How to make money online by ”Buying and selling links” complete guide to make money by internet.

How to Make Money Online by “Buying and selling links”

In order to get higher search engine rankings on Google, a lot of people feel that they need to have a lot of backlinks pointing their site.

Backlinks are basically links on other people’s websites pointing to another site. When someone links to another person’s website, it shows Google that their website is worth linking to, and so Google gives it preference for their search engine placements.

The higher the search engine placement, the more publicity a business gets, so a lot of people try hard to get more links to their websites.

Because so many people want links, you can profit on this by acting as an intermediary between people who are willing to sell links and people who are willing to buy them.

In order for you to buy and sell links, here are some steps you can take:

➢ You can look for those who want to buy or sell links in forums of sites which talk about links (Example:

➢ Make yourself aware of the link buying and selling guidelines

➢ Market only valuable links (links that have high Page Rank on Google)

➢ You can also create a website advertising your services.

➢ Start advertising your site on social networks, amongst friends, or via other traffic methods.

How much money can I make out of buying and selling links?

➢ It depends on the amount you charge for connecting people. You can also buy links on your own and then charge people for them, in which you can create your own pricing. You can make anywhere from $1 to $300 for a link, depending on how valuable the site is.

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