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Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock
by DoMobile Lab

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AppLock provides app protection. Hide private images and videos. Prevent people snooping secrets in Snapchat, Instagram,, hike messenger and Pinterest etc. What if someone uninstalls AppLock to break the locks? It will not happen after you enable Advanced Protection. Advanced Protection prevents force stopping or removing AppLock. With AppLock and Advanced Protection combination, your privacy can be totally safe. 

Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock

Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock


Advanced Protection uses the Device Administrator permission.

To enable Advanced Protection, please activate Advanced Protection as “device administrator”. It’s only used for preventing intruders uninstalling AppLock. Please be assured that Advanced Protection will never use this permission to access your privacy data.


Download Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock App  :-


Download Advanced Protection ☞ AppLock App (83 KB)


User Reviews :-

Bhanu Koli
I have great experience wid this app… I m so much happy when i use this app for hide my personal photos N video collection….and best thing is this app also provide one much N more valuable service is all apps can lock including incoming calls……its very useful for me… Tnx alot

gopesh singh
I downloaded this because simple app lock was not working on my one plus 6 phone. The issue is that app lock does not lock the selected app automatically. I have to open the AppLock to lock the apps. Once I unlock any app, that does not lock again..then I have to again open AppLock to lock the apps. I have followed up 4-5 times with your support team. But the issue is still to be fixed. Hope, this time will get a right response to fix it.

Shyamsunder Das
I have downloaded this application into my phone a one year before but due to some software problem my last phone has been damage. But when again I use to download this application in to my new phone it not able to download. It is showing this application is a device administrator please must deactivate uninstalling .so kindly Tell the solution to download this application and get back my privous data.

Marie Morgan
This use to be pretty much a no ad program. Now everytime I open something I get an ad on the unlock screen and after I close the app. Very annoying from a very longet timee user. Its a shame I have not tried to uninstall it yet. But plan to since I have Norton that I purchased that can do the same thing

Ben Rosenfeld
If you want to bypass app lock protection, simply restart a phone. It can take up to minutes before this app loads and provides locking protection. Therefore, if you can unlock a phone, you can effectively totally bypass this app. I point this out not to encourage that, but to let people know what security this app does and does not actually provide.

Destiny and aliyonnah adventure
This app has way to many adds, also I have been trying to uninstall it and it won’t let me!! Please tell me how to get this off my phone. It’s says it needs to be deactivated as it’s the device administrator but yet it does not let me. Please get back to me on how to remove this app and also maybe update your app for better use in the future.

This app is one of the best. I’ve been using this app for many years without any issue , but It doesn’t work recently, I don’t know what can I do now. I do not want re-install it, because I have hidden a lot of photos, Who can guide me?

kanika Mahajan
Earlier advanced protection was working fine and after activating it,previously i was not able to uninstall applock from settings;it was possible only by logging into the applock. But ,now advanced protection has become “useless”, as now i can easily unistall applock from settings. And previously unistall option was disabled for applock in settings,but now it is visible and enabled.

kombat guy
Please tell how to enable uninstalling The locked app. If no way is there make a way to prevent locked apps from getting uninstalled which u can best.

Abhisekh Das
I have lost some pictures like it’s doing auto Delete! & I have sent a mail to you guys but no reply yet ! Very pathetic

Shailesh M Yadav
Useless. Just on one click it uninstalled. Then how you told app lick protection will not allowed to remove it. Even no warning given by app.

Abdull Shaheed Jawfer
What the hell I installed the advanced feature and i hid it. I could not get my app back or uninstall this dirty app I need an answer

After 5 to 10 min. Not secure incomming call lock, during incomming call automatically unlocks & other apps is locking. We have also on advance protection & battery savings mode. MI4 MIUI9 ANDROID 7.1

Cupids Arrow
Even after installing advanced protection, I was able to uninstall the app from settings without having to use the saved password. This breaks the whole point of having this app installed and all locked apps become accessible to all. The only other option is to lock the settings, but then basic functions like switching over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. cannot be accessed without unlocking settings.

Purnima Agrawal
This app is working…!!! Finally got a good working app lock… I had downloaded a lots of app locks but none of them were working but this one is…!! But the problem is that I hided this and i can’t unhide it… please help me to figure this out…

rockndave 02
It was great at 1st but then it started stalling and malfunctioning. The fingerprint did not work to unlock apps. Like it crashed or something. Everything else was good. I’ll try a different one.

Saddam Husain
This is unusable app. Worst app this is. Any body can easily deactivate and uninstall this app even i have activated device administrator of this app. But when i checked this app by uninstalling, this app was uninstalled easily it didn’t asked lock to deactivate or remove app. My Android is Oreo 8.0.0

Adam Ludwig
All one has to do is open any “locked” app, reduce it with the home button without entering the applock password then bring it back up from the drawer and no password required, go right into everything that is “protected” In fairness when I discovered this issue this morning I installed Norton file lock and had the same issue. Oh well, back to locking my screen in Android. H10 up to date Android. And advanced Applock features installed.

