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Super Jake’s Adventure

Super Jake's Adventure

Super Jake’s Adventure


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Super Jake’s Adventure


The Green World is invaded by evil monsters! To save the Green World, Super Jake needs to start his exciting adventure, collect strawberries, jump and smash all the monsters, earn the coins, and most importantly, find and defeat the final boss who masterminded the invasion!

In this game, you are Super Jake and you can save the world – are you ready for the adventure?

Game Features:

🍄 Classic 2D adventure platformer gameplay – run and jump in the magical world, smash the monsters, collect the coins, pull the flag!
🍄 More than 60 exciting and challenging levels to unlock – we are working hard to make more levels!
🍄 6 interesting worlds to explore and adventure – green world, underwater world, underground world, desert, winter world and castle!
🍄 6 funny skins to unlock!
🍄 More than 15 super tricky monsters to kill!
🍄 Smooth game play, colorful graphics, fanciful worlds and beautiful music!
🍄 Super epic boss fights!


Download Super Jake’s Adventure:-

Download Super Jake’s Adventure ( 46.1 MB )

User Reviews:

Divine Fung
Good classic game. Smooth and enjoyable.

Mihir Gupta
This is a very good game for Super Mario lovers. It refreshed my memory of Super Mario, but with enhanced a graphics. My daughter loves playing this game.

Marian Da
superb quality assurance of the dream

Carl Antoine
This is very fun to play. It gets more challenging the more levels you play throughout the game. If you like super Mario, you’ll definitely like this one.

Gerrit Koolstra
Leuk avontuur spel!

Jessica Shockey
it’s a fun little game to play so far lol

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