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MARVEL Future Fight

By Netmarble

Game Cagetory :- Role Playing

An epic blockbuster action-RPG featuring Super Heroes and Villains from the Marvel Universe!

The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, and more!
Over 100 characters from the Marvel Universe are available to play!

MARVEL Future Fight Game

MARVEL Future Fight Game

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s very own director, Nick Fury, has sent an urgent message from the future… the convergence is destroying the world as we know it! Prepare to defend your universe!
Recruit your favorite characters, complete missions, and compete with other players to be the greatest hero and save your world.

Collect over 100 Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains to assemble your ultimate team.
– Level up your characters and their gear to unleash their full powers!
– Build classic teams like the Avengers or X-Men to take advantage of special bonus effects.
– Choose from hundreds of Uniforms to increase your character’s powers and perfect your hero’s look.

Upgrade powerful characters in Epic Quests!
– Get everyone’s favorite Super Heroes, from Captain Marvel to Doctor Strange, and level them up while playing thrilling Epic Quests.
– Unleash each character’s unique super powers as you make your way through various missions. Blast enemies with Iron Man’s Unibeam and bash opponents in the name of justice with Captain America’s shield!
– Experience even more thrilling action in PvP Arena modes, where you can bring your best team to take on the world.

Team up with friends and overcome incredible in-game challenges.
– Take a friend’s character with you when you go into a mission for emergency assistance!
– Join an Alliance and make friends. Compete with other Alliances in Alliance Conquest and take home the glory for your own team.

Original new stories only found in Marvel Future Fight!
– Experience unique, never-before-seen stories to find out who’s responsible for threatening the existence of your universe!
– Play through Special Missions featuring the New Avengers, Inhumans, and even Spidey’s Foes!

Download MARVEL Future Fight from Play Store:-

Download MARVEL Future Fight Games from Play Store


User Reviews:-

Lol Lol
Game is good and fun but seriosuly overall cost of item has increased alot but the crystal drop rate is still the same. You need to fix this artificial inflation this game facing. Increase daily crystal to 50 since all new unis cost 1750. Its even hard for stark stash to keep up. (Yes even in uni blowout sale it is a big price tag)

Strongest Soldier
I love Marvel Future Fighter and all but I was wondering about the content of the Tony Stark’s Supply Chest? The one that costs P99.00? From what I remember it’s suppose to give you 200 diamonds daily and lasts up to 7 days. But lately I haven’t received any diamonds of the sort. The only time I received 200 diamonds was when I recharged. I hope you’ll be able to fix this or answer my question.

adam camm
I love this game but unfortunately ever since I updated it I am no longer able to play. I get a black screen for a few seconds and then it just closes. Please fix this as soon as possible becuase I was in the middle of a crystal for 30 day purchase. EDIT: I must say I am impressed. Within 24 hours of my original comment they released an update the fixed the crashing issue that was affecting many users. Fantasic game and fantastic team working on it.

D Duncan
The more money hungry the administration of this game gets the more it’s starting to suck, one of the best games in the play store 3 years ago. The v-pad fails to work in World Boss Extreme (you have to press the button keys up to 5x to get a response), this is to get you to buy crystals to upgrade characters to Tier 3.

Dante Sakurai
SUPER good game. So much stuff to do and the freedoms to play it his YOU want. Without spending a single dollar! I can’t believe some of the hero’s they let you play as! It’s a comic nerds dream! Maybe one day well see this on consoles? Id definitely play!

