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Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes)
By iKameStudio

Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) is a 2D free space shooting game style shoot em up with its very unique game play. A fast paced action shooter game in situation infinity warfare! Use a wide selection of projectile weapons and power-ups to help robot heroes pass through increasingly challenging levels, fighting as space shooter and duty infinite with epic battle strategy well. If you are a fan of space shooting games, Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) is the best choose to experience the shooter games.

Mega Shooter game

Mega Shooter game

30xx, when Earth is about to be perished by pollution, diseases and monsters. A ship carrying the most advanced and strongest robots heroes is sent into space galaxy, hoping to find a new planet that humans can live on. Throughout the journey, hero robots must fight off large and dangerous alien monsters as metal soldiers they land on and protect the galaxy space from alien swarms, It is the infinity war of human.

A great action shooting and 2D shooter game with tons of great features
Let’s play, infinity shooting & fight, take your gun, kill all enemies to get duty infinite and become a hero shooter!
Mega Shooter: Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes) will put you into the space galaxy. In here, you have to infinity battle through endless waves of monster shooter to keep you alive and become metal soldiers. On your journey in the space galaxy, your comrades are the infinity battle hero robot. They will follow your command to gun down monsters. To kill all of those monsters and survival on infinite warfare , you will need to shoot weapons, guns and in this game, there are great varieties of choice. You can choose the one you like best from blizzard gun to fusion cannon, bazooka, metal shooter gun, laser beam to many more. Completing mission and duty infinite with three star and you will get more coin to upgrade your shooting weapons stronger, shooting range larger. That means your gun will be shooting targets easier. Let’s explore them by yourself.

FEATURES Infinity Space War (Galaxy Heroes)
★ Space shooters game simple control
★ Cool sci-fi 2D space shooter game style art and animation (Galaxy style)
★ Unique gameplay with shoot em up style.
★ Epic battle, infinity warfare, many interesting levels
★ Metal soldiers shooting on your side to fight and gun shooting along
★ Tons of guns to choose. . From gun to cannon to bazooka to gun shoot those monsters
★ Monster are ready to give you death.
★ Defense and survive in monster shooter game style.
★ Shooting games with free multiplayer: coming soon.
★ Best free metal soldiers shooting game 2D
★ Endless mode for Mega Shooter with duty infinite (Infinity Space Galaxy Shooting)
★ Upgrade your guns shoot and robot hero to attack infinity warfare
★ Different kind of shooting weapons such as rocket gun, laser beam, bazooka…
★ Upgrade your gun range and robot heroes as metal soldiers
★ Monster shooting game free shooting game 2D


✔ The core mechanic of the game is your gun shoot vertically. The monsters will spawn everywhere and you have to control your metal soldiers to move and avoid them while shooting to kill them.
✔ You can dash to move faster and take no damage.
✔ When there are too many monster, use the special gun shooting ultimate to clear them.
✔ Each gun has own unique ultimate shot so choose wisely for your robot hero like metal soldiers gun shooter to melee or bazooka for big explosion.
✔ Each characters in the game has an unique ability and they can be useful in some particular missions and situations. Learn how to use and master them so you can defeat all of those monsters with your metal shooter robot hero.
✔ The upgrade mechanism is very clear and easy to understand. All you need is just in game currency. Collect coins and do missions to upgrade characters and guns to become stronger so you can beat those space monsters easier.

Download Mega Shooter Game from Play Store:-
Download Mega Shooter Game From Play Store

User Reviews:-

well if anyone has heard the name “bug butcher” its these guys, but its not a bad thing actually this game is literally straight up photocopy of that game in every aspect yeah there are few minor changes but from enemy design to environmental entities everything is copied but as i said before its actually what i wanted i have been crying out loud to noodlecake studios to make 2nd part but they didn’t so its safe to say i enjoy this game so very much yeah its graphics and animation are not up to the level of bug butcher also no lightning or dynamic effects are there but its still easier than bug butcher and there is no p2w also the controls are fine i think people are complaining because they haven’t played game like this ever finally i would ask the devs to add something new of their own and different enemy designs environmental challenges within levels etc. thats why i have deducted 1 star because this game doesn’t stand on its own, it is still a good ripoff of a very good game. Thank you. Update: i have updated my score to 5 stars because you guys deserve it hope to see you will add new worlds and bosses

don’t put the level 4max put it ⚅ a when you have a girl character make it a girl sound when it’s the character nearly dies ok

This is a straight up rip off of “The Bug Butcher” with added microtransactions. The placement of controls is awful.

The game has simple controls, and a progression system that can be surmounted with no money due to a low pay wall.

Nice game, but please give us an option to toggle control from left to right, or left and right, you know, left button on the left side and right button on the right side. Thanks.

Fun to play and kill time! Just needs to increase the amount of coins and rewards!

Fun game! Dudes right! Centipede and mega man! Worth the download so far!

Definitely a decent game. Definitely digging the mega man vibe here. Don’t really know much yet that could be improved

It’s one of the funnest games I’ve played. I like the style. Like MegaMan meets centepide

I like the game just when i bought a deal pack it gave me the wrong on i wanted

It’s a good game but an option to purchase double coins permanently instead of having to watch a video after every level would make it better

Not a good game, the controls are stupid the way enemies are and the way the game is setup is just awful and getting new guns and characters takes for ever plus the stupid energy system that forces you to wait and the pay to win aspect of it is retarded.

This shouldn’t be #7 this should be in the top 5 best arcade games. Just wish they had more in game shopping ,purchasing options!

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