How to enable Google assistance in Android “Google Now”

Google Now is a perfect Assistant

Google now is a personal assistant developed by Google to aid Android users.

This feature on your device uses your data to serve you quality information; it uses data like (What you search on Google, your locations, and other details). It uses these details to provide you with the best answers.

All you will need to do to get an amazing result is:

 Ask a question via your microphone.


Type the question into the search box.

You can also set it to show feeds even before you search.

Customize the Google app, it will ask you a few questions and you should reply with the appropriate answer for the best app experience.

That’s not all.

The”Google now” can also make calls; send texts messages, get directions, set reminders, play music and videos, set alarm, etc.

All you will have to do is.

  1. Open Google now
  2. Tap on the mice.
  3. Say”Ok Google”

This android feature is embedded on Android 4.0 Jellybean and above.

Below is the command to access”Google now”

On some devices, hold the middle button for about two seconds to activate, if this doesn’t work for you, you can look for the ”Google” app in your app drawer or download the Google app from play store.

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