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Adblock Browser for Android

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Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for Android

Adblock Browser for Android


Adblock Browser is an easy to use, customizable web browser that gives you control over your mobile browsing experience. Block ads, browse faster, save battery life & data. Quick, safe & private.

“Adblock Plus is forcing the ad industry to re-think its core proposition” – MediaPost
“Adblock Browser for iOS and Android makes it easy for non-technical people to reduce the number of mobile web ads they see and protect themselves from known malware sites.” – ExtremeTech
Bless Adblock for trying to keep that advertising from ruining the web – Gizmodo

From the team behind Adblock Plus, the most popular ad blocker for desktop browsers, Adblock Browser allows you to take back control of your mobile browsing experience.

Focusing on privacy, security and user control, Adblock Browser offers the following benefits:

A built-in ad blocker. Block annoying and intrusive ads, such as ads on videos, saving data and battery life in the process. By default, respectful ads that meet the strict criteria of the Acceptable Ads initiative are shown, which helps support great content creators. Want to block all ads? No problem. Easy to use options allow you to control what you see.

Secure browsing. Blocking intrusive ads minimizes the risk of “malvertising” infections. Recommended by Stanford University, UC Santa Barbara and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Adblock Browser makes protecting yourself from malware easy.

Enhanced privacy. With a few simple taps you can disable tracking. Adblock Browser lets you browse the web anonymously and stop companies from tracking your online activity.

Added user control. You choose to disable tracking, block all or some ads, or even choose which search engine you want to use. But the control doesn’t stop there. Adblock Browser allows you to add filter lists, whitelist websites and disable social media buttons and anti-ad blocking messages.

Ease of use. Adblock Browser is intuitive, offers smooth scrolling and has easy bookmarking and keyboard features. Changing any setting takes only a few taps.

By downloading and installing the application, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Please note: At the moment users cannot import bookmarks from other browsers.

Please note: An internet connection is required to use this app


Download Adblock Browser for Android App:-

Download Adblock Browser for Android App ( 39 MB )

User Reviews

Miranda Durbin
Much faster & more pleasant browsing experience! You know when you open a link from Facebook and as you try to read the page scrolls, bounces, and lags due to intrusive ads loading onto the page? That doesn’t happen with this browser! Plus, you won’t see all the “clickbait” articles on the bottom of the screen anymore! So far I am loving it!

Muzammil Hussain
Best No ads it’s true install it highly recommend. Thanks for the app

Solid Solution that Protects! As an IT consultant I’ve been using and deploying this to all my clients for the last several years with solid success! Blocking unfiltered ads also helps protect against malware, viruses, and trojans. AdBlockPlus is a great product that has helped protect a great many people from harms way. As a Navy veteran I certainly

Tim Owens
Super Awesome. No ads. All love.

Peter Morris
So far so good. In the process of getting used to this browser and still finding my way about. Getting to like it more and more.

Steve De Long
Chrome replacement Fast easy to use, a no brainer

I never tried this shut in hearing good things about it so o give this a 100% good

Galaxyzz AJ
Relief of ads Omg thank you i’m ad free and it changed my life so thanks for you making this wonderful app!

William Aung Leyraud
Slow browser, but ad free! If love to see this app load pages faster and get tons of new features. I wish I could open this app in a bubble like link bubble, then I’d be perfect. Count me in for pro version.

John Hayes
Addblock browser rocks. Really helps me stay within my mobile data plan. Works great!

Aidan Moloney
Works well I’ve only been using this for a few days but it certainly seems to do the job. Zero problems so far.

Excellent. The ads in other browsers never convinced me to buy anything anyway, so nice having an option without all the garbage ads.

david m
Great for avoiding…. ….the garbage that comes with those click-bait type websites. You know the ones – they show nasty stuff and stacked babes with big butts (and I cannot lie!!).

