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Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game
by Bluehole PNIX

Join the most exciting multiplayer Golf ever! Challenge players all over the world!
Not just a golf. This is the action-packed Mini Golf with full of adventures and thrills you’ve never experienced before!

Play on gorgeous courses against golfers around the globe in real-time online matches! Win and collect trophies to unlock top stages. Discover and upgrade golf clubs, balls and gloves to customize your gameplay. Take on the weekly leaderboard to win awesome prizes. You can also play together with your Facebook friends!

Firing a shot is easier than ever. Just drag and release to hit the ball like playing pool!

Mini Golf King - Multiplayer Game by Bluehole PNIX

Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game
by Bluehole PNIX

Aim and shoot carefully to collect the most gems while taking the fastest route to the hole. You can even clash your ball against your rival’s to take out their gems! Arcade Mini Golf has never been this quick and fun!

Putt your way through wonders. Golfers’ wildest dreams finally come true! Let’s ride tube slides, swing on drawbridges, jump over pyramids, explore mazes with bomb traps, and reach farther and fly higher with accelerators and jump pads! Taking advantage of all the tricks while honing your skills is the key to victory!

So if you want to relax with a nice PvP game which is easy to pick up, instantly addicting and hard to master, this will be the best game for you. Start your epic tour in the quest to be the next Mini Golf King!

★★ Download Mini Golf King – Multiplayer Game for free NOW! ★★

– Exciting Mini Golf duel in real-time online multiplayer.
– Simple and intuitive control: Swipe and release to strike!
– Compete against players from all around the world to take their coins and trophies!
– Play on 30+ beautiful golf courses with tons of dynamic tricks and fun.
– Unlock chests to discover powerful new golf equipment and upgrade existing ones: drivers, irons, sand wedges, putters, balls and gloves!
– Progress through more advanced stages all the way to the top.
– Get promoted in the weekly leagues to win chests and card bonus.
– Connect with Facebook to send and request free gifts!
– Play online matches with your family and friends!

* “Like” Mini Golf King on Facebook for updates and news!

* You need an internet connection to play this game.

* Optional Permissions
– Contacts: Used to verify your Google account in the login process.
– Phone: Used to check your connection status to the game.
– Storage: Used to save and load game configurations and caches

* How to turn permission on or off
Android OS 6.0 or later: On your device, open the main “Settings” app. Tap “Apps”(or “Application Manager”). Tap “Mini Golf King”. Tap “Permissions”. Move switches to the right or the left to turn the permissions on or off.
Android OS earlier than 6.0: You need to upgrade the OS to control permissions. Otherwise you may choose to delete “Mini Golf King” app to revoke them as a whole.


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User Reviews:-

-Another awesome game neutered by pay-to-win. Stage 6/8 has an 80,000 coin entry fee. That’s $20 USD or HOURS of grind for one attempt. If you lose you have nothing and must work your way back up from zero (or pay another $20). God help you if it randomly pairs you against someone with higher level gear, you will lose.

-Love it. I used to play golf clash and although it was good the holes got kinda boring after a short while. Because of this being based on mini golf it is super fun and you neve know which hole you are going to get. The obstacles are a good challenge without making the game impossible. I highly recommend it.

-4 or 5 times now it has crashed right in the middle of a game causing me to lose. I have a galaxy s8+ so it can easily support the game. I would recommend people stay away from this game until they fix whatever bugs are causing the game to crash right in the middle of a match. I even contacted support, and they did nothing except blame it on my connection. I have had full 4G every time it crashed.

-I love this game but please fix the freakin glitch where I can’t even shoot. Sometimes all it does is keep zooming in and out when I pull back to hit and then it times out. I have to close the game and lose my coins. It’s so annoying. I don’t have connection issues just that I can’t shoot at times

-Great game. Excellent time killer. 1 thing I think you should do: if a player forfeits, all the gems that player had before forfeit should go to the opponent. That way there’s a compensation for the early forfeit and potential loss of gathering more gems

-Would help if they updated the game and it wouldn’t glitch allowing the opposing players to golf through the obsticles like they weren’t even there…like the bridge. When it goes up their ball shouldn’t be going through the wood like it’s gliding on air. Smh

-This game is so addictive! There’s always someone else to play against. The games go quickly enough that you can usually get in a game or two on, say your break from work or in a waiting room for an appointment. Easy to understand controls make this a game that everyone can enjoy.

-It’s great but it’s skipping over giving some level unlocks. I am on level 4 and still haven’t been able to get some level 2 things and I have all the trophies needed to fully complete stages 1,2, & 3. I don’t get it

-I like this game a lot. It does have glitches that need to be fixed. most of the people on here have already addressed these issues. It seems we all have the same problems. I don’t put any money into this game, so that’s not a issue for me. I do agree that if you forfeit the game we should get your gems and money, instead just the pay out.

-Needs work could be really fun. They only seem to give you good chests when your full and they want way to much gold to open them. They need to out a single player mode in

-Fun game. Easy to learn. Edit: after playing it for a while, winning or losing is pretty much not up to your skill. 1st turn is a major advantage due to gem clearing. Gems should reset after turns.

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