Piotr Maziarz
Co-op missions are stupid, first of all I think there is a lot of idiots that don’t read what is the mission, second thing is that all the time it’s disconnecting me from it… It’s really annoying fix this or don’t put as a one of the daily mission… Game is amazing but because of that, 4 stars..

momina dar
Great app. I’m so addicted. The gameplay, graphics and playability are all amazing. No problem with ads, like other free apps. Better than contest of champions and strike force. The characters have surprisingly good physics, but lower tier devices can’t run it. Great game👍👍 👍👍

Shaikh Kashif
Awesome. If update the game please update that we should fight with friends also from whom we gonna fight.. Some time I think these all are computer…. *Hii Developer plz add extra entry in daily mission and epic quest in Dr strange mode and plz increase the Diamond in daily reward and quest…

Aqil Bishokuya
This game needs your wallet. The more patch incoming, more money they demand. I’m sure new update will getting worse than ever. This game also lost many best player and followers due to their greediness.

Bakshy Luchmun
Thank you Netmarble for such a great game. It’s my all time favourite. Great graphics, amazing gameplay, superb work. My only issue is that world boss invasion where it always says I’ve disconnected. Plz correct this issue. Other than that the best marvel game ever. Love you guys. I’ll always support you guys. Amazing job.

Well, I just answer some weird questions. It’s not a rhythm, prank, and I’m not sure is this realistic :/ *no JK. Otherwise, it has amazing graphic and yeah smooth gameplay. I loved it! It has storyline too, so go download it and play if you like marvel heroes. But, it’s not only for those who like marvel, I think everyone would enjoy this game just like me. Omg! I have Billy Kaplan, my favorite one :*

Very confusing. so much going on. Fun, but its got too many different ways to upgrade the characters, and not enough time to figure out the differences. The pace feels rushed. Have a feeling I’ll regret some of my early decesions, but im not sure why yet

Kory Stilinski Winchester
June 8, 2018
Fave Game atm and totally love it! BUT!!!! it’s still a bit unstable. Co op mission are being disconnected or for example when I am close to defeatung a world boss it either disconnects or the app closes itself. Samw problem with World Boss Invasion

I think it is an amazing game. Please add more heroes and villains. But it is very hard to increase stars of chatacters after level 30. I want my iron man thor and captain marvel to have more stars because the all are level 33 32 and36

I love it. However I have a problem. I am unsure if this is a problem with the app itself or the software, but the app doesn’t seem compatible with Android P. It continues to crash whenever I try to open it. Please fix this. I really want to lay it again.

Ok I’ve been searching for a game like this for ages! And I finally found the one. I’m so happy. I love marvel so much! This game is amazing. Or I could say the best (better than injustice) The grafics are amazing. The characters? Amazing!! The gameplay? The best!! I love this game! The energies are so easy to get (unlike some games aka Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery). The money is quite easy to get! The diamond is a bit hard (unless you complete quests) but it’s not that hard. I love that we could get the recent characters such as from Avengers Infinity War. But we do have to pay for some. But at least the game is amazing. I recommend this game (especially for Marvel fans) 10/10. It’s so fun! This is the best game ever! Oh and there are missions, challenges, boss fight and battles from the recent movies (Thor Ragnarock, Black Panther and Infinity War) (but I do recommend you to watch the movies first cause spoiler alert)

Not JoelChew
At the start the game is amazing. But as you progress it gets to a point where it is almost impossible to win a mission. You actually need a tier 2 character to even do any damage. I hope they make it easier in the next update. But for real, this is still my favourite mobile game even though im complaining a lot

rani simpson
This game is great. The only few things I dislike are 1. Ranking up characters can sometimes be impossible. It is hard to find biometrics for certain characters also, 2. uniforms are ridiculously expensive. 3. The Epic quest’s are so intensive they aren’t fun. Other than that it’s worth playing!

william harou
Probably the best game out there imo. Now we need new game modes. Oh and could yall please make a uniform for Hyperion(King Hyperion perhaps?) Hes the only paywall hero that I regret building up. Cheers for a great game.

Shady Playdude
Its a really fun game. I just wish i didn’t have to go back to the same level over and over again for my char. To get exp. It becomes tedious after awhile.

Anuj Kumar
The most exciting game ever! The best thing of this game is to make our dream team. U gave added almost all the characters in this game , but please add deadpool also . Hey , one more thing , please decrease the cost of black panther’s uniform cost which he weared in”black panther” movie . It is too expensive.

