How to make money online by ”Transcription Jobs” complete guide to make money by internet.

Make Money Online by “Transcription Jobs”

There are a lot of circumstances when things need to be transcribed. Some of these instances are when official meetings take place, or someone wants to have a written version of a webinar or video.

Because transcription can be quite timely, companies often hire transcriptionists to type out whatever was said.

In order for you to become a transcriptionist, here are some steps you can take:

➢ Get yourself registered in freelancing sites such as,, etc

➢ Look for transcription positions and start applying for them.

➢ Once you get hired, type up the audio. Make sure it’s error free.

How much can I make out of Transcription services?

➢ You can make anything between $3 – $50 per hour depending on your speed, experience and expertise. Transcriptionists who can get things done faster are able to charge a premium.

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