How to Re-Index Website increase traffic again in Search Engines, Bloggers Guide.

How to Re-Index Website increase traffic again in Search Engines

Your website running well, bring good amount of traffic from Search Engines, Daily Pageviews increase day by day and millions of impression your website got daily basis. Presence of your website in Search engines increase leaps and bounds. You planned future strategy of your website by current position of the website. But suddenly everything vanish your daily Pageviews, Daily impressions, Daily Google AdSense Earning  etc.

google indexed site

google indexed site

I know it happened with thousands of bloggers these days. It seems a terrible horror dream in which your website smash down drastically. Nothing to be work against your website bad condition.  In this post you will learn how to Re-index your website again in Search Engine, how to increase page views and get back your website old reputation again.

new domain



“A four years old website, before three to five months that website got disappeared from Google search engine and other search engine as well. And there was no manual action or penalty detected. At this stage you should buy a new Domain and redirect old domain to new one, though there was a risk to new domain.  You could get the same case on the new domain, because you redirected old domain to new one with 301 permanent method. You might get penalty on the new domain because you used some content  but  you should done it with the risks.”


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