Joseph P. Okiwelu
This is a “must-have” application for every Android user. The best seen so far. No matter how many times I have changed or bought a new phone, i always reinstall this app prior to any other app. I’d love to give a five star though there are two pros. Firstly, after a while, when my phone is idle or not the app seems to stop working. In the sense that an app which was meant to be locked is automatically unlocked without my doing so and becomes very accessible without passwords/patterns. In fact app lock seizes to function at all, I would have to try opening and closing the app of which when I try to, using my dialer or browser, its either an unknown number or website respectively. I had to create a short cut on my phone’s home screen which is no privacy at all. Despite this, app lock still does not function at irregular periods. Secondly every time the pictures I hide, still reappear in my gallery after a short while, probably when I switch on my phone after its battery dies and I charge full or after a day/two, those photos I thought I hid are back where they don’t belong. My gallery. That’s -2 stars already. Kindly work on this issues and I will grant you that 5 star a million times.

anamika sahota
This app is totally wastage of time and our important data . I stored my important pics in it but it always don’t show my pics to me after sometime. I ht this app it lost my all memories with my feyonce.i used it 2nd time now it did the same thing right nw as usual.

sambit pradhan
I hv both the applock app and I lv this app. One problem z that i hv lost all my photos that I kept in the vault app safely. So i try to contact them on mail and waiting for the reply…I hope they shall reply me and help me out. But this app is awesome. Sir please help me

Bhagya Bammanahalli
It’s very helpful….. before I was unsure about the security…but nw it’s tension free.. no one can get into my app… love u advanced app lock..

Abhik Dey
Why haven’t you incorporated this advanced protection feature in the App Lock itself? Why are you forcing us to download a separate app instead of downloading a single all in one app?

I love it. Unlike other apps where someone could just uninstall it and have access to your phone, this stops that. WAY TO GO, GREAT APP I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Dr.Nagendra Tripathi
Apps are easily open without a password after some time of locking apps. Even when I also do a power saving mode, it still stops working.

Ankit Solanki
My advance lock password not opened… I hate this app.. I lost my useful personal data.

David Jordan
I think this is a great app ,because it keeps your own things private when others might want to see what you have in your phone, which I know that someone else has been trying to do, to see what is in my phone, so when my last phone disappeared it was returned a month later, which it wouldn’t have done if everything was available for those kind of bad minded people who took it to begin with

dj sheegowbaan
The best application that I ever see best and is advanced so only add for more themes so that everybody’s can put what he likes I suggest others to download for there phone’s the best application that you can protect for the theive( in somalia language 《waa ablikeeshan qatar ah qof walbo oo jecel lasoo dag waa waxa kaliya oo aad kula diri karto tuugada taleefankaaga galayo meelaha aadan u aMarin

Samreen Begum
Some times it doesn’t work properly… Waste app… Now am installing another one…😬😬

Dheeraj Sharma
This app verrrrry lovely. But we feelling a problem app installl and uninstall protection not available.

John Hamilton
What an xlnt app! The hidden widget and uninstall protection is the best part!. All other applocks without this aren’t worth the effort installing as someone just needs to delete or stop It! Can’t fault this app at all. That is until I uninstalled from settings! No password!!! How do I prevent uninstalling? Can still do it in Google play and settings?

Parul Bhardwaj
Few dayys bak i have seen all my app lock pics bt today when i opend the app the update notification pop up and app didnt opn thn i updated it n opnd my data was nt dere …pls hlp me to recover

Ankit Bhosle
I have kept my some photo in app lock but now it’s not visible most of them has been dltd Automaticly after updating…worst thing happened.please suggest to recover the photos

Amritanshu Banerjee
Why the lock switch isn’t working on the notification tray ….I have ASUS ZenFone Z00UD…. after clicking it shows that it has been disabled but in the notification tray its still showing locked but it isn’t, now I can’t enable it from notification tray, I have to always manually lock every app each time

Nugroho Darmaastuti Trisetyowati
I already locked the play store and settings that says will prevent from uninstalling app without permission, but my friend says it doesnt require any password when he hijacked my phone and deleted half of my apps…

Sonu Kumar
Everything i install this app it vanished and i have to uninstall it by visiting Google play and then reinstall it .and in Google play only one option of uninstall is present open option is vanishing everything time please fix this problem as soon as possible ..

Yeni Pronika
The problem is only 1, my application bca mobile can be trick via search in samsung s7 edge so i can open it without applock. First time i search bca then i try to open, applock just show 1 sec after that gone and i can access my application. I have a few bank app but only bca mobile have a problem

Drift_Shots_Media _Presents
How am I supposed to deactivate and uninstall it, I already uninstalled applock app. But it couldn’t be as it is my device administrator and I can’t turn it off because it’s not being shown in my accessibility services. Android KitKat 4.4.2. Help

roland nsiah asare
I think is a great app but a little difficult to lock apps on android 5.0 so i think that needs to be looked at and be made easy because i still can’t lock it apps on my Samsung s5 but i still love it for it great security features.

