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Will it Crush?


Will it Crush? Short answer: “Yes”

Building of ultimate double toothed roller crushing machine never been so easy and fun!

Will it Crush Game

Will it Crush Game

– Free to play
– Endless gameplay and upgrades
– No internet connection required
– Play in a boring class or meeting

Download Game from Play Store:-

Download Will it Crush? Game From Play Store



User Reviews:-

-I like this game. It was rated highly so I got it to try it out. The game is repetitive and easy but quite addictive. The controls are super easy. I just wish that the game wasn’t silent. With music it would become a lot less boring with a lot less time. At the moment I am level 21 and I have to play my own music over it. However, I would recommend this as a good game. Please do something about the sound.

-You don’t actually DO ANYTHING. Literally nothing exciting happens in this game. Plus, why would our location be one of the requirements? You don’t even need internet to use the game, so why do you want our location? I’m just REALLY uneasy about that. But as I was saying, you just upgrade your wheel, nothing else. Maybe add in a feature that you could move the cubes or the wheels, or make the graphic quality 3D.

-This game is the same all the time and is quite boring. It’s also a copy of a different game, which this game rated higher. Whatever. Cool concept, though. It also crashes every time you watch an ad to get the 3 minute boost. Also, the absurd requirements to play this game. I use airplane mode to play because I don’t want the creators to get my d a r n location. Wouldn’t recommend unless you like absurd requirements and boring gameplay. Extra star for idea, other than that it’s complete garbage and doesn’t deserve first place for top simulation.

-All glories to the ads!!!! You want to see ads please download this game and I shall assure you that you shall see an ad for everything you do… It says you get double credits for watching the ad… “A faithful lie”… Watch an ad for nothing. I will conclude saying this is not a game but a cluster of advertisements….

-ATTENTION – medical risk! Legal action is now underway against this title. When activating the 3x bonus, the crushers flash between red and white rapidly. This has caused several users to experience siezures, nausea and severe migraine. There is no epilepsy warning before or while playing this game therfore the developers have left themselves wide open to this legal action. Avoid this game if you suffer from migraine or are prone to epileptic fits.

-All the people that complain about ads must not realize that they can just go offline and never get ads. Other than that, I only really have one issue with this game…. the lag, I have a galaxy s7… not that bad of a phone especially for how easy this game should be to run, but instead everytime I get a rare mineral or material… whatever they are called. The game gets so laggy that you can’t hit any buttons and it even takes around 10 seconds to exit after hitting the home button

-CUT DOWN THE ADS!!! is a fun game to pass some time, but seriously click something oh you have to watch an ad now, you just finished watching an ad well lets watch another one to return from the game, man you were away watching ads for a minute click here to receive your cash for being away and you guessed it another ad. And really…$3.99 to remove the ads, outrageous. Cut down ads or make it $.99 to remove them and i bet your rating will go up

-Ads when clicking continue. I get it that you need to make revenue, we all need money, but what is the point of offering a double option if we are harrassed with ads regardless of what we choose ? I do not mind watching ads for bonuses, but not when the option is falsely offered to me. I find this dishonest. The game is a nice mindless clicker game. I enjoy it, nevertheless.

-I like the game, it’s fun and addicting, but there’s 2 reasons why this did not get a perfect score. 1 the adds, (I just put my phone on airplane mode to deal with all the people rating it 1 star cause of adds.) and 2 it gets choppy and laggy at some pretty frequently and it was not my phone because this was one of the first apps I installed on my new Moto g5 phone.

-Good game, but dear lord are the ads relentless. It’s better to play this game offline if you’re looking for more than five minutes of entertainment. Not to mention that the game will actually start taking you to random apps without the user even touching the advert.

-NORMALLY DONT RATE APPS BUT THIS ONE HAS SO MANY ADS THAT I HAD TO!! Don’t play this game unless you want to see ad after ad after ad. I have stopped getting bonuses and leveling up because I don’t want to see ads. Also, app crashes too often due to ads. However the positive is that if you don’t want to allow the permissions you can turn them off after you install the game and it will work just fine.

-Well ever single time you get a bonus you think that if you press collect that you wouldn’t have to watch and add but wrong you have to watch an add after you press collect and adds just pop up out of no where and the game is way to boring , I mean if your gonna make a game make it a bit more fun oh and sometimes when you level up and you collet your money the game makes you watch an add

-AMAZING PEICE OF ART! I don’t know why so many people hate it, but it’s amazing! It would be nice for a bit of optional sound and a little tutorial to get you started. Other than that, amazing, well done guys.

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