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Adobe Connect App

By Adobe

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Adobe Connect App

Adobe Connect App

Adobe Connect


Attend meetings, webinars, and virtual classrooms with Adobe Connect. View and participate, present content, and even fully host online meetings. (Hosting meetings requires an Adobe Connect account. Learn more about Adobe Connect and sign up for a free trial here –

The FREE Adobe Connect application brings all critical capabilities from the desktop to your mobile device, enabling you to drive meetings directly from your Android tablet or smartphone.

Launch and manage meetings – controlling attendee rights, recording, audio conferencing, and layouts. Share PowerPoint presentations, PDF documents, and even video from your online library. Use your tablet to smoothly whiteboard and annotate directly on content. Participate in multi-point video conferencing using your device’s cameras. View the whole meeting, or zoom in to see content, chat, ask questions using Q&A, and respond to polls. Use VoIP meeting audio, or chose to join a telephone conference if included with the meeting. Use custom pods to view closed captioning, YouTube videos, learning games, and more.

FEATURES for both smartphones and tablets:
• Start and end meetings
• Start, stop, and manage meeting audio conferencing
• Accept or deny guests from entering meetings
• Promote or demote user’s roles
• Broadcast cameras and microphones (VoIP)
• Share content from Adobe Connect cloud-based content library
• Control playback of slides and animations
• Play video files
• View and edit Notes
• Participate in Chat, Polls, and Q&A
• Use emoticons: Raise Hand, Agree / Disagree
• Participate in breakout rooms
• View and participate with ‘custom pod’ applications

Additional features for tablets:
• Invite others to the meeting
• Start, pause, and stop recordings
• Enable Web Camera rights for all participants
• Switch between stored layouts in the meeting room
• Share content from local device photo library
• Use drawing tools to whiteboard or markup/annotate content

Android: Version 4.4 or higher. Requires WiFi or a standard 3G/4G connection.


Download Adobe Connect App:-

Download Adobe Connect App ( 11 MB )

User Reviews

Josie Banasik
Helpful for kids

Amazing Works just like my pc

tracy walker
I love the connection but the files are not able to be connected

Onek Sarmiento
Excellent Ir

rony irawanto
Great Many time downloaded can’t uses

Dan Campbell
Stable viewer for company meetings Great viewer for webinars.

Thomas Gunter-Kremers
Love that I can run meetings from my phone, has saved me a couple times stuck in traffic

Ashwani Gupta
Great application. Excellent

CJay Wearmouth
Great product

Kiffinea Whisenhunt
I love you.kiffinea

Jessica Yoas
Awesome I love this it downloadeds np and I can watch all my meetings on it. Its so helpful!

Hakeem Ajibose
Awesome innovation This will enhance numerous participation from students.

Shaunie Lamar
I have a LG G Pad I have a LG G Pad and it worked great. Thanks. It didn’t work before but it works now.

KiKi Montoya
Great App Worked great during a Virtual Interview

Abhinav Chakravarty
Great update Finally I can give full 5 stars. Now works flawlessly, with Swype and SwiftKey. I don’t need to switch keyboards anymore while typing in the URL to overcome the backspace bug. Now if only URL re-direction problem with Chrome can be resolved, then I won’t have to type in the URL at all. Keep up the great work guys!! Feeling the Connect love on my S3 and Nexus 7.

App User
Works Well! 2hour video conference stayed connected the entire time. Too bad the url wont allow pasting in.

Justin Hudson
I love it It’s great for my college courses and I find it great to have…

App User
Works great on HTC Thunderbolt Worked great for me. Lag when sharing vid and sound FROM my phone was <1 sec. Would really like to be able to select a front facing camera.

App User
January 7, 2011
Perfect for catching online school chats while away from PC

Do Ne
College life just got easier!

App User
The whole reason my adroid is totally worth it. This review before mine is from an airhead

Nicole Abernathy-Herington
Will be able to let you know when I get to use it.

App User
Works wonderfully I have actually used it to do technical support with this app, live over the phone with the customer. Works wonderfully

Corky Dempsey
Used for home schooling Great app works perfectly every time. My daughter uses it for school and it is always reliable.

Sheikh Arslan
Nice software A good software…..but some time error show on tablet and some one local cell phones

Melissa Denee Taylor
This application – Adobe Connect Neat and also the daylights to be without the best upscale working tool for the unseen#

Naweed Sherzada
Awesome app events. Makes running the meetings while on the go much simpler.

App User
Worked well No issues with working, a portrait mode might be nice

Louis Reevis
Samsung galaxy WORKS GOOD SO FAR

Obenewaah Debrah
Very good for communication and listening in on a teachong

Olabode Otubu
Student Great app. This means I can listen to my lecture on the phone any where in the world. Very convenient to use. Good job.

ligale wallace
Great I was looking for this type of app for my inline school so I can view seminars! Hope it works

Ashley Keating
Excellent! Perfect for attending and even hosting meetings on the go! No issues on my droid.

App User
Really like it I travel across US and connect to conventions. Works wherever there is mobile internet.

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