Roee Adi
It’s amazing It’s being unfairly rated I love it and I use it always

Clorine Blake
The best This is the best app in the world normally when im trying to watch something on google looooooooooooooooooooods of adds appear on the screen but know they dont thank you for making the app really deserves 1000stars if you could rate that much

finally finally i hate ads but i love adding people in facebook

Reuben Cheeramvelil
I like it It feels faster than chrome, and it has blocked ads so far

John Lerner
Ad blocker browser works great. No more browser that’s bogged down by ads constantly trying to load.

Travis Lewis
Better than the rest Just tried the new Opera Mini 11 before this and this browser is 3x faster, and conveniently blocks ads!

Cuts Out Annoying Ads, Improves Performance This is great. Sick of waiting for pages to load due to annoying ads that take up the entire screen? Clicking on ads by mistake because the page jumps as its still loading? GET THIS! 🙂

Rob Verseijden
Very helpful Works as great as the standard browser on the latest Android, but protects against the aggressive cross-site-scripted ads and pop-ups. There might be still a couple of adds visible, but those are the non aggressive ones. I’m not against ads, but I would like to be able to read without fighting pop-ups or being tracked everywhere.

Tyler Burke
I use it for ad sites Those stupid virus scams that pretend to lock your phone so they overload your phone with spam and make it so you have to close the browser and redo everything. I have never run into that problem on this app and it works extremely well. Definitely better than the default on my phone

Lynn Hooper
Noticed right away. I didn’t realize how bad ads were getting until YouTube had one blocking videos.

Won Seok Choi
One thing if you have the time Love everything about the app. One thing, though. I am browsing Youtube, or any other website. I go on to my home screen to open another page on your browser on a different tap via a homescreen boomark I saved. When I do this, the browser freezes a little and proceeds to download some 10 identical files that I have downloaded in the past. Could I do anything to avoid this from happening?

Connie Millard
Wonderful browsing Finally I can use my smartphone 4 browsing. Ads are gone! Prior to this download I was inundated with ads ads ads and found no app to take care of the issue. You’ll never regret downloading this app

Kim Whitis
Ad Blocker It works great for all my watching needs and for keeping sites from pushing my phone from site to site

Obvious Mango
Eyo Cool App Wow that was the only thing that I have been a while back and forth between the two of the World 7th grade and a 2nd interview with the same thing 3rd party and then you are a couple days, the more the same.

App User
Finally a browser that is your friend! You must try this to believe it. Fast, safe, removes history. I particularly like the setup for websites visited often.

Mike Rattray
I love it. I’d disable chrome if it wasn’t required by other apps. Adblock not only blocks ads (which is gold already), but actually runs smoother than chrome with a slicker interface

Christian patten
Use it as a secondary browser I still use chrome as my primary browser, but anytime I need to do research or am going to websites with huge amount of ads, this is what I use and it works great

Radha k
Wow wow wowww… I never expected this kind of result from this app it’s really superb, app block all pop up ads and this on is highly recommend app for every one.

Roy Ryan
Only browser that has built in anti-Facebook Fanboy/social buttons plugins. Keep up the good work dev(s) Only thing to improve on is allowing users to choose which video player app they can use to play a video.

mohamadreza khajezade
عالی من نصب کردم خیلی خوب بود. سایت ورزش ۳ که پر از تبلیغاته رو تست کردم. همش رو بن کرده بود. در ضمن سرعت فوق العاده هم داره. نصب کنید. تا ۱۵ تا تب هم تست کردم برنامه کرش یا لگ نداشت.

Carl Mutumante Hespen
Earlier I had given a one star review but the team gave me a solution to my problem and were very friendly. Thanks for the support!

Sam F
So much better Living ad free is incredible. I haven’t found any bugs per se. Maybe a little slower than chrome but has overall sped up since there are no ads. Awesome product. Thanks!

Sonya McMahon
Excellent app! I got fed up with popups all the time, being tracked and malware on my phone. Haven’t had any since I started using this great app.

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