How to make money online by “Wholesale List” complete guide to make money by internet.

Make Money Online by “Wholesale List”


Time taken per order: Around 10 to 15 minutes

Difficulty rating: Very Easy

How to Offer Work : I will send you a wholesale list of 5,000 products for 5 dollars

It seems like everybody wants to make money online these days, and one way in which many people start is through reselling wholesale products. If done right it can make a lot of money, however beginners often don’t know where to find suppliers for products! That’s where you come in. If you sell a wholesale list for thousands of items for only a Fiverr, your providing an invaluable service and will sell well. The products are highly in demand but there is quite a bit of competition, so you’ll need to create multiple gigs for this one!

Follow steps below :

Bing over to Google and search for free wholesale list

Look for a list with as many items as possible; it should be in the thousands!

Download the torrent or Hotfile, or purchase a list (preferably one with master resell rights) and you’re ready to start selling!

Create gigs that include the number of products in the list! (when going through search results this is the thing that’ll make you stand out!) If your number of products isn’t the biggest on Fiverr, simply download another list and combine them!

When a buyer purchases your gig, simply email the PDF or ZIP folder and your set! If you have free time create your own wholsale list! You can include links called affiliation links that whenever people buy using them, you get a commission! Some people can earn thousands a day so it’s well worth checking out! Head over to, sign up and do some more research into this if you’re interested!

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