Jamal Grant
Can ya’ll put more characters in the game like Dr.Doom,The Fantastic Four,and the ethernals,name or and other characters. What about making different storylines or use some of the old comic storylines but with your twist? Man I spent like $600 on this game and I’m still barely beating Thanos smdh. I don’t like how the leveling up of Adam Warlock and the t3 characters are it’s such a tedious process I’m not spending another dime on this game

Jake rainicorn
I’ve bought your crystal packages, and your biometric packages, yet you still lock players out of the game, by having entry limit, without being able to even recharge, or increasing entry limits on game modes, like World Boss/Ultimate. Everything costs something. Auto play costs, clear tickets, and so does Co-op (from running it on auto, to even acquiring the rewardsl. I hope DC unchained beats you guys.

Mike B
Graphics and gameplay are not bad. Its just that they literally try to sell you something every screen you try and go to and it’s very annoying. Feels like I’m closing annoying pop ups on a computer.

video pickle
Good game but every few minutes it crashes so i have to start over what i was doing. Please fix that but otherwise a GREAT game. please make the odds a little bit higher to get nova in the processor. This one is a little hard to ask could you please add a beyonder because it would be really nice to play as a beyonder please reply

David Shannon
To me this game would be perfect in every way if the energy rate consumption would be changed and how you collect energy. That is the only drawback to this game. Unfortunately until that’s changed so that you can play more often without running out my opinion of it will only be mostly three stars

Corey Shenk
Awesome game. And ive been playing this game on and off for 3 years or 2 anyway the ONLY thing i cant stand is when you are playing co-op it kicks you off the whole app about 50% of the time.And its always done this no matter which phone i use or service. Figured tall would have that fixed by now.

Gerard Paul Maglipon
O for OWESOME! Very addicting! But the gem rewards are too cheap to be honest. And really hard to earn some characters. Only the rich ones could acquire them! Feels a lot like a pay to win game. PS: Please add Armored Thanos and hopefully, Deadpool too. (At least the classic Deadpool if Fox Movies Deadpool is not possible.)

Aaditya Chauhan

I took a year long break from this game and I have been loving it a lot since I got back to it. A problem with the game however is the energy which is in my opinion something you should not put in a game like this where you will be grinding a lot for many different materials.

Lito Dellamas
Finally i came back to this game. So many changes since the last time i played the game. Its just the requirement to get Doc S and the xmen whers so high. Any discount there? Heheh all in all i love it. And can u a option that you can send a materials to your ingame friend?.. thank u. And why nova is so hard to get??

Larsen Ulep
I’ve been playing this game for quite some time now. No doubt it is one of the best Marvel games in the store. My only concern is that after some time of playing, it gets REPETITIVE. Level Grind, Gear Upgrades, Pvp with some random COMPUTER CONTROLLED FIGHTERS and then REPEAT. Updating the game with new characters is not enough. At least make a new game mode where in players can fight real time and enable ingame messaging with your friends. And please fix the contant crash

Project: Graham
MUCH improved from a few months ago. The Infinity War updates have not only brought game play and UI enhancements, but have greatly rejuvenated weak characters like Winter Soldier, War Machine, Black Widow, Star-Lord, and Rocket through new uniforms. Definitely worth your time

Chris Fyfe II
I would give this game 5 stars all across except I’m annoyed by the constant notifications telling me I received free gear kits and other rewards that when I click on and enter the game to accept don’t actually exist. I also have been told I’m eligible to receive 300 biometrics two days in a row as I’ve completed the daily login events. But instead of rewarding me the game just keeps telling me I’m eligible for the reward and gives me nothing. I’ve easily spent over $100 on this game and I enjoy it, but I would like for the “rewards” and “gifts” I’m being pestered about to actually be given to me instead of just being used as login bait

Ethan Harvey
This recent update took a subtle but very serious turn, Netmarble added these loot boxes for the new characters which can promote gambling and could lead to countless players spending tens of thousands of dollars over something they might never get. This practice is evil and the complete opposite of the way the rewards and purchases work in this game.

