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by Infinity Games

In a universe of uncertainty, chaos and confusion, ▲SHAPES emerges as the perfect way to bring harmony and congruence to our world. Through an immersive environment of countless challenging levels, ▲SHAPES will test your skills to establish order into a fragmented reality.


▲ SHAPES android app

▲ SHAPES android app


Are you ready to fight disorder? Then you need this shapes game!

This brainteaser game will challenge your logical skills, encouraging your creativity while you assemble the fragmented shards into a holistic image. This shapes game mixes, in fact, your ability to use both sides of your brain: the creative hemisphere and the logical one.

In ▲SHAPES, you will experiment a relaxing and spatial environment, enjoying a soothing soundtrack and exciting puzzles. In this game we merge figures within classical traits and futuristic neon lights with the purpose to play with your senses, imagination and logic.
Once all the pieces are connected, a sense of clarity will arise and you will build shapes that appeal to your eyes and mind.

If you feel proud of your achievements, share the concluded levels with your friends or simply save them on your smartphone. Your mission is quite clear in ▲SHAPES: fight chaos and bring life to fragmented shards.

The game concept works almost like a metaphor of a stressful day or a troubled period. The empathy between music and the visual features will deliver you a relaxing and pleasurable sensation of order being restored. Like in traffic, subway rush hours or busy workdays, it will be you against chaos round after round, level after level…

Considered by players as one of the best efforts ever released by Infinity Games, Shapes is the perfect game for fans of beautiful brainteaser games. Accept our challenge and bring some order to this topsy-turvy world!


How to play Loop Energy?

Shapes is a very intuitive and easy game to play; the goal is simple: make shapes. In the first levels, you will instantly get the game’s dynamic and soon you will feel completely submerged by this soothing and interstellar ambience. As the difficulty increases, you will feel more and more challenged to complete de enigma and achieve clairvoyance.

To complete a level, you have to rotate the shards and build shapes. Once the neon lights are on, you won another battle and the level is completed.


Can I save my game progress?

On the bottom of the screen, make sure you connect to the game center. Then, the game progress is instantly saved on your game app, so you can resume in the level where you stopped in the previous game session. This allows you to maintain your progress, always discovering new levels and different figures.


Do I need to pay anything to play?

Loop Energy is completely free and you don’t need to pay for playing the game. However, you can remove the ads for the price of a coffee and enjoy a more fluid version of the game. Ads were an option we needed to take in order to assure the development of Shapes and future games.


Download ▲ SHAPES App:- 

Download SHAPES App (22.7 MB) 


User Reviews :-


Loved the game!! U must download it. It is good for removing stress and keeping us occupied for several hours. Remember one thing that while solving do not start from middle always start from a corner it will help u. And one more thing for creator pls add a feature so that we can compete with other people. It will become more interesting. Pls add this. It will tell us who is smarter. And also add high scores. Pls do this things. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏pls


-The game is relaxing, complete with a soothing sound track which pulls you in. Its simple and novel, but scrambled levels can leave you feeling daunted until you work them out. Will have to see if it gets difficult, but it holds together without any need for brain strain.


-I like the game. Nice graphics, good theory. I can definitely see this as a nice, relaxing game. Unfortunately, the controls are tedious. Too much tapping. It would be cool if you could tap to select the piece, and then use your finger on the screen to rotate the piece, then tap to place it.


-I really don’t like the smaller pieces because the sensitivity of the tactile screen makes it difficult to only move those pieces. In other words, you end up moving other pieces again and again because of this flaw.


-In short amazing. The best part is that music I dunno why but it dwells me to a dreamlike world. It’s so mystic, sometimes I just start the game just to listen to it I love it….!!


-I know free games are supported by ads, but please use advertising after 3/4 level. And not the end of every levels


-Just like the other games you guys created it’s phenomenal. the graphics are amazing and the music is relaxing. Again, it has like an alien- like quality to it. So beautiful. Keep up the good work.


-Good puzzle game so far. The aesthetic and audio are hypnotic. I like that it is casual, in that there is neither a move counter, timer, nor any scoring system. It would be nice if those were options, though. Then people can decide if they want to compete against themselves, giving the stages some replay value. It would also be cool if we could see the minimum moves it takes to solve each puzzle.


-If you could make the screen bigger, this would be easier for small phone users like me. Overall, I love it!


-This is the type of game I play to relax. It’s easy to learn but still a little stimulating.


-Oh My! Relaxing music and gameplay that isn’t mind-numbingly repetitive. Great game!


-A simple enjoyable time waster in dull moments. might be more challenging if the lines weren’t all to the outside.


-Music is not happy at all. I think having various music to choose make it become beter


-The three infinity loop games were close to being my favourite mobile games (that goes to something a bit more strategic), and shapes is an excellent follow up.


-It’s a really nice brain teaser, the Infinity Loop app made an app pop up while I was playing, so I decided to check this out today, and it’s pretty neat!


-Wow..The themes and background music soothes my soul.. Can you guys please tell the name of the background music so I can download it. It really calms me down..


-It’s a bit dull and monotonous. Rotate bits of a shape, make a bigger shape. Repeat.


-Really simple to pick up, yet still challenging and makes me use my brain. Really enjoying so far 🙂


-The game is a good way to pass the time. Shapes is not that muvh of a challenge as the pieces seem topoint you to the.solution.


-A very good game. really satisfying when the shape is done. it’s just some times hard to know where to tap!


-Its an amazing game with realxing music and simple yet challenging enough to keep you coming back for more.


-I love it. It is so unique and so well made, especially for just two people. Well done you two.


-All should download and play this game. Students play only this types of games.


-A build the right shape game with a short learning curve and endless fun!


-A great way to relax your mind after a long day.


-Very relaxing.I love how it tunes out the world and lets you think.

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