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High School Gang
By Italy Games

Violent crime is routine in the inner city high school and everything is run by a punk posse. It is so dangerous that the students have to go through a metal detector at the front door!

High School Gang Game

High School Gang Game

You have been chosen to bring the peace back to the school! Stand up against the tyrants, duel & beat the gangs, play pranks on teachers, and rise through the ranks of the school system. Or just freely roam in the campus and fall in love with a square girl – it’s all up to you!

Game Features:
– Go on quests to help friends and fellow students and earn respects
– Attend classes to learn and master all kinds of skills like ordinary students
– Explore the 3D open world of realistic campus environment on foot


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User Reviews:-

-It’s alright but the camera should follow you after a few steps. I play it offline so advertisements don’t bug me. Reminds me of Bully.

-Horrible story with a few broken english. Boring minigames and dull combat.

-I can’t play bully in my mobile but can play this. this is really awesome

-This is a great game just find a way to make a mutiplayer mode With free roam

-Game yang mengingatkan saya pada game Bully di PC

-Man #highschoolgang love it and very zardousit and xool grafits keep up the work

-Keep updating it to make it better and add a skateboard and bikes

-This game is a blatant rip-off of the Xbox 360 game “Bully” by Rockstar Games they can be found on Google play as well. Bully was released by Rockstar Games in 06 for the Xbox 360 and they have managed to copy it all the way down to the attire the people are wearing .

-Good, but could use some work. It would be alot better if you could look up and down. It’s annoying how you respawn with a little energy. Please upgrade.

-Hey dev, you did a very excellent job! Anyway, fix the subtitles please! Many typos and bad writings!

-The story is too short. Just for a half day, it’s all finished. Or i don’t know how to progress. But I’ve took Nucky down.

-This game is so far about running, fighting, and meating some nice people and not so nice people that are bullies that love to fight but they are easily fought and defeated one by one.

-Very good game, having fun with it, just like BULLY. ANNIVERSARY EDITION

-This video game is the best game under 20 mb.fantastic work.keep up the good work

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