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Ball Mayhem!

Ball Mayhem!

Ball Mayhem!


Game Category:-Action

Ball Mayhem!


This is a block puzzle dropdom game.
It moves the jewel horizontally, filling the jewel with one line, and eliminating for high score.
This game is fun and strategic.
It requires the player to observe, judge, move, and finally reach a line, or multiple lines.
Eliminate one line and score, if you eliminate multiple lines, you will get a high score.
If the player’s jewel reaches the top, the game ends.

How to play:

1: moving the jewel
2: The jewel has no support points and will fall.
3: When filling a line, it will be eliminated and scored.
4: Continuous elimination will get extra score
5: The color jewel will eliminate the connection with it.

A little bit of puzzle game:

1: not addicted
2: There is no in-app purchase, players do not have to spend.
3: You can also play in the lower ages.
4: Exercise the brain and make people smart.

Download Ball Mayhem!:-

Download Ball Mayhem! ( 56 MB )

User Reviews:

App User
this game looks kinda dumb in the beginning, but when u actuall

what’s new
Love the simplicity however add more time to the clock and add difficulty features in the game then it would be a 6 star

Gabriel Perez
definitely a game to download

Dantre Davison
fun game great to pass tim graphics and game play 5 star

Tony Mclean

Adrian Wendling
simple and yet stupid addictive …. multiplayer would be hella fun …

App User
lots of fun

having a blast on this game

pink mans
it’s really fun

App User
great just great

Great game good for passing time

App User
its a really fun game

Peteru Tauanuu
Surprisingly this game is very addictive and pretty cool to play when you are bored…💯💯💯

Samuel Hofford
Pretty cool game. All these stupid people keep talking about ads… TURN AIRPLANE MODE ON! smh

connor schreuder
a ton of fun and really funny game! only thing I could suggest is online play!

norriza Md Johan
it’s fun to mee not not bad

lick deezballz
Amazing game keep up the amazing work E.A.D.C

Positive Vibes Jay
It’s fun once you get the hang of it 💯💯

App User
Awsome and exciting game . wiuld be more awsome it it had comintary while you played ….10 thumbs up

ROKStar Philly
This game is too fun simple but exciting!

Noah Kastor
I LOVE THIS GAME 😂 i love the tackling and running.and the game is just really balanced.5 stars for me

kevin Rodriguez
I love this game it is so amazing

App User
it was really fun and funny.

Gabriel Cordero
pretty fun easy and addicting

Gabriel Cordero
pretty fun easy and addicting

Tommy LeGardye
this game is hilarious😂😂😂

good game enjoyed playing just would like a better control engine

App User
Love it! So much fun to play over and over again! Love fun crazy style and creativity!

App User
fun game to play, if you want less ads go into airplane mode, you won’t get any, I know some people won’t want to bc they be using other apps, but at least you won’t have as many ads js 😄

Peter Knutson
This game is AMAZING!!!

This game has too much to offer play it

manofwar777 man
amazing and addictive

App User
Fire, Legend, Iconic, Major Key

Robert Garza
best amazing game brooo frfr thank you

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