-


Download AirDroid: Remote access & File App


User Reviews :-

It may just be my phone but the respond time with clicking is a bit late. The screen to click it (The “Got It”) is small. Other than that recording the screen is great. It does send notifications to my computer. Great for if you’re doing school work and get an emergency text.

Amit Rane
The app is great. Just facing an issue since I changed my phone. Airdroid continously sends local notification when connected via desktop. It doesn’t stop until I close the app completely from home screen. Resolve the issue please

Ruthra Prasath
I have doubht.. Whether this app works if the main source laptop is in Europe and a connected mobile in India…??… And I experience a trouble which is everytime I need to get in to the app to be connected within laptop and the sometime the connection gets disabled…

Nita Younger
[2nd update] Using version 4 on Note 8 bc nothing else works. Can no longer use phone to transfer – BUT! transfers initiated from PC is tediously doable. Not capable of creating a “Trusted Device” so transfer location has to be selected each and every time. And I guess it matters using upper/lowercase letters as I now have 2 phones according to the app one is lowercase and one uppercase… only uppercase works. Go figure. Whole bunch of photos from the lowercase device show a checkmark in a cloud. I don’t have any [Update] Antivirus blocked the Air Droid app. “secapk.F(variant)” very upset. [Original] This is really good at transferring files & photos from my Note4. Lightning fast. Easy-to-use. Very good.

App User
I thought this app worked great! That is, until I looked at the files on my computer and found a LOT were missing. I was using the app to back up my files from my old phone when switching phones. Not a single photo from my camera was backed up, nor were most of my sound files. Just select ones. So the app proved to be useless. My phone no longer connects to USB cable, so AirDroid was my only solution.

Aniello Casale
This is such a great app thingy that transfers all my files wirelessly. I like it. The only problem I have is that it takes up way too much RAM, causing my device to slow down a lot. It takes up more memory than even my homescreen launcher and operating system. I have an LG G4 and it’s the only device to have this problem. I also have a Nexus 7 (2013) with this app installed and it doesn’t have this memory problem, which means that it must be some kind of bug. I hope you can find a way to fix this. Other than that, the actual app itself is really useful.

Nicolette Wagner
Nice to see THUMBS, so I KNOW what I’m copying (unlike with the data cable)… But HOW are you supposed to find your phone if its stolen, when the phone HAS to have AirDroid running to search for it (and even then it just sits there loading until I give up), and AirDroid doesn’t even have an option to boot with your phone, OR keep it persistent? I tried by IP address, AND logging in, but without it running on the device, its useless (Push Service and Find Phone are both TURNED ON). I can’t buy it either…

Ayame Passe
What can I do to update my sms? Fresh install of this app on my phone and computer, but my most recent sms messages are very old and I can’t figure out how to get it to update… I tried the refresh icon in the PC app, but it still displays only outdated messages and none from today. EDIT: I just noticed its missing a lot more than I thought. Not only is it showing none of my messages from today, but it only shows one from yesterday (in the conversation I’m paying the most attention to ATM), and then the most recent message before that is from the 13th. That’s VASTLY outdated! How do I correct this?? If I can’t why have access to SMS at all??

App User
Constantly tries to phone home in the background even after a reboot when it hasn’t even run yet. Very annoying and wasteful. Otherwise I’d give it 5 stars. Blocked access except to LAN via iptables.

yuva gopal
Pros: working fine in my Moto g5 plus Cons: 1. not working screenshot in Samsung Galaxy nxt when app is pause state 2. Screenshot bit slow when continuously using

App User
Was amazing for a long time. Could just open the app and then browse straight to a URL to connect. Now can’t figure out how to connect at all without creating an account

André Koch
Nice interface and great features. But I found that the application is not accurate in determining if both devices are on the same network. I want to only be able to use this application in LITE mode (local network connection), but it is defaulting to remote connection even though my laptop and mobile are both on the same WiFi network. Also I wish there is a feature that limits the application to only work in LITE mode. Meaning sync will stop if one of the devices will change networks. Don’t get me wrong, if the incorrect network mode issue is fixed this app deserves 5 stars. Also, a few features this app lacks are below: 1) Need to be able to open the browser window of AirDroid via shortcut inside the desktop app and also from right-clicking the desktop tray icon. 2) Need to be able to reply to notifications not just from the pop up but also from the notification list inside the windows app. 3) Need a chrome browser extension to push links to the phone easily; or at least an area where we can push links directly from the windows app instead of having to open the browser window. 4) Need a connect via Bluetooth feature ensuring device to device security.

shiv kumar
App works fine .i did not get any problems till 200mb free use. I want to use ur premium version,but the problem is I CAN’T PAY. I tried PAYPAL AND GOOGLE PAY…….CAN U GUYS DEVELOP BEST EASY PAYMENT OPTION.I SHALL GIVE YOU 5 STAR.

ashok acharya
Great app for sending my files to my computer. But I cannot seem to delete the files on my computer, as easily as I would like to, after accessing them…

Oversoul Gaming
I did enjoy this app at first back when it was completely free but now they want you to pay $2 a month for the ability to do the things that you could do for free before. I was just using this as an easy way to copy videos from my phone to my computer but if you’re going to charge me for it I can just plug my phone’s cable into the computer and do it that way

joe lach
I use this app every day. I push photos from my computer to my cellphone to send the photo out via messages. I push photos from my phone to my computer to use desktop photoshop. I copy highlighted book notes and send them from my tablet to my desktop. This app works perfectly for my uses.

Mike Fonseca
As I use this app with my computer at home, I can’t understand the need for this app to have used almost 1GB of mobile data in the background last month. I only ever use it while on WiFi at home and never while I’m out.

Luis Carvalho
Great app for device management and content transfer between devices. I use my phone a lot for work and without the app its a pain to transfer content between android and windows. And being able to manage my phone from my pc its a big time saver

Nice app and please add some extra function in this app. These are Surrounding Sound Recorder, Apps on or off, Sreen on or off and Take Picture or vedio silently.Thats all and Thanks a lot Dear App Developer.

Barry Becker
The only thing that could make this any better is if it had MMS support to share and receive photos on PC.

Mohammed Rukshan
Thanks but i have small help . i need how to created this app link if you can tell me. i need this not installed to send to link formed

Nick Paonessa
Great app coupled with the desktop app. They updated frequantly adding more useful features on a regular basis. I can’t live without it.

Al Rakie Al Rakie
The app is very good but done features are not working on my Samsung s6 edge like screen mirroring.

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