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Kick the Buddy
by Playgendary

Explode, destroy, fire, shoot, smash, freeze, send the power of the Gods and don’t even think about stopping! Man, you now have a virtually limitless arsenal to beat: rockets, grenades, automatic rifles … and even a NUCLEAR BOMB!

We present to you Kick the Buddy — it’s more than just a game! It’s a top interactive action game!

Angry at your boss?

Want to smash all around you?

Want more kicks?


Even if you’re a relatively stress-free person you need to blow off steam at some point!


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User Reviews:-

Ok the game is really good. Plays well and looks pretty good. I also get money needs to be made in order to live but my god the ads are so heavily stressed that it starts to dig into the game play. Also whats with the $7 subscription? Xbox live is only $5 a month. Its a little ridiculous to pay $7 a month for a game I’m going to play on the toilet from time to time. Once agian its a very good time killer but the ads love to rear their head every 5 minutes or so.

Love the game and play it to this day but.. I’m not trying to get mad here but one day by I tried to log in to the daily goals and failed to get the torch!! I tried to log in 27 times and I got “unfortunately the kick the buddy has stopped… SERIOUSLY I DIDN’T GET IT AND NOW HOW CAN I GET BLAMED FOR MISSING AN AWARD IF I CAN’T EVEN LOG IINNNN

I played the original Kick the Buddy. Then had to wait for years for it to come back, and did come and was excited for it. But all of that wait for this?Liked the original wayyy better. Didn’t have to go online to buy weapons. Didn’t have to go VIP to buy some weapons, didn’t have to subscribe, like, and invite friends just to get a single weapon. But worst of all, the ADS. THERE IS ONE EVERY TIME YOU KILL HIM. Fix it! Please i really love this game!.

Ok, first of all: for the people complaining about ads popping up when you kill him, just turn your internet/data off. If you don’t want to do that, stop complaining about the ads. Second: yes, you have to watch ads to unlock certain different weapons, you can’t get everything free. You have various weapons that are available already, with the CHOICE of watching ads to get certain weapons. If you don’t want to do that, it’s your problem. Stop being so selfish!

It’s a promising game, with good core mechanics. That makes the mess around it more painful by comparison. The menus for switching items are painfully slow, making item use combos near impossible. The ads are so frequent it’s impossible to get a good groove going, and it crashes frequently enough that it’s not worth sinking the $6 for the ad-free version.

This game is Super good team , Thanx for game.. , But , The problem is it unfortunately stops on my Redmi 5A while starting game … I hope that u will Fix this bug in future updates and I can’t Understand why these are limited ads in game.. Hope u Fix it also…. Thanx Again..😊👍👌

I love this game but the ads are killing me. This game is game is made to relive stress. I may have not played the original game but Ive seen videos of it. They only way to get relief is to run off your wifi but the the membership thing shows up and kills him! Plz fix that

I get that you got to make money, but the adds featured in this game are totally cancerous and could have been handled more subtly. You might aswell own it and tell your players to pay £5 to remove them before they install instead of telling us it’s free. Nothing is free about it it’s just an add watching simulator and it’s likely all of your players spend more time sitting through adds then playing the game.

These types of games are meant to be stress-relieving, but with all these ads hidden into this game it tends to stress you out instead. Honestly speaking, don’t listen to those 5 star comments everything in this game was made out for the developer’s greed. From things that you need to pay money for, to the hundreds of ads you are forced to watch in order to obtain the “free” items.

You’re faced with an ad every few seconds. They have a “diamond membership” that they’ll sell to you for a monthly fee on top of the ever present microtransactions, forced ads, and incessant reminders to spend money. I’m sure the makers will get a decent paycheck, but this is one of those games that’ll spend a few days on your phone then get deleted. It’s honestly not that great of a game. Fun for a few minutes, then ruined by the greediness of it

Really great and fun game but time it down on the ads there is wayyy to many. seriously like every five seconds an ad pops up also every since the new update it won’t even open please fix these problems and I will continue to play the game

It’s a good game but has a blood boiling amount of ads… I get to play it for like 30 seconds then have to watch an ad then to get some things I literally have to watch 20 ads before I can get it and it kinda makes the game not even worth playing anymore. I’ve had it 30 Minutes now and I’m already ready to pull my hair out.

This is one of the worst game design technique ever. It is just a skinner box like many other clones. There is no point to play this game. I think that the south park freemium episode was a parody but it became real with this piece of garbage. Dear developers, please quit making more of skinner box games. You just ruin people’s brain. Make something, at least, make work a part of our brain.

