Guide for an interview “How to Dress up for an Interview”.

Let us now consider another crucial area about which candidates are generally very concerned but are hesitant to make enquiries and, that is how to dress for an interview. In general experience, candidates are quite concerned about this matter and yet are diffident to make enquiries in this regard.

I would like to say that a dress is as much a personal matter as any other thing and, as such, no uniformity can be prescribed. And yet since one’s dress is also an indicator of one’s personality, one’s nature and temperament and also, to an extent, one’s habits, it is vital that we give some thought to the dress to be worn at the time of the interview.

The general rule should be that in your dress you should not only look good but feel good. In this context, it is noteworthy that personal appearance and dress give the wearer extra confidence and assurance, which itself is important. It should further be noted that, among other things, the interviewers seek to measure the impact of your personality on others. This is especially so in the jobs where there are extensive public dealings. You should be dressed according to the job in question. To take specific example, if the job consists of touring villages and motivating farmers to adopt certain practices in farming, it would be advantageous if you are dressed for rural areas. A dress which would appear to be smart and fashionable in cities may appear to be a little out of place in the rural areas and even put off the farmers whom you have set out to motivate.

While on the question of personal appearance and dress, it is also important to mention that your hair, finger nails and shoes, etc, should also be properly looked after.

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