How to website rank first position in Google Search, Bloggers Guide

How to website rank first position in Google Search


1 Work Smart Not Hard: – Don’t keep writing and writing content. Always try to make the old content better. Do as much as optimizations as possible. Don’t go for new topic until your current one is not doing good.



2 Go with trend: – Always focus on the trending topics. Don’t think like that you can’t. Everything is possible. Even, you can beat any authority site in days with only some efforts.

Tip: Use google trends to know about latest trends.


3 Choose the High comp. Difficult Keyw. : – yeah, many experts says that you should go for low comp. Keywords. And in some way it is right. But, if you will go with high comp. Keyw. And once you ranked it means you can rank for any it’s matching or alternate keyword.

Tip: don’t use any paid tool for keyword researching. Google itself is sufficient and gives accurate info.


4 Focus on Quality as well as quantity: – I saw many people who think that only quality matters and some think Quantity matter. But the real truth is that they both matters equally. So, always try to make quality content with good Quantity.

Tip: always write content more lengthier than the #1 rank holders. If their content has 1000 words , you write 1100 words.


5 Use Social Media Power: – In starting I was also the one who think like social traffic is just for some time. But, the truth is that for a short time it can make u good sale. For e.g. if you are in affiliate, then using social media power you can convert the visitors into customers. Rather than this, social sites play a vital role in enhancing your site seo.

Tip: Use Facebook Advertisements to let it reach more people in short time.


6 Follow timbered technique: – Don’t wait for a moment. Just rock it. Because if you will wait then any 2nd person will do it before you. And you will get baba ji ka thullu.

Tip:- For e.g. if you want to target the keyword Best laptops , then it’s better to target best laptops 2019 in 2018. Yeah, let google know you are the #1 who did this. And see you always be on #1. But, obviously just only targeting the keyword is not going to make you first. Hard work is must


7 Decrease page load time: – speed is one of the major ranking factor. We all know this. So don’t ignore it.

Tip:- use gtmetrix, pingdom and google page insights to know your website’s speed and causes of high page load time.


8 Make your website a brand :- yeah, branding is the another thing that google loves most.

Tip: go with the domain which is unique, shorter and easy to learn and prunnciate.


9 Link building:- I listed this at last because this is the only factor that is responsible for the #1 ranking of website’s on Google. Yeah, I don’t know you are agree or not but, without the things that I talked in above paras, you can achieve #1 rank. But, if you neglect link building then it will be quite difficult or you can say harder to get the no. 1 rank in serps. Always build links from niche relevant sites because it passes good link juice as compare to non-relevant sites.

Tip: buy, ask or do whatever you can, but make build links, because Google loves it. Google always tends higher rank to those sites which has good link profile. U can use ahrefs tool to steal your comp links.


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