The ads never stop. Want a gun for free, watch 5 ads. Want to collect your reward for killing him, watch an ad. Want to collect your daily reward, watch an ad. There are more ads than there is actual time playing the game. I played 5 minutes and I watched ads for 4 of them. I uninstalled immediately. Willing to bet anyone who gave this a high rating works for these people or are friends of them.

The game is fun but I suggest you guys not to buy an item called “Make your own buddy”. That item does nothing but show you instructions on how to make your own buddy in real life. The reason I suggest not to buy it as it cost 15700 cash in game just for 1 instruction if it was 50 or 500 it make sense but going 2 or 3 day straight grinding those cash is such a waste of time

I love this game so much😃 only 2 things I dont. they are… Number 1: Plz make us exit when a present shows up. Number 2: Don’t make buddy die because I hate waiting for Buddy do heal himself ( wake from the dead ) now you know to update the game and if u do, I will change star’s to 5.

Game makes you pay 5 bucks just to turn on blood. Lmao. What a joke. Beat the boss is way better. And doesnt make you pay for basic things. Sooooo many micro transactions. I mean. Every mobile game has them. But this game had transaction for the stupidest things. Not worth downloading with games like beat the boss around.

There r so many ads that u can’t play it for than 55secs with out one popping up, and u clicking on it involuntarily. There are way too many ads. It also tried to scam me with a subscription by have a three day free trial that would then automatically take money from me at a rate of $6.99 a month…God awful app

Good game… This game is a great time killer and I love playing it in my free time but there ads every 2 minutes, except that I am facing problem in using the megaphone. I can’t understand how to use it. Can you explain that to me please.

This game has no content the ad for it was interesting but the whole game was just ads literally easiest thing to get a free object in game involved watching 5 ads.. It gets worse believe me… I felt robbed downloading it.. I hardly played it for a few minutes and it got boring…

Too many adds and it sucks that you have to pay to get Gold instead of something creative like missions and achievements. What I’m saying is:this game for the most part is ok but It has the potential to be a classic.

It s a a decent game.. not the best.. bit if you put that many ads, and make it to touch them by mistake(also ads that you can t skip) you are disperate and you don’t care about your content. There will be a lot of people like me, who will uninstall the game cause they will be pissed of.

Well I like the game yes it’s like Beat your Boss but the graphics better but slight problem is why does the loading screen take so long like really long 6-23mins? I waited long enough to consume part of my battery idont know if it’s the game or just my phone but i will still hive it 5 stars for the gameplay just fix the loading screen so I can play more

Not really worth getting. Play for about 5 seconds and then BOOM! ad. Even if you press back and dont want to see the ad or get the free item, it still hits you with one of their wonderful advertisements. Also, when you sit there and spam the screen, random things will pop up and stop you from spamming your buddy and will either give you an ad or kick you out of the game or try to make you do a micro purchase. So overall not really worth the 15 seconds of playtime every minute.

This epitomizes everything wrong with modern gaming. 1. It’s based on an older, GOOD game and rides on name recognition. 2. Constant microtransactions and lootboxes. Seriously, everything in the game can be bought for real money. I feel terrible for whoever wastes money on it. 3. THE ADS. Even opening lootboxes and buying items requires a long video ad. Imagine if you had the 1:00 or longer video ads on YouTube every 30 seconds and couldn’t skip them. That’s this entire game. 4. The controls randomly spit you out of the game from using them. Totally unintuitive. 5. THE BUDDY NEVER SHUTS UP. It’s cringy and annoying. 6. Just play the original flash game. It has none of its flaws.

I like the game but I don’t understand why you got to pay 6.99 a week to play it. And to play it for free you get the commercial ads every minute other than that it’s a great game it’s fun funny but just don’t like those couple of things

I love it. But there’s a problem 1.Fix the controls. 2.Ad’s can get annoying 3.Its kinda microtransactiony for a free game. These are all opinions for future updates. Thanks for the games, Playgendary Zoneswishy-

$7 WEEKLY SUBSCRIPTION to remove ads, or you can watch an ad every minute during gameplay. “Free” weapons require you to watch several minutes worth of ads to use. Most greedy developer I’ve ever come across. The game itself isn’t even fun past the first few minutes, and most weapons are redundant. Just go online and play interactive buddy, the original flash version. Still better than this trash.

Well my only issue with it is that it is not compatible with most devices i downloaded this game on a Samsung Tablet, yet it is giving me a message saying “Unfortunately, KicktheBuddy Has Stopped.” And i would appreciate this App, When It has been FIXED. Please fix this issue.

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