Eric Stockhausen
Use to be great until last patch. Went from 5 stars to 1 star. Ultimate boss mode is completely broken and unplayable. Game removes your ability to move and dodge and just kills your toons in hopes to force you to spend money. Since last patch stay away from this trainwreck.

Hello here. It’s Deadpool, breaking the 4th wall again. All I see is a textbox, though you see a “review”. I personally think this luau or whatever it is would be way better with me in it. Think of how profitable i am! Touch yourself, Deadpool.

Richard Kang
Complete BS of a game. Controls don’t work – it skips and/or doesnt work at all sometimes! How are you supposed to play a game where the controls don’t work?! Crashes keep happening, causing loss of items, and characters’ abilities are apparently on random chance basis because sometimes they don’t work at all! To top it off, they pull Bait-n-Switch!! Stay away.

Lewis AJ
Edit 5/31/18: new update fixed my problem and have changed rating to 5. The game is addicting and fun, However after the recent update the game starts up in a black screen then closes without an error message. Hopefully this problem can be resolved soon for I have invested in the daily resources and crystals. Once the game is fixed I will happily change my rating to 5 stars.

Hawke Ong
World boss battle is ridiculous! If you are hit by any ONE hit before the chain lightning strikes, your character immediately dies from CONTINUOUS stun lock by the lightning strikes. What type of battle system is that???
NetmarbleOctober 19, 2017
Hi there, Hawke! We’re sorry that system didn’t allow you to complete the World Boss Invasion mode. Have you tried restarting the game before trying it again? If you still can’t play it, please contact our Customer Support Team for more troubleshooting steps: Thank you!

Jamil Ohi
What happened to quick silver?why did u guys reduce his power?it’s very annoying.he is not the best in this game’s really hard to clear world boss ultimate + quick silver helps a lot as a it seems like i wasted my effort & money on quick silver.i am very disappointed with your action. That’s why i give 1 star😔

Vineet Jangir
Game is addictive and nice. But one thing oberserved, after an update my progress was lost. I don’t know and my energy point became 27 from 2100. So I decided to uninstall this game

shubham deep
with the new update of this game ITEM SHOP is completely garbage its like having nothing! i have item shop level 12 which was updated at every 30 minutes now with new update its take 5 hours to update , fix this fast man

The SuperSquad
This game is so much fun, but there are a few really cool characters that aren’t in the game that I wish were. Such as Reptil, M’Buku, Okoye, Korg, Miek, Lockjaw, Agent May, Rescue, Mole-man, Abomination, and Devil Dinosaur. Also Add uniforms for the Inhuman royal family from the show Marvels Inhumans.

Kento Saw
After the latest Update, I couldn’t preview skills, as it will close the game directly. Co-play also will close my game… Anyone facing the same issue here?

Toxin would be an absolutely fantastic to the game, so please make it happen. Also, make Venom and Carnage costumes when the movie Venom comes out, just like you did with Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok.

super gamer
This game is really a bad game.First of all its size is 1.5 GB.Also,It is hard to collect coins and gems in it.It’s also hard to get good characters in it. Also,It is very hard to collect the rank black anti-matter to rank up characters who are already rank 2 like quick silver.

Jordan Adamson
It’s a great game, but I want to get back into my old account, my phone deleted the game and I don’t want to restart it all over again!!!!!! Please help me figure it out developers and I’ll change my rating

A Google user
Great Game! I love it. It’s very challenging but still I love it. Even though it’s so hard to earn Crystals. Question though, is there going to be a Infinity War Costume for Hulk?

Greffin Vincent
Actually, the 4.1.0 update is really good. But I can’t even played it on my Samsung Galaxy S4. It just stucked on the blaxk screen. Already restart, re-install, clear cache, still didn’t solve the problem. Gonna give 5 stars review again after they fix this problem.

