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Horse Racing Manager 2018
By Tilting Point


Become the number one horse racing manager to grace the tracks! Race, train, breed from the local derby to the Ultimate Championship. Compete against other jockeys online from around the globe and compete in new events daily!

Horse Racing Manager 2018 game

Horse Racing Manager 2018 game



• Compete in the local derby, circuit, or cup to earn rewards and work your way toward the Ultimate Championship.
• Watch intense and suspenseful races just like the real spectator sport or skip ahead to get back to business.
• Play through a realistic and immersive calendar of races.
• Cross the finish line for a realistic photo finish. Stunning 3D visuals make Horse • Racing Manager 2018 the best virtual horse racing simulation experience around!


• Manage a robust and efficient stable to raise the fiercest of thoroughbreds.
• Boost horse performance stats with food, rest and physical training.
• Improve and upgrade stats through a variety of training methods or breed horses to create the strongest bloodlines.
• Strategize routines that can vary in surface conditions, exertion levels and more.
• Maintain peak performance. Only the best race horse owners know how to keep their horses well rested, at an optimal weight, and race ready.
• Pack a few pounds on with some sugary treats. Try feeding your horse a handful of sugar cubes!
• Unlock additional stable slots to bolster an even more impressive roster of horse racing stars.


• Buy, sell and breed horses to participate competitions and create a powerhouse stable full of speedy candidates.
• Match two horses with favorable traits to inherit special attributes and stats.
• Unlock special genetic traits such as unique colors or super speed using rare breeds
• Carefully breed unique skills that can only be obtained through breeding, and not training.
• Engage in events that can affect special Breeding Rights.
• 3D visuals showcase an impressive variety of unique colors, patterns, and traits acquired through breeding.


• Choose a unique look for your jockey and horse with an assortment options.
• Adjust the outfits, emblems, and colors to suit your own personal taste.
• Bond with every horse in your stable by giving them individual names.
• Experiment with Breeding Rights to produce a foal with special physical traits.
• Create a nurturing environment for your horses to flourish!

Stop just watching the horse races and take part in the action. Saddle up cowboys, because the number one horse racing management sim is here! Can you be a world-class horse racing manager talked about from Kentucky to Epsom!? Become a horse racing legend now!



Download Horse Racing Manager 2018 from Play Store

Download Horse Racing Manager 2018 Game From Play Store



User Reviews:-

-Really enjoying this game but struggling to identify a couple of things. 1. What’s the eventual goal I should be aiming for? I know it has something to do with being a champion but I can’t find out where to track that route or progress. 2. What do I use my dollars on? I’ve got over $100k now and not sure what to spend them on. Hope you can answer my review :). Keep up the good work on what is a very fun game.

-It was a 5 star when it was working. Now it won’t load and get stuck on the “searching credentials” page. I played this game often and sad now it won’t even load up =(

-its a good game. Pitty when you fill the skills to max that they reset to 0 when retired. Also what can you spend the money you earn on . seems to mainly use horse shoes.

-The horse that is Breaded should not be for 24 months it should be for 10 months

-All awesome.. try to trade stallion more wider among players it makes more interesting gaming strategies

-Well, this game is very fabulous I am impressed with its he play and control I want this game I top game of the world

-If you make ur graphics better and more realistic looking id love this game even more.

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