Shaista Salman Zainab
Hi i m facing a problem I installed advance protection but install/uninstall has not appeared in privacy list Please fix this issue asap

Gokul Nath
It is waste it is not functioning after I use shut up app it does not protect apps if I put a wrong passcode also it is opening when it is in shut up

Could have been perfect if it provides Extra storage…. Other than stores in device storage.. 😢 running out of storage 😢

shivam suman
It works well …infact very well but I have one problem Actually I hid this app(in its ‘magic’ setting) and unable to open it.i forgot to note the methods to make it visible please help me…please

sahana hn
In my mobl it is nt opening only sometimes it ll open I hided this but it is not opening only I hv some imprtnc phts Pls help me to open the app lock

Prabha Kujur
This app given me shortcut profiles on my old samsung phone .but now my new vivo 1718 has not supported profile shortcut…. Plssssssssssssss fix iiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttt

App User
It doesn’t work in galaxy s8. Even if advanced protection is activated, it can be easily uninstalled without requiring password. Only if it can be fixed.

satyam kumar maharaj
I had given feedback about this applock that anyone can access my applock by dialling the number *#*#12345#*#* but didn’t resolved it by aaplock,then what is the meaning of privacy.So,all my dear friend this applock is not secure so don’t use it.

Efenly Fen
Its was fine until i used the hide icon.. open the apps from the dial pad didnt work..

App User
It is not good app ya mara mi mobail se delete nahe ho Raha ha mugha kuch batao na please ,,z😂😫😥😓😕😤 mugha kuch batao na please

Dagad Rishi
I’m not happy with this app because I lost all my personal photos from this app so please guy’s don’t use this you will be lost your personal photos which you hidden in this app so please don’t use 😖😢😟☹️🙁😞😢😢😩😩

catgurl felinus domesticus
When I installed, I received the message ‘please update to the latest version to install this theme’ with a download button, right here on the playstore. ????? This is not a theme, and why is it trying to install something else? Sigh, smells like malware to me…

Jai Motwani
Your vault feature is totally waste because i have lost my all memorable pics which i was taken on the tour and i was hide in applock vault but all pics were deleted before some days so how can i believe your app & services that’s why u r worth to 1 Star rating

App User
It was working well but now it does not wrking lyk apps donot ask for any paswrd nd opens automatically

Irbaaz Noor
I just don’t know what’s the use to install this app I didn’t found any new or something else after I installed this app , this app just wastes my time or nothing else…….. (Advanced protection) WasteOfTime😤😡😤😡

veeranjaneyulu nandyala
I don’t see app working fine with one plus 5. Any limitations with this device? None of the apps are unlocked with fingerprint option.

App User
I installed this app but forgot the password now cant open most of my apps plz do something ur spoilin this app

App User
Sir I have hide the aap with call fumtion such as *#1234*# and forgot the way of opening it.plz tell me what I should dial to open aaplock

priya bhatia
Lost app my special photos from gallary vault which is so special to me …. I don’t know how it get disappered suddenly without getting it deleted … will gonna share reviews on every social networking site and will suggest everyone not to use this app …

Rageshree Achar
It’s a worst app.. If I put wrong pattern also it unlocks and I’m. Trying to uninstall it from my phone it’s not happening. Its not at all good.

Rysn F.
It’s a really great app, except for a couple of issues ~ under… ▫️[PRIVACY] ••• “Advanced” Menu …AND… ▫️[PRIVACY] ••• “Switch Lock” Menu. NOT SHOWING the options for [System UI] & [Mobile Network Data].

Ankita Kamble
Please fix issues with this app. My vault photos and videos are deleted by app itself. Nd now I can’t find them. Worst experience

Jason Bourne
Dumb app! Just lead user to install another app with ads. Ads are damn headache….Google is now getting freaky day by day…. everywhere just useless meaningless ads…. all time

Nagalamadaka Jyothirlahari
How can I get locked my dual watsapp the application shows in play store but not satisfying requirements

App User
Can’t uninstall this app This feature is what makes this app so awesome!!! Anyone reading this review, install this app because if this app can’t help u, no app can.😍

šhåřmìñ Ñážîã
I need help I changed my pattern and right after that moment i tried to remember it but unfortunately i couldn’t remember it…i tried so hard to uninstall or to get a hint to know my pattern but didn’t get any hint😑now i can’t even go to my whatsapp , settings and wherever is locked with this app…please tell me how can i know my pattern?

Mwaks Mwaks
Yes this is what i need to frustrate thieves when they think they can use my phone when stolen. They can’t factory reset

Shreyas Sane
Very bad as anyone can unistall it easily,even if device administrator mode is enabled.This problem is in update for nougat version pf applock.

App User
thiz applock iz not good bcoz all photos and videos were automaticalky deleted from this app ….. it happen 2times since i install this app

App User
its not wrkng wth mah oppo phn pls dont install this app waste of tym and data also

Phenrong Pamai
Apps lock works are secure. But after some few days of time lock don’t work properly as it should be, it doesn’t ask for lock pattern or password. Its happening ever since I installed. Any solution to this???

Muhammad Ali
One thing i hated it… mistakenly i was deleted my miscellaneous files from data storage and my all data was gone 😕😕 my photos my secret data could you please recover my data

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