I just hate it. What hell you made. Firstly please tell me why it take too time to load. I love marvel studios but can you please do something.

Alloysius D’souza
Annoying as hell. Too fast, they’d so much happening is difficult to understand how to even use basic controls. So many ways of upgrading the characters. Pity coz the graphics are actually amazing. Complete mess of a game. Sorry Marvel.. Big disappointment!

M Alam
This is an awesome game but my problem is after the tutorial they asked for a code word, I typed it but it doesn’t respond it which is very annoying. I can’t even play the story mode. PLZ give a reply. PLZzzzzzzzz

jason l
Dropped my rating because of the horrendous drop rate of critical items you need vast amounts of. When you need 800 of an item and get 10 or less from 5 World Boss Ultimate battles at level 9 per day, something is wrong. I have been here since the game was launched and play daily. I’ve seen the successful updates and the total failures and stuck with you. Fix this! I will make no further purchases once my monthly run out until this is resolved.

aakash garg
There is a bug in the game when tried to open Blade’s uniform the game hanged and screen turned black and there is little light flickering on Robbie Reyes. Everything else is awsome.

Xpenos Prime
Warning. This game is completely pay to win. Its a whole pay to win sim. Dont try free to play. This gane is a scam under good looking graphics and lots of features it doesnt need. Would not recommend ever again. I want my 3.99 back from this disappointment. You need to constantly feed money into this to have any kind of good experience. Update: this game is really trying to get your money. I had 1500 crystals and then my game randomly dropped it to 655. Screw you money laundering devs. You guys are such a scam

Jordan Long
Gameplay is surely lacking. Graphics are pretty good, the team up needs lots of work. Controls can be better, maybe slow up the action so the combat sequence are more spectacular. .

Askt Negi
Its awesome! I am playing this game from last three months. I found this game was really good. Awesome graphics but still I have one problem that the game is taking more mb for update like I update it for 253 mb. Please I want response otherwise the game is GREAT

First of all, I used to love this game. But after the last upgrades, this game started to close itself JUST BEFORE I WIN BATTLES. Do something about this or I’ll delete the game from my phone. IT SUCKS.

Anupam Singh
Hey guys the game in whole is good but I’ve noticed that Iron Man’s and Thor’s Infinity War uniforms are not using all their skills on auto play + as well as on auto play++ in any game mode including Alliance Conquest Battles. Please see to it and fix it. Also, please increase the daily entrance limit in World Boss and World Boss Ultimate from 5 to at least 10 per day. PLEASE

Mitchell Aki
Sweet game, but not for older phones. I have a LG G5 and the game is laggy and slow. The game freezes and I have restart 4 out of 10 times I get an orange loading ring. Unfortunately, those loading rings are all the time. If you have a newer phone, enjoy, it’s a great game. Please stop with the dialogue box pop up when closing sale offers. You can add that it’s available other places on the sale box itself. When I close a window, I want it closed, not offered again. It’s ridiculous to push sales that much.

Lil PP
Fix Timeline Battle. Doctor Strange is practically unbeatable when the A.I. starts with invincibility and damage reflect. Also, why can’t I have access to all my skills at the beginning of each battle, like my opponent?

I love this game I am playing it since last 4 years! But add characters like Deadpool and the uniform of scarlet witch in civil war &Valkyrie’s in Thor ragnarok

Sebastian Dudek
taking a name and all taken or not propper name when try use xxx in name or alone please you iritate ppl before they can start playing deleted bacause of such dumb thing that i cannot pick name i want

Kade Fremont
Been playing for over 3 years, it has had its ups and downs, definitely on an up right now. A in depth marvel rpg that updates with the movies! Infinity War update is awesome!

Arunit Mazumdar
The gameplay is glitchy especially in the Timeline Battle, where upon character switch skills could not longer be activated. Characters teens to freeze amidst battle. Please address this issue as soon as possible.

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