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Love Balls

By Super Tapx


Game Category : Puzzle


It’s time to use your brain and find a way to bump the balls!

The rule’s easy, just draw lines or shapes to bump the balls, you will need your wisdom and imagination.

You’ll surely love this game once you get how it works!

Love Balls Android Game

Love Balls Android Game


* Free to play, play it anywhere anytime
* Suitable for all ages
* Simple rules but a little difficult to clear the level, you’ll find the addiction.
* You can also enjoy the fun of collecting pens
* Now try to get a higher score and share it with your friends!

Download Game Love Balls:-

Download Love Balls Game


User Reviews:-

-Okay, I have a MUCH higher tolerance for ads than most, but these are absolutely insufferable. It takes forever to be able to exit out of them and you’re CONSTANTLY redirected to the play store. The game itself is really cute and fun, but I’m uninstalling it because it is just not worth navigating the ads. Just a warning.

-Loved the game. Just not well enough to wait on ALL THOSE ADS! There was an ad with nearly every single level. And you must sit through them to go on. There is no game out there that is worth all these ads. Sorry guys. I deleted it because of the numerous ads.

-The game itself is ok, but I have serious complaints. 1. There’s way too many ads. I know that’s a common complaint, but I paid for the ad-free version, and I still have ads. So that’s horrible. 2. I have to update the app every time I finish a set of games? Why? Sometimes the update isn’t even available and I have to wait. Very annoying. As I said, the game itself is good and fun, but the negatives almost outweigh the positives.

-Didn’t give permission for the adds but it played them anyway. I know you have got overheads to pay which is one of the reasons but the main one is greed you wanna get rich by bombarding us with adds and it’s not happening on my device which is why I deleted it after the 3rd level. I paid alot of money for this phone so don’t want invaded. So best to get thinking cap on and not antagonise people because there are better ad free games out there.

-I love this game so much that a deal with the ads. If it wasn’t so challenging and fun I would have uninstalled day 1. Also good time to update because I beat all the levels, keep them coming.

-Absolutely love this game. Its adorable. Even if its too hard you just watch a little video and then it shows you how to pass the level. Yes the game adds between each level are annoying but i happily put up with them.

-Fun little game but I do not recommend it because it just forces ads down your throat every minute or two. That is way too much. Just put an ad in the gameitself out of the way and then every 10 or so levels do a video ad. So damn intrusive.

-I think the game is fun, but the amount of advertising makes the game completely unbearable. Would not recommend unless you like constant interruptions from unwanted ads.

-It has to many ads and you need x ray vision to beat some levels cause u have to get the line perfect but is 1/100 chance of getting it with your massive finger and u cant draw a line then add to it which almost ruins the gameplay.

-Awesome game of logic. Super addictive, good time filler. I found this when bored and haven’t stopped since Turn WiFi off to kill ads

-The ads are ridiculous. The game is fun but there is literally an ad after every very short round. I even purchased the ad free game and I am still getting ads!!!

-Way too many ads….I get that it’s a free game and they have to make money somehow, but there’s literally an ad after every 3 ATTEMPTS. Not levels – attempts. So when it gets harder and it takes a few tries to beat a level, you’re looking at an ad on every level, which is ridiculous. I really enjoy the game play and I WANT to play it more than I do, but the ads are a HUGE turnoff from playing. It’s sad that when I think about this would-be-fun game, I just think of all the ads bogging it down making me not want to play. If there were half as many ads, or even if it was every 5 attempts instead of 3, I’d probably play the game 3-4 times as much, because it IS very addictive and I wouldn’t be nearly as annoyed. If you do the math, that comes out to a LOT more ad revenue in the end – and I know I’m not the only one who would be playing this a LOT more if the ads were just a bit less frequent.

-Gg wp! But please adjust the colors of the custom backgrounds; they are too bright and interfere with the balls and rest of the gameplay objects, can’t see them clearly enough anymore; backgrounds should be less colorful. Or maybr black? Do a black one pls

-The main problem with this game is that every time I try to scroll back to the previous level I was on it takes me back to the last level I haven’t unlocked and it’s pissing me off! I can’t continue to have this game if it’s gonna do that.

-There shouldn’t be option for help, it makes game little bit harsh and easy. And the time interval for ad is too much less. It should be minimum ads/ 4-5 games

-Love the game but the sheer volume of ads is awful, even assuming you complete each level on your first try there’s still a lot. Also, if you want to pay for no ads, the cost is way to high just to remove ads with no extra benefits, it’s like the devs are banking on the ads being so annoying that people will pay the exhorbitant fee as the lesser of two evils.

-The game itself is very good but the adverts spoil it so badly I decided to uninstall it minutes after launching it for the very first time. Shame!

-Amazingly fun game takes up most of my Sundays, so addictive and tricky love it. But there are a lot of adverts that take a long time.

-This isn’t an ad supported game. This is an advertising app that has occasional moments of gameplay. If you complete a level you see an ad. Except that the ad is longer than the level.

-I’m just disappointed in the advertising.. like one right after the other you can not even play the game

-I understand the need for ads, but way too many. I like the game, but the ads are too frustrating to deal with.

-Ye pata nahi tum logo ne kya nya nikala hai ki 50 diamond collect karo to agla level milega, 70 star karo to agla level milega. Abe banda agla level khelna chahta hai to 70 star se kya matlab. Usse Pahle ka level cross kiya to. Game achha tha lekin ab bekar hai. 70 star nahi huye to game nahi hoga

-This game is very addictive and very awesome! And you can customize your pen,background and the love balls! This game is a little bit challenging too because you need to think how you will make the love balls together! 😀

-I mean it’s nice but the ads tho we don’t wanna see em but it definitely is awesome:D keep up the good work

-I loved it! It’s wonderful. The only frustration is how many ads after a level. But the game is still amazing!

-Awesome game and very addictive if u r creative thinker..And I have finished all the levels and waiting for the next coming …. Very attractive game people please check it out

-I like it , but there are new levels , like new basic levels and I don’t have them 😕 like I was watching a YouTubers play them and they had new ones and I don’t EVEN after updating

-Your choice of adds are despicable to be honest if you wanna reach a bigger audience reduce your adds and make them more age appropriate, much to improvedmp you on that front.

-I cant get more levels i need more levels. Ads are seriously annoying please i need more levels none will show up 😡😡

-Its nice but ads ..yup u can clear them by turning the net off..but can we have an eraser ? Coz if anyting goes wrong i have to play the same level again …

-I love the game but the adds stop in the middle they just stop and the only thing you can do is close the game.

-It needs a little more excitement. I’ll play it but I get bored pretty fast. So uh yeah

-It’s kinda fun and I like the pictures a little bit and y’all should fix the pictures y’all need to make the love balls prettier and handsome and make this a little fun because y’all gonna get some bad comments because y’all know y’all can do better like add something fun like fortnite it’s like call of duty and Minecraft mixed up together

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