How to make money online by ”Video to Audio Conversion” complete guide to make money by internet.

Make Money Online by “Video to Audio Conversion”

Time taken per order: Less than Ten minutes

Difficulty rating: Very easy

How to Offer work: I will convert your Video into a Music / Audio File for 5 dollars

This gig is another very easy one, and unbelievably it sells pretty well! We’re simply going to grab the audio from a video of someone’s choice and then send it to them, how do we do this? Online converters obviously!

Follow steps below :

Go to Google and search for video to MP3

Now you can simply “enter the URL” of the video and conversion will start, these websites work with most video streaming sites like Youtube, Metacafe, etc. However, if your clients video is not online, simply ask the client to upload the video to youtube OR use a grabber like Orbit downloader to download it and upload it yourself before using the converter!

Download the file and send it to your buyer, make sure to get “High quality” if the option is available!

For extra service, try and download as many formats as possible and send them all saying “I spent some extra time making lots of different versions for you, hope you like them!” Hopefully that will guilt them into tipping you!

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