How to make money online by ”Create Android Web Application” complete guide to make money by internet.

Make Money online by “Create Android Web Application” 


Time taken per order: less than five minutes

Difficulty rating: Very easy

Follow steps below :

Go to and sign up!

Now you can simply “create a new app” (using the button on the top left)

Input the URL of the website and it’ll be automagically created for you!

Download the file and send it to your buyer

For extra service, copy the QR code that the website generates and send that to them aswell, who knows they might tip you for it!

WARNING: The apps generated from this method will contain small ads, even though I’ve never had a customer notice, use the method below (it’s a bit more complex) for an Ad-free app !

Go to android app inventor and sign up!

Now “create a new app”

Drag the “web viewer” from the left into the phone screen and in the options on the right set ‘home URL’ to your clients website

Download the file by selecting “download to this pc” and send to your buyer

For extra service, upload a custom icon (must be of 48×48 pixel size) or use an online QR code generator and send the QR code to them as well, who knows they might tip you for it!

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